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Total War: Shogun 2 free starting next Monday, April 27

Give em time i guess. Its not over till june so no real rush. Still its a FANTASTIC deal. i enjoyed the original and to a certain extent the second one (not sure why i didn't like that one as much, even if its technically/mechanically better). Not sure what the other ones like korea is like but certainly wouldn't mind a taster.
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11-bit site's up, at least for now.

Also, this just in:
Just an update the 11-bit has ended the giveaway prematurely. Looks like they've ran out of keys. The more salty users speculate that the bots spammed the offer and caused all sorts of technical issues. Every time i tried the site wasn't working and/or entering my email didn't work. not that i would have got a code at this point.

Shame really.
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