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ok some more games added to the list of completed. lets start with Rise of the tomb raider. Sequel to the reboot of tomb raider, it sees lara taking up her father's work to discover a possible source of immortality that takes her eventually to the lost city o kitszh. The game is a mix between linear/open world game, Whilst mostly linear, there is some back tracking and optional side missions/vaults etc.

initially it was quite impressive, graphically visually fantastic. the initial ice climb is exciting and is a good introduction to the game. whilst gameplay is competent, it feels a bit light on content. Sure, the combat is fun when its there, its not quite an exciting shooting gallery as it filled with puzzles etc that breaks up the excitement. The other problem was often i would find it difficult to navigate and other times fail to make certain jumps. its not as intuitive as i liked, especially when i backtracked earlier areas to unlock stuff, ultimately i wasn't successful collecting everything as i couldn't find a way back as often its just collapsed and inaccessible. Secondly certain challenges etc aren't there so you don't realize until you accidentally trigger them or shoot them out of curiosity.

There were other times that there were technical issues like making certain jumps lara would grab on and then just fall off. Another time i glitched through a wall and died.

besides playing the main story you do have some other stuff to do. Namely playing through timeattack/score attack of the chapters again. But whether you want to, will depend how much you want to play the game again... Me? i beat the main story and frankly wasn't interested playing the story again for a score no one cares for. There is a coop option for something called endurance mode, but since no one plays COOP its pointless.

Then theres an additional section in the world map baba yaga: the temple of the witch which adds an additional section to the main story. Not exactly the longest thing to play, but its an additional slice of exploring and action if you want it.

The final piece of content is Blood ties - where lara raids a tomb closer to home. Literally. Lara explores the croft manor and gives plays the opportunity to catch up on some backstory on lara's past, family, the tragic events with her mother and a tour of the house. Not exactly stressful but interesting to play for an hour or so to round off the lore.

Considering how cheap you can buy the rise of the tomb raider these days its worth a look for the content, but its nothing essential to play. i would say 7/10 feels about right for me.
The next game i've also finished is Front mission 3. A turn based Strategy RPG. The plot revolves around a stolen superweapon (MIDAS) and the political powerplay of the various factions to acquire it. i found it pretty good.

Content wise there are 2 different campaigns and by god there there are a lot of maps. My first play through clocked in at nearly 50 hours and thats just ONE campaign. From my understanding the campaigns are quite varied as well. Allies in one campaign will turn up as enemies/rivals in the other and the journey varies. it gives some perspective that perhaps, the various factions you face off against aren't really bad guys, due to different circumstances you're forced to fight good people.

Gameplaywise if you're familar with the first 2 front missions you'll have a rough idea what to expect with turned based combat with robots. Damage mechanics if you're familiar with battletech, you have a rough idea what to expect, individual bits have its own HP and blowing them limbs cripples them etc. Whilst its fine, it can be very daunting to play at first and i'm not going to lie, i saved scum like hell playing it. Part of the problem is that weapons miss surprisingly frequently and most weapons feel weak. Take for example the ubitquitous machine gun, it can do 200 damage over like x6 shots. The problem? it will deal damage randomly to the enemies various bits, spreading the damage. Tha'ts assuming they hit at all... it can feel at times like a war of attrition especially when you try to pick of units with high hp resistant to your damage. you can't manually target bits unless you trigger a skill.

Top tip, taking pierce resistance will pretty much recommended and in later game take a shield instead of a second weapon. The problem with the combat is that its very grindy. Sure, every character can use any weapon, but if you want them to be any good at it, you have to use them and exp is only granted when you destroy parts or kill wanzers outright and that takes a while. The other option is to force the enemy to surrender or alternatively, kill the pilot and their wanzer is yours to use and your prize after the fight.

The second advantage are special skills, again, these are randomly activated/unlocked when you reach a certain criteria. They can be seriously useful but a pain to unlock or to trigger. Some of the better ones rarely activate, but a popular strategy is to just take a load of level one skills and make them combo/chain up so essentially rather then one attack, you could do more then one (i've had it chain 4 times once). its incredibly satisfying when in one attack you blow the opponent to pieces with no damage to yourself. Or how dual shot allows you to fire 2 weapons in one go - double shotgun shots makes absolute mincemeat on damaged wanzers and vehicles.

You can customize your wanzers so they are geared for higher speed, durability etc. but its all a balancing act, as the heavier the wanzer the less power you have to arm them. So decide wisely and pick the best bits for the job as upgrading the indivudal bits will only get you so far.

