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Aug 23, 2023
Ндавно прошел игру Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition а потом начал заново, просто улетная игра, непонятно почему такой низкий рейтинг

Комментарии на форумах должны быть написаны на английском языке, чтобы мы знали, что они следуют нашим правилам. Пожалуйста, используйте Google Translate или предпочитаемое вами приложение для перевода, чтобы размещать сообщения на английском языке. Спасибо

Google translation:

I finished the game Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition a while ago and then started again, it's just an awesome game, I don't understand why such a low rating
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A quick game to add to the list. I finished the Lost vikings 2 on the snes.

Whilst i had played the first lost vikings, what drew me in to play the second one was that i didn't realize that there was a Snes version. I always thought the remastered PSX version was the original lost vikings 2.

Anyway i digress, LV2 takes place after the sequel, with tormentor seeking revenge on the vikings after his defeat. Although he manages to capture them, the vikings break out and escape via a time machine and its here the game begins traveling through time to get home to their correct time.

Whilst its more of the same puzzle platforming, the sequel does have the advantage of a couple more features, the vikings now have more special abilities making them more flexible and act as QOL improvements in many ways. Secondly, the vikings are joined by a dragon and a werewolf who each have their own abilities and usually taking the place of one or two of the vikings in certain stages.

Whilst the game is fairly easily beatable with save states, back in its day it was pretty brutal when it came to difficulty. Solving the puzzle was one thing, execution is quite another. if even one of your characters dies, its back to the start of the level and when there is precision based jumping and zero chance of mistakes, it becomes very frustrating sometimes. The only consolation is that each level has a password and if you mess up really badly in some levels, you get special abilities. The levels themselves aren't long, but the puzzles become increasingly complex and challenging.

Besides that, the game still retains its trademark humor and it was good enough to keep me engaged and play through the 30 levels. Would i recommend it? maybe with save states but caution when it comes to doing it old school.
Havent posted in here in a while. If there was a "last game you just stopped playing" id be posting every page lol.

So i beat Remnant 2's campaign on survivor (the second one difficulty) and it was a good time. Im annoyed at how every type of weapon and class and armor are hidden. I like to go through a dungeon and unlock them, not keys or anything like that, all the cool stuff is buried.

The grenade launcher is the worst. You have to wait 30 irl minutes for some sewer to fill up to get it. It annoyed me.

Theres plenty of replay i will be doing, harder difficulties, the randomized adventure mode and even re-rolling the campaign for a different experience will keep me coming back

That time again, another set of games added to the done pile.

The first one is the megadrive/genesis game of undead line a vertical scrolling shooter set in the fantasy world invaded by the undead and monsters. being only 7 short levels you can bet the game is tough. That's despite giving players a shield to block projectiles, taking multiple hits and a whole load of power ups (straight up invulnerability and take more hits etc). What makes it challenge is unsurprisingly the unpredictable movement patterns, the projectiles, No recovery time after getting hit but more annoyingly trying to get power ups is needlessly difficult. There are loads of them and if you collect a different one, you start back to rank one and a lot of them are crap. to change the weapon/item in the box you have to shoot it and you better memorize the order they appear or you'll (literally) shoot past the abilities you want. Just to add that final middle finger to the player there are debuff abilities ranging from down grading abilities, giving you nothing or straight up killing you.

needlessly to say i saved scum like hell to make progress. Absolutely torture even on normal.

the next game i consider done is Supraland an indie game made mostly by one person. Essentially a puzzle adventure with combat elements you're some sort of plasticine figure trapped in a giant kids sandpit.

For a indie predominately solo effort, its pretty good. Clever physics puzzles that keeps surprising as you discover more and more abilities and adapt accordingly. The combat whilst fairly simple, is a welcome reprieve to puzzling. Throw in a strong aspect of exploration and chock load of secrets and its a rewarding and entertaining experience.

