Prevent Mouse jumping to second Monitor

I've been dipping into the 2002 FPS C&C Renegade, but the mouse kept jumping to my second monitor far too often, say 3-4 times a minute. Not being an RPG player, I'm not used to pain like that while playing, so I went in search of a solution—which in the GODs was to simply switch off the other monitor.

I seem to have found one via the link in the first post here:

It's a tiny EXE file in a ZIP, written in VB6. I launched it with game still running, and it worked straight away! Lovely UX design—it puts a little window on your main monitor—behind whatever else you're running—which explains how it works, and with the simple instruction to close the window to release the cursor to visit other monitors again.

Posts in the thread above suggest it works with loads of older games which have this problem—and I just checked and it works with browser too, so maybe any software? It was written for Win7, but I'm on latest Win10 and all seems well.

I love tiny programs like this which do one specific job very well—kudos to author AKDADEVIL :)
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