My Initiation With a Game Called Remnant II

I just started playing Remnant II yesterday. This is dubbed a "Souls With Guns" type game, so I was a bit intimidated, as Dark Souls is not my type of game at all. I'm playing as a "Handler" archetype, and although I play it solo and the canine companion's main skill minimizes the effects of friendly fire (so is useless to me), I find the dog is pretty effective at both distracting and killing enemies that would otherwise relentlessly swarm you. He has his limits though, for instance if you go down near an AOE, there's a good chance he'll get stuck in it and die and not be able to revive you. And you can't let him run willy nilly among several foes and take cover to reload, heal, etc, if the spot he's in is not approachable from where you're taking cover (such as dropping down off a ledge that can't be mantled). That's really only a problem if you need his help from where you take cover at, as when you move farther forward, he'll eventually warp to you anyway, even if he's gone down.

There's a lot to this game though as far as it's game world and gear and upgrades. It has sections of it's game world you cross into which are procedurally generated, so there's no telling how your playthrough will progress or compare to that of others, or even your previous playthroughs. There are a few key sub worlds, as well as key chests and items in them, but that's about all you can count on. That aspect of it even has some whom are experienced at playing it misleading others as to what items you can find and where. For instance one YTer, who's video I saw, insisted the Vengeance Idol, an amulet that buffs your damage output 30% when your health is below 50%, can be found in The Twisted Chantry, but I didn't find it until I went to Endaira's End just after.

Even beyond that, each sub world can appear different for some as it does for others. It will look for the most part the same as far as the enemies it contains and the features of the environment, but the layout will be different. This means using the map to navigate and even the means to get to secrets can be quite different. I was seeing YouTube vids of The Twisted Chantry showing access to a lower area by means of passing through a surface that looked like a wall, but was immaterial. For me the method was to jump off a ledge in a spot where it's rock wall was broken, down into a large coffin. It was not easy to find because you could not see from above that the coffin had an opening at one end you could get through via crouching. Right behind the spot where I jumped off the ledge was a locked door, so I'd spent a fair bit of time looking for a key, as it's often times the way through them.

The story's premise isn't as well presented as it could be, and the archetype you play never speaks except in cutscenes, remaining silent when choosing dialog options in conversations with NPCs, and your dialog choices don't seem to change anything as in full on RPGs. At best asking certain questions has NPCs referring you to someone whom can help you with what you're seeking, whether it be how to get somewhere, or some of your gear needing upgrading. The story is based on plant based creatures trying to take over everything, but some of the enemies don't look anything like a tree based species. There is however an effect called root rot that can sicken you and slow you down during combat if you don't use the cure for it.

Combat, world, and puzzle wise it's very well thought out and very engaging and immersive. I can see too that it's likely to have tons of replay value due to the several archetypes and gear builds you can go with, and where the game randomly takes you environment wise. It is pretty tough to play solo though, even if starting out on the lowest difficulty like I am, Survivor mode. It kind of lulls you into thinking you'll be fine, but when you encounter more aggressive enemies, mini bosses, and especially main bosses that have a ton of health, it can easily take several tries. I find the dog really helps as long as you can manage to circle around and use cover here and there while he distracts them, but there are times that is not viable.

The checkpoint system is large red crystals here and there that pop out of the ground when you get near them. The plus is, when you interact with them by touching them, they fully replenish your ammo, health, and health packs called Dragon Hearts. The negative is, doing this also resets ALL the enemies in that area. So if you think you can use them to backtrack, restock, and go back to where you were, you'll have to either fight through all those enemies again, or get lucky running past them. I've tried the latter more than once, and even with my trusty dog distracting them, yet still catching up to me, I died every time. This is because if you try to disregard the enemies it places in front of you, it adapts and places more (and tougher ones) in your path as you go. Dying takes you back to the last checkpoint you activated, with, you guessed it, all enemies present.

