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I completed Subnautica. It was good, but I must say I liked the first half of the game better than the last half. At some point I had crafted everything I needed to and spend most of my time in vehicles instead of swimming around, which took away a lot of the tension of exploring unknown areas. Also, steering the Cyclops through narrow caverns was quite a bother and the Prawn Suit is kind of a pain to move around with.

Now I have to figure out what game to play next...
ok a couple of games finished on the raspberry pi.

the first is the Firemen on the snes by HUMAN Entertainment. Take control of a fire fighter and fight your way up a towering inferno. Got to say, for a 1994 game its a pretty clever and fun take on fire fighting. Its essentially a 360 shoot em up as you're up against the clock to reach the objectives on each floor. it can get decidedly tricky as there are very few life restoration opportunities (maybe 1 or 2 tops per level) and that time limit is brutal. You probably have enough to get to the boss and have 3 to 4 minutes spare to take on the boss. An AI assistant thats actually competent, nice graphics and audio makes it a pretty quality game. The only downside is perhaps the random situations where you could lose health, sometimes open the wrong door or shatter some glass and you can cause an explosion causing massive damage. Would i recommend it? for a shooter for its time absolutely. Might be even more interesting if there was 2 player mode or something.

lastly another game Wiz 'n' Liz on the mega drive. Now what intrigues me is that i think i saw this on the amiga first but opted for the mega drive version. The first thing that hits you is that awesome sound track, gives me amiga vibes all over. The second thing that hits you is the speed the game runs at. its like faster then sonic and makes precision extremely difficult. its not surprising as the aim of the game you have to move quickly, the time limit is like 3 minutes and its neigh impossible not to lose a life. I played it on easy and i barely completed it.

Speaking of completing it, on easy i managed to beat it, but on normal and above its extremely difficult. The problem with the breezy gameplay is that its not very compelling. its just collect the rabbits and after you get x amount you leave the zone with whatever fruit, time and stars along the way. There is some layer of some complexity, but its more like bonus rounds / points and honestly not that thrilling.
I just completed the base game and story DLC of The Callisto Protocol. The Final Transmission DLC extends the story arc of the main character and reveals how the game really ends.

I must say, despite some Steam reviews claiming this game has an uninteresting story, I thought it was pretty well written and suitably as horrific and desperate as you'd want a survival horror game to be.

There was also a bit of cognitive dissonance revealed at the end and a really sad ending in the DLC that wrapped things up well. It's one of those games that puts you in a mood after playing it that makes you really feel for the protagonist.

Gameplay wise, the arsenal, is rather minimalist, especially if you limit yourself to the 3 most effective weapons. You also have more inventory space that way, since there's less ammo types to carry. I actually prefer this in Survival Horror games for two reasons, they are limited resource type games anyway, and it feels more realistic than being able to carry an armory on your back like in Doom.

Combat loop wise it's fairly minimalist as well, requiring careful balancing of melee, guns, and GRP Glove. Some have claimed it gets repetitious, but I feel they varied the types of enemies and environs just enough to keep things from being predictable. Just the fact that you often don't know when an enemy's combo is going to end, or when another will join in the fight, keeps you on your toes.

They also save some of the best potential projectiles to toss with the GRP Glove for later in the game. I also prefer how the use of the GRP Glove looks, sounds, and feels compared to Kinesis in Dead Space. The inventory space is also more minimalist, as you don't change suits as often as in Dead Space. This means you have to carefully weigh your decision of how much health, ammo, and GRP batteries you carry.

Even the monetary system is more minimalist than Dead Space, where money you get for selling rare parts you find is not nearly enough to fully upgrade 3 guns, the baton, and the GRP. In fact I often times had to buy ammo vs an upgrade. It works out well as long as you don't overuse any part of the basic combat elements, which can leave you low on health, ammo, or batteries. In fact I'd say the game is well balanced.

Some have said as well that the combat, especially the melee, feels clumsy. It can, but mainly if you try to overuse melee, as when Jacob gets tired, it shows, as it SHOULD in a survival horror type game. There are also times when the reticule to shoot a worn down enemy appears when you're VERY close to an enemy that is sprouting, which is more likely to happen if you don't balance melee with shots and dodges.

