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I finished my last game quite a while ago since I‘m quite occupied since September and probably will stay occupied until mid February… but here we go:
I‘ve finished Jurassic World Evolution this late summer. It was actually the first game of its kind that I tried and I really enjoyed the experience. I most enjoyed the mid section, when you finally got the hang of how you much space your dinosaurs need to not immediately break the walls and eat your customers… :LOL: It didn‘t last long for me though. Soon after this stage of the game it got quite repeating and being too successfull just got boring in the end. Nevertheless, I finished all of the islands with five star reputation and quite some money on the bank ;)
A fun experience for once, but I will stick to my Point‘n‘Click and RPG games. :geek:
Wordle 3

My review is here.


I got 29 of 30 achievements. The final one is for No Hints—good luck with that, I must've used ~40 all told!

The Wordle series bundle is great value on sale if you like word games at all. Very simple, very basic, pure gameplay—recommended anytime, highly recommended on sale.

Now on to Wordle 5 :D
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I haven't played BG3 yet, but I have completed BG1 and BG2 numerous times each. I've been a gamer for 30 years.
Good to hear. There seem to be quite a few folks that rarely finish any games these days - even ones they like. Add in lots of games that don't really have endings and the thought of going 20+ years without finishing a single game gets more and more possible!
the thought of going 20+ years without finishing a single game gets more and more possible

That's probably down to how the devs choose to construct the endings. The trend towards endings being out of sync with the rest of the game seems to have grown a lot, and a lot of players—incl me—won't put up with that.

If the ending is in line with the game, I imagine most players who enjoy it enough to make it past ⅓ or ½ will finish.
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That's probably down to how the devs choose to construct the endings. The trend towards endings being out of sync with the rest of the game seems to have grown a lot, and a lot of players—incl me—won't put up with that.
Huh? Out of sync? I've seen some end boss fights that made no sense, but how can a game even be out of sync if you're only a third of the way in? It's still establishing itself!
Dec 24, 2023
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I don't finish games very often, but the most recent one I finished was Gold of War. Yeah, it's not your normal "end credits" game, but surviving in that pixelated environment felt like a victory to me. I'd give it a solid 9/10 because the entire survival and creativity stuff never gets old.
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just one game to add to the completed list before the new year, just a quick doom 2 wad from DBP (Doom Board Project) haunting hollow. You enter the dead and decaying ruins of the cursed town of Lodewood and are tasked on purging the demonic hordes that reside there. Not the longest pack (only 10 maps + credits map) but they're pretty good dark gothic environments. A personal fav is probably the homage to Tricks and traps map in doom 2 Trickz N Treatz.


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According to my Steam Achievements, I first started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 on December 29th, 2017.

I completed the game on Classic Mode December 30th, 2023. Some notes if you care to read on:
  1. This was technically my third start of the game, my first single player start only took me halfway through Act II, and the same was for my co-op start which fizzled out when I became a dad.
  2. In total I logged almost 180 hours in D:OS2.
  3. My squad was Loshe (Polymorph/Warfare), Sebille (Ranger/Necro), Fane (Elemental Mage), and Beast (Warfare).
  4. I've already started Baldur's Gate 3 and am loving it but miss my magic armor.
Cyberpunk 2077 !!!

Ok, so i couldve actually beat this literally a couple months after it was released, but it was in such a crappy state, the ending i wanted seemed to be pretty much off limits because my game would glitch out and crash every. single. time. at 1 or 2 different points in the final moments of raiding Arasaka Tower by myself for the secret ending. Re-installed game, moved drives, did a bunch of drivers stuff and still... same problem. So i never completed it and just basically did everything else CP offered over the next couple years.

Fast-forward to about a week or so ago, having a 4070 for the time being, i went back, completed the game because it had been fixed, got the secret ending and now im on my way to finish its DLC. Phatom Liberty
Resident Evil 4 (remastered)

One from the backlog. One of those games i left pretty much because a boss fight was stopping me. Logged in a couple days ago and beat it and moved on, i was pretty much towards the end of the game (chpt. 13 or 14 out or 16) so it wasnt much to finish up. Loved how it was remastered and runs really great though RE4 wasnt one of my favorites it was still a solid entry.

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Alright just finished Dragon Age Awakening. Even though I didn't play all DLC I do consider the game finished by now (am done with it haha. I played the game for 40 hours years and years ago but for some reason stopped playing so started again and finished it this time, loved it.

Have to say that the dwarven plot (and especially the entire deep roads of it) was the strongest part of the story for me.

I have added DA2 & DA:I to my wishlist but it will be some time before I start it.
I'll throw a few games i completed recently.

As i previously mentioned i've been blasting through Doom wads mainly the temple of the lizard men series. So far episode 1 and 2 has been beaten. The TLDR is that they were positive experiences as they try to improve on the previous experiences and the pack has a decent level of quality to them. But we'll see what happens with the other 3.

But the main event is Tenchu stealth assassins on the PSX. The concept is simple enough, pick your assassin and complete your mission. namely killing your target or getting to Point A to Point B for reasons. Although there are 10 levels, some of the maps can be completed very quickly - mainly the maps are small and if you decide to take to roof tops resistance is lighter. Plus if, you use save states to save scum your way to victory, it takes even less time. its not surprising as the 2 assassins have separate progression paths, so stuff you unlock with one assassin does NOT appear on the other.

Speaking of unlocks, the only way you want to get the decent stuff, you have to beat their respective missions as grand master (so practically flawless performance). useful stuff like damage reduction, sleeping gas or even resurrection items. The latter is neigh indispensable on the last few maps.

Unsurprisingly, its really challenging in some maps as getting spotted is practically inevitable. Enemies don't really follow a proper routine but more worryingly, level design in some maps are extremely linear. Especially in the late game where the game is fond of using linear tunnels/corridors/pathways with little or no cover and its frustrating with dodgy camera, technical limitations and tank mechanics.

The other side of the game is the combat mechanics are fairly basic and clunky, but on the whole combat is mostly a push over if the controls worked slightly better. There is very little strategy beyond slash block and repeat for 80% of the time.

Would i recommend playing it? Honestly its aged terribly but it strongly needs a remake or an update. An assassins game set in feudal japan is a fantastic period. i'll probably play Tenchu 2 to see how it improves on the game but thats going to be some time in the future when i have to play the other stuff on raspberry pi. Oh and as a final positive the music in the game was great, the voice acting / scripting is pretty dire though.
My wife completed Boyfriend Dungeon, a combination of Hack & Slash and Dating Sim, in which you date your weapons (which can turn into human form) to unlock their abilities. From what I've seen it does both parts pretty well. I think she played through the entire game within two days and then immediately started over to try out different dating choices, so I think it's safe to say she really likes it.
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I completed Subnautica. It was good, but I must say I liked the first half of the game better than the last half. At some point I had crafted everything I needed to and spend most of my time in vehicles instead of swimming around, which took away a lot of the tension of exploring unknown areas. Also, steering the Cyclops through narrow caverns was quite a bother and the Prawn Suit is kind of a pain to move around with.

Now I have to figure out what game to play next...