But its not without its fault. The mini world like theme is a good idea but it wasn't pushed as hard as i would have lucked. For instance some areas are weaker then others, stuff like certain buildings are not built by the plastercine figures and not the giant kid. certain things scale to them. The other thing is that some of the items don't exactly make thematic sense. For example the lava, the undead monsters and fire. its strange and the whole thing has this asset flip feel to it. If the game just pushed more the theme of giant objects and maybe fight bugs etc like grounded it might have been better.

but all said and done, its probably a good entry to the series and grounding for the sequels that came out. Certainly good enough for me to consider getting when on sale.
Oct 4, 2023
It was Far Cy Primal. So and so good. Just on athother level of gaming. Also recently wanted to remember my childhood and just spent hours playing games on It was a dose of nostalgia that will last me a long time
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Sep 17, 2023
I've finished Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy a few days ago. I can see why people buy a Playstation now. These are just fantastic games and I'm glad that we are seeing these come to PC, even if we have to wait a while.
They are indeed fantastic games with captivating narratives and stunning visuals. The fact that such PlayStation exclusives are making their way to PC is great news for gamers who may not have access to a PlayStation console. While the wait can be a bit challenging, it's worth it to experience these incredible adventures on a different platform.


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Oh, I forgot to mention that I finished the first campaign in Solasta. I had a lot of fun with it! It is NOT some AAA masterpiece, so don't expect deep interactions with companions. In fact, don't expect companions: you make the characters in this game. The game is cheaper, too: currently $36.16 for the game plus the DLC.

I expect I'll play at least the Palace of Ice DLC some time.


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Oh, I forgot to mention that I finished the first campaign in Solasta. I had a lot of fun with it! It is NOT some AAA masterpiece, so don't expect deep interactions with companions. In fact, don't expect companions: you make the characters in this game. The game is cheaper, too: currently $36.16 for the game plus the DLC.

I expect I'll play at least the Palace of Ice DLC some time.
I'm old, old school and prefer making rather than finding companions.


Finished the main campaigns of Megaquarium. Was a lot of fun, but I only found the 9th campaign to have much challenge to it. I was on Normal, though. Could have tried Hard, but I was happy with it as it was.
Alright, just a few more games to add to the list:

Lets start off on the Nes, i finished batman returns by konami. A side scrolling brawler based on the movie. i can't really criticize the game being on the nes and all but yeah i was hoping a bit more to it tbh. Whilst functional, its incredibly basic and also brutally difficult, especially the bosses. You only have one life and its game over. luckily you do have continues and a password system. I beat it by save scumming like hell. The game does try to spice things up with a vehicle section and various gadgets but its all under utilized. Unsurprisingly, i recommend the SNES one over this one.

on the 3ds i beat legend of zelda minish cap (GBA). Apparently made by capcom and for the GBA i got to say its pretty good. It does a lot of things differently compared to other zelda's giving players different tools compared to the usual ones and it has nothing to do with the triforce or ganon for once. i like the idea of being able to shrink to minature size to travel around and such and visit hyrules's inhabitants both large and small.

it was pretty easy, the weaker enemies take only a quarter of a heart as to a whole one so effectively, you have x4 health (perhaps playing on easy?). its not the longest game either as theres probably 5 dungeons tops (one for each element and the castle). The only criticism is perhaps some of the level/game design that impacted progress. its nothing game breaking, but minor annoyances and its possible i was just being stupid. But that said i would have liked the map to tell me where i could go to fuse stuff. too often characters would either have multiple opportunities to fuse or won't fuse until much later on. So you have to constantly ask everyone if you get stuck. Also that blue shells mini game that RNG sometimes was so bad that it gives xcom2 a run for its money.

Would i recommend it? For a non nintendo game and a gba one at that? yeah sure.

lastly on the mod front Elementalism phase 1 - another cacoaward winner, this one is a cut above your usual Doom wad, for one thing there is a hub custom weapons and some impressive level design. To top it off there are custom bosses which i've not seen before in a doom wad. the game is effectively broken down into 3 distinct areas (jungle, water temple in the desert, lava/forge world) with its own background lore as to what happened to each area and how the gods imprisoned there corrupted it. interestingly enough this mod comes with more difficulty settings to normal doom. Ultraviolence medium was what i played it on and even on that it was a challenge. some of the engagements are just horrifically difficult. The fire god is just BS as it just literally turns the arena into a bullet hell shooter. But all said and done, this is well recommended and i can't wait for phase 2 of the game.
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Another few games crossed off.

First up, on the raspberry pi - Gundec aka Virus: project doom on the nes. a platformer that has similarities to ninja gaiden. Whilst its nothing special, its alright if i were to get that game as a kid i wouldn't have regretted it.

But the main game completed is immortal redneck. a rogue lite where players are tasked to enter the 3 pyramids and beating the guardians at the top of each one. being a roguelike you'll die and any money you collect can be spent upgrading and making your character better.