Tentacles sprouting on an enemy while in combat can be good, or bad. With a balanced attack, Jacob will less likely stumble toward the enemy, allowing him space and time to not just blindly shoot at the reticule prompt, but instead at the tentacles. The latter is preferred, because it can down them in one shot. That means less ammo used, and less likely another will gang up on you, leaving two to fight simultaneously.

If you get caught out stumbling tired though, chances are at some point, an enemy's sprouts are going to fester, and they'll transform into something MUCH harder to deal with. A lot of people I find don't pay attention to or appreciate small details like this in a game. It can mean the difference between a well fought fight, and feeling like the game is "too clumsy" in it's combat as some claim in negatively biased reviews.
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Rolled the credits on Resident Evil 4 Remake in hardcore difficulty. Had a great time replaying the game.

One thing that's common for all of the current-gen Resident Evil games is they put a TON of detail into the environments and the asset models. What's even greater about it is they showcase the models, environments, and concept art right at the main menu where you can "purchase" (with easy to come by in-game currency) these models to zoom in and inspect in detail. Getting to see the Regenerador's disgusting maw, the detail on Leon's tactical outfit, or the texture on Ada Wong's dress (eh, fellas?) close up is a nice little extra on top of what already is a rewarding playthrough.

Can't wait for more RE titles!

*Side note - I don't see what all the fuss was about Ada's voice actor, she did a great job.
Finished XCOM 2: War of the Chosen today on Veteran. Amazing game, easily 9/10, the best tactics game I've played.

I love the overarching campaign setting, letting you lose soldiers or entire missions without forcing you to start over and giving some variety between the tactics gameplay. The variety in maps is also pretty decent and a lot better than in XCOM: Enemy Unknown (from memory). I only started getting a bit bored of doing missions when I got so powerful there was no challenge left, so if I ever replay the game I need to pick a higher difficulty (and save scum less).

One complaint I have is that I wish you could predict sight lines better. You can see which enemies will be in sight before you commit to a move, which is nice, but that doesn't include enemies you have detected but are in fog of war at the moment, it doesn't let you predict what will be in line of sight if you destroy a wall or obstacle and it doesn't tell you which squares will be covered by overwatch.

I also wish you could save equipment loadouts and just apply them to a class with a single click. It got pretty annoying having to re-equip all my soldiers before every mission. Though I see now that there is a mod that does something like this (Automated Loadout Manager), so I'll have to remember that if I ever do a replay.

Those are fairly minor complaints though, the main gameplay loop is amazing and while it got a bit boring when it got too easy, I never skipped any missions. I definitely plan to return to the game, either on a higher difficulty or with the Long War mod.

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All in all, can't really recommend it. It's a solid 6/10 take on similar games like Battle Brothers, Wartales and with a tiny bit of Darkest Dungeon thrown in for good measure.
Combat remains mostly the same, but since you level up your mercenaries and upgrade/unlock skills, there's some variety there and some of of the late game fights can be actually challenging.
That being said, The Iron Oath tries a lot of things, but fails to establish them in any manner that isn't shallow. Story is basic, but works ok-ish as a "prompt for next dungeon to traverse". All the events, some wars, battles fought by factions - it's almost impossible to spot these. And since I was friends with everycity (since I was doing quests everywhere and at some point I did something for every single city), not even changes in city ownership mattered at all. Nothing changes, expect some mild price range due to certain events.
The whole game is just that: a bit too shallow. It would be better if the devs focused more on making the skills more unique and useful instead of adding more features that don't really matter, imho.
For example: almost every class has the same damn skills, just named slightly differently. A lot of the skill progression feels weak and in practice some differences between classes are very minor.
Because let's be honest, Defenders, Pugoglists and Pyrolancers all have that one attack that will hit an enemy and push him back. It's the same thing, with just different name.

Pixel art is nice, there's that and there's fun to be had, but in the genre of "leader of mercenary band", The Iron Oath falls behind both Battle Brothers and Wartales.


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