What the TLDR point i'm trying to say is that there will be some grinding to be done. Sure theres only 8 characters and for the most part i just kept with the starting 4 as my main team, but after a while all 8 have to be put into action in seperate missions so you have to skill them up, get them decent wanzers loaded up and hope for the best. money wise, the only real method is selling stuff. So the more mechs left to scavenge the better as some of the best wanzer parts can be acquired without stealing it...

Outside of the main game you can surf around on the games internet of sorts reading up on news, emails but more interestingly, is when you start hacking and snooping around in confidential areas to acquire backstory and unlocking various stuff. The best wanzer and plasma cannon can only be unlocked by going onto the hacking forums and making contact with the relevant person. its a bit clunky at times, but its a nice touch to flesh out the backstory of the game world and the lore.

So do i regret playing it? honestly for a 23 year old game it wasn't bad i had fun with it even with the bugs. Speaking of bugs the game crashed a lot on my rasperberry pi. The cause is when the damaged wanzers started to spark and i identified mechs with 0 health on legs caused the game to crash. best to skip the combat sequence to avoid seeing it. But yeah, i think it deserves a reboot/remake/remaster is in order. i might go back and finish off the other campaign and more front mission games (was going to play front mission 2 but its not been completely translated...) but the later games weren't that good which is a shame.
I have done everything there is to do in Big Ambitions, and since the quite detailed development roadmap doesn't show any additions coming that interest me, I'm declaring myself finished. While the future addition of traffic jams might interest me if I become more mentally ill than I already am, I'm just going to go ahead and call it a wrap.
another game finished, this time its Diaries of a Spaceport janitor

its not the most thrilling game and honestly why/how i sunk 6 hours of my life playing it i haven't a clue. its a repetitive and tedious game. You spend your time picking up trash to make ends meet (food or just buying items) and work towards removing a curse that was placed upon you. That's it. Its not the longest game in the world, but you'll probably see everything it has to offer in the first 20 minutes or less. hell, i was tempted to bail after playing the tutorial...

Why this game kept me absorbed i don't know. I found whilst the game world isn't huge, for some reason i found navigating most of it incredibly difficult. I just couldn't memorize the paths properly (the game doesn't even come with a map!) and ultimately making money is extremely tedious. Whilst burning trash is steady income its unreliable at times. Sometimes i burn less and get more credits, other days i'm short changed. you might find valuable items and sell them to make that bit more money. The problem is that the value of the stuff is mostly peanuts and the second issue is actually finding someone to sell the damn stuff. I would be carry "valuable" loot (make 12 credits on an item!) and struggle to find the vendor to sell it. I suspect its certain days different guys come and buys and sells.

Shopping wise because you're dirt poor there is absolutely no reason for you to buy 99.9% of the items. You can't use 90% of the items, no upgrading, you can't use armor, there are cheap alternatives to food and gender meds (why spend 20+ on a meal when 2 packets of space food at 2 a pop will do the same?) . Gradually you do make money and i had nearly a thousand, assuming the local redscarfs (local law enforcement) don't shake you down and you lose money. Annoyingly whilst there are banks in the game, there's no way to save your money. use it or lose it seems to be the story here.

The best i can say is that i got this game for free and i do find the game really charming at times seeing all the various odd ball characters, the weekly festival with the cats singing is great and it has a few catchy tunes. just a shame beyond that its threadbare for a game. I guess i was one of the lucky ones to finish it as apparently this game is bugged as well.
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Quickly throwing this one to the done list. i finished another game on my raspberry pi. This time its Gain Ground on the sega genesis/mega drive. A port of an arcade game. The premise is that the War simulator has gone rogue and everyone playing soldier are trapped by killer androids. Think a warlike Westworld gone wrong. its up to 3 soldiers/fighters to go into the simulation and rescue everyone and fix the mess. battling over 50 levels, players will travel through historical locations/themes to kill all the robots. This include prehistoric, medieval, modern and future.

over time you rescue various other combatants who have different types of attacks, speed and abilities giving you the flexibility to tackle the maps. Unsurprisingly, characters that can shoot indirectly, over walls or enemies perched on highground are highly valuable, more surprisingly it turns out the archers are the most useful. Even during later eras.

A fun little game, with save states i didn't have any problems apart from the final missions when the robots are more durable and turn the whole thing into a laser hell shooter. The last level boss isn't a problem except for his homing rockets. barely enough time to dodge them and will launch them frequently enough that players will lose a life before they get remotely close to shoot it.
I finished 4=10. It's a very simple mobile game where the objective is to make 4 numbers equal 10 by changing their order and adding the +, ×, ÷ and - symbols in between. You can use a single pair of brackets as well.

