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I read your article on the best RPG's of the year and you completely missed 2 Entire DLC's for a fantastic game called Dungeons of Naheulbeuk: amulet of Chaos. Not only have they squashed a ton of bugs that made launch back in sept 2020 a bit rough with a big patch for the start of the year, they added a couple of fantastic DLC's. The Ruins of limis which has a 6-8 hour story continuing where the game left off were our adventurers get caught in a war with Vampires and Necromancers! In the second they added a really fun arena addition just last week that lets you combine any of the adventurer in your 8 man party. So now you can use all the ones you can add, but can't use together in the main story, Priestess, Minstrel and Paladin, get rid of the chatty elf and dwarf if you like! The game is really polished at this point and well worth the play, the final DLC is coming and will continue were the Ruins of Limis finished off but not till next year. Splay Jak's Arena is just fun and can be run any time but the mix and match adventurers are really cool. Maybe it will be on the Can't miss RPG list of 2022 when it's in the GOTY edition. :)

I did at least get one good suggestion from the article, so thanks for that but not mentioning this game i'd say was a miss. But hey we all miss something some times. <wink>

PS anno 1404 is free to keep over on U-play for a few more days. Who doesn't like free games?
I actually really like that article. I don't "hate or fear" the new when it comes to RPGs, while I might not always like the changes or approaches a game developer takes, I try to keep an open mind for new concepts or mechanics in any given RPG. What I do "hate and fear" is when a great single player RPG is turned into an online only or games-as-a-service type game (thankfully Dragon Age 4 has reversed that course).

But I also like that some studios are remastering or remaking some of the older RPGs, and for that 2021 has definitely been a good year for me, as well as some new ones like Solasta. 2022 also looks promising with Elex 2, Starfield, Baldur's Gate 3, and (hopefully) the System Shock remake.
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The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is on my to-play list, but I was under the impression it was more of a squad tactics game that parodies RPGs than an actual RPG? Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick.

No, It's not, I personally don't like X-com, but i love battletech, To me that is what i think of when i think of a Squad based game. The new Xc-om Chimera is it? I heard that was more a story based RPG which i might actually like, but you know how backlogs are, if i see it on sale for a few bucks i'd grab it.

As for DoN, Its a classic RPG, It's made by an indy studio so don't expect bioware level of interaction/story telling cut scenes, But it's fully voiced and there is a pretty fun story in the game. It's a solid play that takes about 40 hours and it's humor is pretty great. Think of it as the Spaceballs of RPG's It doesn't take it self to seriously.. One quest has you looking for a magic faucet.

It does have pretty over the top voice acting, or shall i say "trope" like but Felcia Day plays the wizard and is fantastic. I put her right up there with Fem shep, spacing on her name, or claudia Black from dragon age. (the part is far smaller though but she just does a wonderful job)

as for the game play, that is more of a smaller area style. it's not as open as outdoors in wasteland 2, but your in decent size rooms in the dungeons so more than enough that moving/mobility is part of strats. It has unique attacks of opportunity which are triggered with KB, lots of magic and buffs as well. It's a hard core RPG at its heart with a very solid story.

It is campy though for sure, think of the old batman and robin, or get smart or that sorta thing.

at anyrate, thanks for the reply, Love the mag! keep up the good work. :)


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