The Free Time Limited Games List

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Free for a week:

This requires base game Destiny 2, which isn't a problem since it was free before, and is now free at:

Today's is 3 DLCs—Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, The Witch Queen—and one little wrinkle, to quote a Steam comment, the gist of which I saw repeated a few times:

"I just learned I have to buy Keys to have access to Dungeons for the dlcs that i just bought!?"

Free in a week 12/20—looks like daily freebies are over for now:

Mystery game :unsure:
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Free for 17 hours

Cursed to Golf

"Cursed to Golf is a golf-like adventure where every shot counts. Players are tasked with making it out of Golf Purgatory to become a Golfing Legend.
Genres—Action, Indie, Sports
Features—Controller Support, Single Player
With insane hazards, otherworldly power-ups and tons of replayability, will you make it back alive or will you forever be… Cursed to Golf!?"
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Free for 17 hours

Cat Quest

"Cat Quest is an open world RPG set in the pawsome world of cats!
Leap into a grand adventure in purrsuit of the evil Drakoth and your catnapped sister!"

Anyone else having login troubles?


And on Captcha:
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Free for 19 hours

Snakebird Complete

"Embark on an extraordinary puzzle-solving adventure bringing together hit classic Snakebird and Snakebird Primer, offering the complete Snakebird experience in a single, comprehensive package."

login troubles

I got in via Epic launcher, so try that if browser doesn't like site. Edge liked it again today, but Vivaldi hasn't liked it for a while :unsure:
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