The Free Time Limited Games List

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Some of you may have already missed Days of War: Definitive Edition steam key giveaway from IGN 2 days ago.

Also IndieGala are giving away 7,62 High Calibre. I got before that Stalingrad, Die Young: Prologue, A.I.M.2 Clan Wars, Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 and UBERSOLDIER II added to my IndieGala Freebies.

Take a look at these sites as well as they regularly have new games given for free. There's also and also

I have been regularly visiting these sites last couple of years and have got a load of steam games for free. Some of these games however, are not very good. So if you do see negative reviews then don't bother claiming a free key for these games as they are not worth it.
Yeah, these sites basically compile from a list of all sources. There were quite a few giveaways from Humble Bundle as well over the last several months. But of-course now you don't need to worry about doing heavy researching across the web as usually these sites will get all of that compiled in one place.

There are some giveaways that require survey completions like Keep in mind that if some of these surveys require email address to be entered, add an unimportant one that is easy to dispose in case they get spoofed with email spams.

I don't usually like to claim free giveaways that require filling out surveys as not only these are hectic to fill, but they may lead to unexpected email spams. Not worth the hassle unless it is a really good game.
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There is a truly huge amount of free content on at the moment. A vast amount being given away by indie devs for free.

Just to highlight one that I've actually heard of before:

@jpishgar Probably the best resource for game shopping is
Which comparison shops current prices for games across pretty well every store on the web, excluding grey-market.

It also has the most complete list of giveaways I know of too:
Even includes all those ones on the Microsoft Store (!).

Though tends not to include the survey-entry based ones.
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Get your steampunk fixes above! :)


And 4 other free games on Microsoft Store and various others listed:
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I have AC2 (now), AC3, AC4, AC Unity, AC Syndicate, AC Chronicles China, AC:O, AC:OD, and haven't paid for a single one :S

I don't mean piracy ofc - Ubi has given away all the above. Except for AC:O which I got in a no-purchase Intel prize draw, and AC:OD which was given to me by a very kind acquaintance.

That's a lot of assassinating and creeding.
@Oussebon AC:OD is a very nice gift indeed! How are you liking the game so far? I am 10% in, just got to the next island and are enjoying the visuals, skills and being able to run around at my own paste. I also like that the items look very good and that you can move them around in 3D to get a closer look.
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I haven't got into it properly yet - torn between playing it ASAP (as I expect I'll have the same experience you're finding) and waiting for a better CPU as my 3770k struggles and gameplay can be choppy.

I played Origins pretty thoroughly and was sold on AC:OD on *the strength of that before having even played it tbh :)
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