To spice things up, you can unlock various patron gods to start with different weapons and abilities. With money being a big factor, unsurprisingly i picked hathor who earns bonus gold and also has some nifty weapons + a damn useful grappling hook.

on the whole it did keep me entertained clocking in just shy of 28hrs completing the game. But being a roguelike game it certainly did get samey and was slowly testing my patience as it felt like running the same arenas again and again. The good news is that you can familiarize yourself to the rooms and build strategies accordingly. So could quite easily each area with confidence. But yeah, if i wasn't making progress i would have flipped much sooner.

its not to say there wasn't a few niggles, i found some bugs in the game when playing it. Enemies vanishing under the floor and guns stopped working. being a rogue like there are times were balance goes completely out the window and having a run ruined by random chance is a real game killer. The other problems is that the enemies aren't all that inspired and felt like indie stock assets, its certainly doesn't help that some enemies are completely silent in movement or attacking so they can easily sneak up on you if they spawn behind you. if there was an additional sound element to some enemies it might have helped identify the type of engagement. The other factor is that by the third pyramid, they are recycling layouts but with souped up enemies.

But that said, it was entertaining to play and for the dirt price i paid for it i don't regret it. The question is whether i want to play any more after beating it. i might make one or 2 more runs to snag a few quick achievements but for who's pleasure i don't know.
Just a few more things to throw into the completed list.

On the raspberry pi, i completed super double dragon on the SNES. not exactly a revamp of the original, its more its own game. There are a couple things that stood out about this game. The first is that the baddies are more complex they're capable of blocking, doing combos and all sorts of special moves of their own. They're essentially varying degrees of having martial art training compared to mindless grunts in other brawlers. It does mean that combat can get bogged down as the AI refuses to take it lying down and just block everything or perform reversals/counters.

The second is the attack mechanics, you have an energy bar which you can charge up to perform super moves or speed boost etc. Not a fan of the system tbh, it takes too long to charge up to perform the moves, even if they're supposed to be powerful (like hurricane kick similar to ryu). You can also block attacks, whatever good that can do in these games.

Its not a bad game, as there feels like there is some complexity and tries to be step above the original DB and other brawlers but it does feel sluggish and slow at times. The game did itself no favours when the button set up was messed up whether that was my fault i don't know.

next, we're onto Doom Wads. this time a couple of quick ones.

The first was DPB 60 aka: Eldritch voyage starts off in a jungle before moving onto hell where you face a big demon. Honestly i can't remember much of this one. It wasn't too difficult and it was a blur.

The second one is DPB 61: Tempest enterprise. This one i liked a lot. it had the sci-fi horror vibes, machines in the background bleep and bloop like in the 90s, the sci fi environments are dark and there is a pervasive horror of some purple goo taking over the various well crafted maps. The last level wasn't bad, its just a battle royal of sorts but that ending is a real cop out.

lastly, a quickie, Countrycide a horror wad as a master templar visits an isolated village in the deep forest. Cue demonic horror and crazed cultists. i must say it captures the horror fantastically as it can be unnerving at times, the maps are atmospheric, the cultists are suitably crazy and has some scary monsters. I won't spoil it, but there were some real stand out moments in it.

i would argue that perhaps some of the maps are far too dark, but being sewers and underground temples, its probably expected. The other problem is navigation can be a pain at times, no automap, just a drawn one which isn't the most useful besides tell you where to go next. You can get lost quite easily in some underground area. I had to no clip to the yellow door as i couldn't figure out how to get up to reach it. Even after getting to the door and backtracking i still couldn't figure it out.

The other issue is the game lives or dies with the lighting. I had to mess around with various settings on GZDoom to get the correct lighting and its still intentionally dark. The final boss fight in the forest is a literal nightmare as its really dark, filled with various objects that can snag you and to top it off the eldritch monsters can cloak in the dark. i played it on ultra violence difficulty and yeah, no joke those enemies with tear you to pieces very quickly. Its not the longest of wads (2 -3 hrs tops) but its still very, very good. Cacoaward worthy stuff.
Nov 19, 2023
Its been so long I can't even really remember.

Maybe one of the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulators, one of the SWAT games from the 90s, or one of the Rainbow Six games from the 90s.

Possibly Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear

Once I could get good enough DSL to game online consistently, I completely forgot about the offline/story line missions etc.
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