The checkpoints however DO serve both as a means to perfect your attempt to get through an area via retries, and are also a means to fully restock once you clear an area, as each new area tends to have another checkpoint at the start of it. The game encourages you to be aggressive, as killing enemies will reward you with the type of ammo drops you need. You DO need to use it carefully though, as you aren't given an abundant amount, even on the lowest difficulty mode. It also encourages you to explore a lot, as various crates, chests, and coffins have valuable items that can be very useful.

The dog and careful use of melee can help you prepare for boss fights when saving ammo is a priority, as ammo drops don't happen with every enemy gunned down. If it feels you are stuck trying to find the way to your objective, stick to the sub worlds marked with a (!), and look for edges of it's map that look feathery, without a well defined outer edge. That's a sign it will lead you to unexplored parts of it. However there are parts of certain maps, such as the Ward 13 base, which are unreachable until you progress a certain ways into the story. There's no New Game + in this game, so the only way to start a game with all your gear and upgrades is to grind to get them, then jump in with someone else at the start of their game in coop. However, since I tend to often task myself with solo challenges, it makes me want to instead try to perfect my gameplay and become more efficient.

I have a couple videos forthcoming, one of the mini boss called Rot at that aforementioned secret area of The Twisted Chantry, and one of the boss called Mother Mind at the end of The Nameless Nest. I also beat the main boss called Legion at the end of The Twisted Chantry, and he's definitely tougher than Rot, but unfortunately I did not capture it.
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Here's those videos I mentioned. There will likely be more added as I progress through the game.

The Twisted Chantry - Rot

This shows how you need to refight all enemies that respawn if you choose to restock health and ammo with a checkpoint.

The Nameless Nest - Mother Mind

It can be hard to dodge attacks in this fight, as you need to run like hell to get to safe ground, or you'll fall to your death.

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I enjoyed the game too having just beat the campaign last week. I will be going back for re-rolls of the adventure mode (have done a bunch to level up to fight the final boss in campaign) because there are some bosses i havent seen yet but as a looter shooter game, i dont like how armor and guns are hidden in this. Instead of getting materials for beating bosses, i wish they wouldve dropped guns and armor, not having me wait 30 minutes irl for a room to flood to get one.
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I enjoyed the game too having just beat the campaign last week. I will be going back for re-rolls of the adventure mode (have done a bunch to level up to fight the final boss in campaign) because there are some bosses i havent seen yet but as a looter shooter game, i dont like how armor and guns are hidden in this. Instead of getting materials for beating bosses, i wish they wouldve dropped guns and armor, not having me wait 30 minutes irl for a room to flood to get one.

Adventure mode? I've not seen that one in game, and it doesn't sound like it would fit a game like this, especially if it's anything like Assassin's Creed's "Discovery Tour" mode. You didn't mean Apocalypse mode instead did you? I can't imagine even trying that solo, but since it's not available until you beat the game as you said you just did, I had to ask. Or were you just coining a phrase meaning exploring for new things?

Yeah I have to agree that the drops from enemies, including even bosses, seem a bit weak.
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OK, never mind about all my Discovery Tour carrying on. I read up on it and yeah it's all about unlocking rerolling of the campaign region by region. Just beat the Corruptor boss a little while ago, so I have the option to reroll Yaesha now via said Adventure Mode. :LOL:

Honestly, just playing the game or especially replaying checkpoints is quite an adventure itself. I just went through Shattered Gallery and it felt pretty different the 2nd time through because the toughest one instead of a medieval looking brute wielding a giant axe, was this sorcerer type enemy that could teleport and split itself into 2nd and 3rd parts that looked like spirit versions of itself. Moved pretty fast too, although that brute's lunge was hard to evade once it got near me.

After trying to get as much loot as I could in Postulant's Parlor, I decided to switch my Red Widow armor out for the Fae Royal armor you can get there. It's a bit heavier though and puts me into yellow status, meaning my dodge is slower. I was upset at first that the mini game in Postulant's Parlor is impossible to get every item solo, but I really just missed a ring that is only good for coop, so.