There's 500 groups of 4 to solve and most of them fall within 3 different categories of solving them:
- make two numbers that add to 10.
- make two numbers where subtracting one from the other makes 10.
- make 5 and 2 and multiply those together.

There were only a dozen or two I got stuck on for more than a minute, but it was still a better way to spend my time than most free mobile games.

I did almost give up on the last one and I really only got it by screwing around instead of actually thinking it through.
i'm calling it, i beat Anno 1404.

As i mentioned elsewhere i was interested in the Anno series and was getting impatient waiting for anno 1800 so i looked at the free versions i got from ubisoft connect to get a feel for the game itself. Its simple enough; what adds depth to the game is trying to create the relevant goods to support your ever sophisticated citizens. An added layer of challenge is that certain islands produce/support certain goods so you have no choice but to expand and set up the logistics to ship it across.

Now i played the 8 chapter campaign mode and tbh its more a tutorial on how to play the game and understand the mechanics. its not difficult for the most part, on harder difficulties you just have less resources to start off, but what makes it challenging is when it just piles on task after task and if you mess up, its restart time. Case in point making tools. If you don't set up tools quickly, you'll run out the means to build anything and when no one is willing to sell you tools and you've run out its game over.

Whilst i did find the game addicting, there are some issues that need addressing. namely how tasks are just hidden and if you want a good score, you need to go searching or not to complete the game too quickly. The second problem is that its not properly explained how to configure supply chains or the finer points to the meta of the game. The third problem is that combat is absolutely boring. The naval stuff is fine, the ground troops part leaves a lot to be desired. You simply build a unit, move it and watch them attack and its not simple as in an RTS sense its more like twiddling your thumbs boring. You won't get into combat until the late stages of your civilization but unsurprisingly its expensive stuff. But on the flip side, you're probably more interesting in the economy side of things when it comes to anno series anyway.

Outside of the main campaign you have 6 scenarios dealing with various different criteria to victory from simply building stuff until you have enough high level citizens, diplomacy or just all out war and being the last man standing.

Anno 1404 does have an expansion pack - venice expansion which adds political intrigue, namely spies and espionage. Spy on your rivals, cause havoc in their cities. The other factor is the council system where you can buy your seat in the city and take over via political intrigue. No extra campaign, just a few more scenarios that are isolated fleshed out missions.

i got bored of Anno namely having to suffer the problem of constantly rebuilding a base/town each time i started - a typical problem i have with any strategy game tbh. But considering i got the game for free i can't complain. Its certainly cooled/sated my enthusiam for the series for now. So i can wait a bit.

Now... What to play next...
Jul 2, 2023
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What was the last game that you completed, and how would you rate it?

Completing games is not something I do often. The most recent game I completed was Halo Reach for the MCC on PC. I had originally played it on 360, but I barely remembered the campaign so it was great to get back in it. I haven't played much of the multiplayer, but I'd give the campaign 8/10 (nostalgia could play a big part)
I finished playing DotA 2, I won’t say that the game was bad, but still the emotions were found a lot of new friends
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Another game to the completed list. This time its steamworld Dig 2. its more of the same but with some quality of life tweaks, an actual story (besides digging down) and a lot more variety. has a sort of metroidvania feel to things as you frequently have to back track to areas once you've acquired new skills etc. I liked the original steamworld dig and the sequel was even better. Didn't take me long, just 11 hours and that was with me taking my time skimming each area with loot, doing loads of backtracking and checking for secrets etc. Didn't get them all as i couldn't get enough money to buy the last of the more expensive upgrades.

Do i recommend it? For the sale price of less then a fiver? absolutely.
Finished a play through of Doom Eternal a week or so ago. I am going back through maps finding things I missed for a few extra achievements etc. Its a cool game. Looks awesome in 4K :)


I played and beat Super Bunny Man over the past couple days since it finally had its 1.0 release. Surprisingly fun. You're limited to just jumping and grabbing, causing you to navigate the world like sticky handled pogo stick. The challenge comes from leaping over holes, scaling hills, and avoiding spikes and mines. It's got the perfect level of chaos and control, making you feel like a moron when you schewer yourself in a spike pit and a genius when navigate a tricky situation unschathed (a situation, you most likely caused).

Just a few games to add to the completed list.

