Question EA Sport FC 24 Prevent exiting the full screen - dual monitor

Apr 26, 2023
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Hello, Can I disable minimizing game window if I move the mouse to the second monitor? while the game is in full screen mode in main monitor
is there any tool or something can help?

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Check the video settings in the game, there is often a "Lock to Monitor" kind of setting, which varies in naming by game.

A long time ago—in 90s and 00s, say—I used to have to switch off my second monitor for some games. That's your fallback, which shouldn't be necessary these days.

What game(s) are having this problem?
Try these in sequence until one of them works:

Run in Window Borderless instead of Fullscreen.

If you have any overlays or similar, disable them.

If game has anti-cheat, Windows Firewall or Windows Defender may be getting antsy—try adding exclusions for your game and/or anti-cheat folders.

What mouse have you?
Are you using mouse software—what kind?
Razer Synapse is known to have some issues…


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