Please help, My PC froze?

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Sep 30, 2022
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Please help, My PC froze?

So was on the pc for about 7 hours, was playing spider-man miles morales for about 3ish house. Closed out of it. Temps all fine, same with ussages. Clicked on my browser which was open to go watch something. Noticed the browser was freezing. Thought it was just the browser so tried to close it. Then all applications didn't respond and then the who task bar just wouldn't respond. Funny enough the mouse was working just clicking on anything didn't work. Pc was just like a still image. Notcied when I plugged a device out and back in. The lights didn't turn back on. I pressed the power button nothing happened same with keyboard commands. So had to hold power button down for 5 seconds. Pc has started back up normal and no errors in event view. What caused this and anything to worry about?
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Is this a new PC, or has it been working fine for a while?

I have this happen very rarely—maybe once or twice a year—and everything is fine the rest of the time, so I don't worry about it.

There is so much going on between all the hardware and software that it's a miracle the thing works at all! Image your disk—see my sig—and then make sure your Windows and drivers are up to date.

If you want more commentary from our experts, then you need to provide more info—here's a guide:

Of particular interest are:
Exact make & model of your Power Supply;
Case & cooling parts;

Graphics card;
Monitor model & Hz;
Resolution you're running at;
What graphic settings level have you enabled?

Are all drivers & BIOS up to date?

Have you tried the simple step of uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
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