The Free Time Limited Games List

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Free for 6 days:

I tried to claim these and got put in a waiting queue to get to the website.
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Aug 8, 2021
Iris and the Giant is available for free on GOG until 3pm on 17 April (CET). It's supposed to be a card game, but it's up to everyone to decide.

Don't forget to collect this week's free Epic games until 5pm on 21 April (CET):
XCOM 2 Strategy

and Insurmountable also strategy games

A few free games from the 51 free games thingy they are doing. The list is a bit outdated, so I linked to those still working. There are also some on the list you can't claim (only download directly), so those I have not included even if they are time-limited since you can find those a lot of the time on the site. Most of the ones below will expire soon so I would just claim them all as soon as possible.
Here is a bonus one I found today, a platformer that looks very nice: No date, but it won't be free for long either.
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Free for 6 days

Last 2 were given away before. Looks like there might be a 'big' freebie next week—usually they say which game is coming free next, but not this time.
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Wolfenstein: The New Order - Free on Epic Games until 6/9/2022 at 5:00 PM
That's a great game, but if @Brian Boru plays it, he's going to get the baby bonnet and pacifier picture.

I kind of thought that was funny, but, at the same time, I certainly wouldn't do that in any game of mine. Don't make fun of people for playing on "easy". It's a choice for Brian, but for a lot of people they can't succeed on any higher difficulty.