Do you ever create macros for your mouse?

I just solved a huge problem of mine. The older I get, the worse the coordination in my hands becomes and the more defeated I feel every time I have to do parkour. It typically goes like this: My big, clumsy fingers hit about 10 keys and one of three things happen. 1) I don't jump at all and fall to my death running off the edge. 2) I jump too soon and fall to my death. 3) I jump just right, but in my anxiousness, keep pressing "W" and slide off the other side of where I landed. falling to my death. It's incredibly embarrassing. I even got embarrassed just writing that all out, but it's worse when I have to do it in a co-op game with my kids.

So today I decided to see if macros would help. So I created two macros to assign to two of my side buttons. One was a two-step, max distance jump. The other was a tiny, barely move forward jump. The other thing these macros did, was turn off the "W" key when done, meaning that I have to lift my finger and press the key again. This was to stop me from running off the other side after completing a jump. Then I went into Lethal Company by myself. I measured out by watching the ground how far I moved before jumping with my two-step max jump and then went off in search of parkour. Over and over, I nailed it. It was perfect. All I had to do was stand in the right spot, and then push the "back" button on the mouse. The macro took over. There was really almost no way I could screw it up at that point. The tiny jump also accomplished its goal. There are places where you have to jump from one ledge to another ledge either just below or just above where you are. I now had no problem at all doing this.

I'm now going to think carefully about each action game I play and figure out if a macro can help me out any. Wish I had done this with Dying Light 2.

So do you ever create macros for playing non-pvp games?
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The most i do with my mouse is disable keys.

I don't think I ever made a macro for a mouse. I rarely make them for keyboard either. Closest that comes to mind is Sacred 2 and even those macros are built into the game - let you click one button and perform 4 actions in a row.

Might have to think about it on new mouse as it has way more buttons than current one does. 13 compared to 6.
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Just one so far, but not for gaming. Anti-gaming in fact, in that I changed my Sniper button into a Paste button :D

Same with KB, I have a bunch of very simple macros in that too, but also none are for gaming.

I can however do so whenever I want without disrupting my work macros, simply by using a different 'Profile'—both KB and M have 5 user profiles, and I only use 1 KB and 2 M work profiles.

keep pressing "W" and slide off the other side

Yeah, happens me too if I haven't jumped in a while :) But my main bugbear is those swinging parkour sequences with grappling hook in the Far Cry games. Altho funnily enough I got the FC5 bridge prepper stash first go this time without any problem—but that's a first. Not sure if that's susceptible to macro…

So for your big jump, apart from the W disable, did you script 2 W presses and a Spacebar [assuming that's Jump] and that's it?

Anyway, nice job finding a solution to a problem :)
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So for your big jump, apart from the W disable, did you script 2 W presses and a Spacebar [assuming that's Jump] and that's it?

Anyway, nice job finding a solution to a problem :)
It was Shift down, W down, Space down, Space up, W up, Shift up. Obviously there were times after each action to determine how long to do each, but I'm on a different PC now and don't remember them, but I hit it pretty good on the first try.

I've got maybe 20 different profiles on that mouse, a couple of them with non-gaming macros, mostly for stupid Windows shortcuts.