Lets start with the doom wads. I decided to play some of the DBPs. The first was immortal warfare. Think COD modernware made in the doom engine and with demons. its mostly set in the middle east like environments and like COD4 it has this greenish grey tone to everything. In the grand scheme of things its alright. Stuff looks like bombed out cities and modern architecture of various facilities/offices. Some parts did make me think looked pretty good. The weakest map is unsurprisingly the credits map. Basic as hell and the only highlight is the US president given you 2 thumbs up for a mission complete.

But lets move onto the more interesting one DBP next wad zeppelin Armada. A steampunk inspired Doom wad. I loved this one. A lot of effort went into the maps as you travel into various floating cities factories, offices etc. it goes the extra mile with RPG like elements such as talking to NPCs, some actual narrative to the maps etc. Ok its pretty basic mechanically, just don't expect ashes 2049 or abysm levels of dialogue mechanics, but still impressive to attempt it. But what really impressed me was the level design. its brilliant, plenty of moments i was very impressed and even took photos:





i think its the coherency of the design and how good it looks. best of all was all the doom cute stuff like the typewriters, the posters etc.

To put it simply, its good. its augr;zenith good. Would i recommend playing this doom wad if you're into doom 2 modding? Absolutely yes. Probably cacoaward worthy or at the very least an honorable mention. bravo team.
A couple of chill-out casual games, which I assume no one is interested in here—but if you are the exception …ie an enlightened and sophisticated gamer… shout and I can expand, if the better reviews at the links are unclear.

Storm Tale 2
Picked up recently for $1.50 in Steam sale, very good Match 3, will replay. Storm Tale 1 is also good, but not Replay grade.

Adelantado 1
also on Steam

Excellent strategy builder trilogy, but 1 is the weakest of the 3—I'm currently playing 2.
Annoying pop-ups, no map
V annoying Cavemen clickers
Long levels, No save, Slow *
Building placement v picky
Buildings not differentiated
Can't demolish buildings *
Unnecessary hand-holding
Unclear goals
Double action for loot *

Can't recommend 1, when 2 fixes 3 of the main QoL problems. But it's a good game if you don't mind the extra pain, so RPG guys… go nuts! :D
Another game completed this time on the 3ds: Luigi's mansion the dark moon saga or sometimes called Luigis mansion 2. The sequel is a massive improvement over the original Luigi's mansion. Rather taking place in a single mansion it takes place across an entire valley with various biomes and locals like a conservatory, clock tower, mines etc. There's certainly more variety to the ghosts each one needing special care to defeat, but generally managable. not the longest game as each location is quite small and stages consist of 3-5 chapters in that location. Most of the stages can be completed in less then 30 minutes tops and only the later ones does it take 30+ to finish.

Whilst i found the game quite fun, there was a few annoying bits and pieces. First and fore most motion controls. Sod off with them and implementing them when i'm tight rope walking is just horrible. There are also some design missteps here and there. Like the boss for the conservatory, climb a high flight of stairs with 1 in 3 chances of getting it wrong means sliding back down to the bottom and back to the start. Its tedious and down right obnoxious as there's like 10 sections to test your luck on it...

Whilst combat is fairly simple, i did find it slightly annoying when you have errant ghosts roaming around able to smack you and undo any planned killer combos and whilst you can dodge i rarely used it. That's probably on me, but yeah can get irritating when you're getting smacked all over the place. A bigger problem is probably the aim mechanism which think is motion controlled to aim stuff and its tricky when you're trying to aim the vaccum cleaner upwards to suck up all that ghost plasam. Sometimes its trying to get perspective right so if you're floating in the air you're not quite sure where hovering over sometimes. Oh and more annoying is when Professor egad just teleports you back as soon as you complete the mission. So you can't do one last snoop around and go and investigate any untravelled paths. you'll probably fall for it the first time you play the chapter, but christ, i wish i didn't have to.

Speaking of replaying a chapter, after you've beaten the game what else do you have to do? You can replay any of the chapters to get a better score, capture any stray boos or collect diamonds but honestly pointless stuff as its just gets you a medal/badge of completetion. Certainly not as enticing as say, upgrading the vaccum cleaner (which incidentally i completed by half way point).

But the other is perhaps the haunted skyscraper challenge; think your endless dungeon with different variety of ghosts and expected to play in coop. Didn't bother with it tbh.

So... would i recommend it? For a 3DS game, i would. i enjoyed it and even after all these years and games, nintendo still hasn't lost its charm. how they do it, i don't know whereas sonic faded, nintendo's IPs remain mostly fresh.


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