I've encountered a few minor bugs, but nothing anywhere near game breaking.
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I'm probably gonna snag this game next. I enjoyed the first one, but with Starfield coming out.... well. I had to pick just one. :(

Yeah I'll probably pick up Starfield at some point too, but as is usually the case with Bethesda's RPGs, they can take a while to get proper patching, so I'll keep an eye on the user reviews.

I considered trying the first Remnant when it came out, but I've heard it's even more Souls-like and less forgiving than this one. I've played a fair number of hardcore shooters, and I don't shy away from challenging myself above what the game offers, but these dungeon crawler type games are often FAR less manageable for me when it comes to moving and shooting. They feel more tank-like, making it hard to dodge or shoot well while moving. Worse yet, I'm using KB&M, and these games are often best played on gamepads (IF you can manage to shoot well with one).

The only way I can think of describing the movement is it's very sticky when you want to turn 180 to check where an enemy is to know when it's about to pounce at you. It tends to hitch badly when you do that. I've also numerous times ran into walls while dodging when retreating because of the tank-like controls. The shooting while moving sideways seems to have gotten a bit better with my latest build though. I'm not sure if it's the armor I'm wearing, but when I click on advanced stats, movement speed is one of the bonuses.

It would be kind of weird that armor heavy enough to make you dodge slower would have a movement speed perk though, so it may be something else. The only thing I can think of that would pertain to that would be the Endurance Trait, which is what I've dumped most trait points into. I was hoping at some point it would also make my dodge faster though.

I've got many more videos forthcoming of some great stuff. Some of the bosses I've enjoyed are the Forgotten Field Defiler, The Great Bole Corruptor, The Labyrinth Master Portal Key fight where there is no boss name, The Labyrinth Sentinel (puzzle that can kill you), and Shattered Gallery Magister Dullain. The Labyrinth was really an interesting world with lots of stones that move, and portals.
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@Frag Maniac The first one did have a small feel of Dark Souls to it, but it had the feel of a few games. It was hard, but I didn't find it crazy. It's for sure way more forgiving doing it coop.

And so far Starfield is running good. I haven't had any major/minor glitches and it crashed once during my 15 hour play session that just ended cause my ass needs some sleep.
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@Frag Maniac The first one did have a small feel of Dark Souls to it, but it had the feel of a few games. It was hard, but I didn't find it crazy. It's for sure way more forgiving doing it coop.

And so far Starfield is running good. I haven't had any major/minor glitches and it crashed once during my 15 hour play session that just ended cause my ass needs some sleep.

Yeah I get the feeling most of what reviewers are saying about Remnant 2 being more forgiving than the first one is the coop 2 has. That means I may not be experiencing most of that forgiving nature. R2 is definitely still a grind to get good weapons, and last I checked, my player level was 9, but it said my weapon level was 7.

I reverted to using my non modable revolver and lever action rifle in The Labyrinth because most enemies could be one shotted if you hit them in their weak spot, and speed was of the essence for many battles there. Against tougher enemies though you really need to multiply Damage by RPS to get DPS, then choose based on that.
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OK, here's those latest videos I promised. Some of the worlds are now lavish indoor environments, and one is a quite unique hub of all others. There was a brief moment of buggy enemy spawns in one of the indoor environments, but nothing game breaking. More concerning was a momentary bug in one boss fight where my weapon wouldn't fire. I've read of this happening in Remnant 1, and it is said it typically happens after doing something like reloading, healing, etc. Along the way I picked up a new weapon and armor.

Forgotten Field - Defiler

This is the boss fight at the end of Forgotten field, which starts by freeing a friendly from entanglements.

The Great Bole - Corruptor

This is the boss of all of Yaesha, which comprises everything above I've explored thus far. This is why when you beat it you earn the ability to reroll Yaesha via Adventure Mode, which helps you find better items you've not yet encountered. Here is where I had that dreaded weapon wouldn't fire bug, right after I healed. It had to happen against the toughest boss in all of Yaesha! :( There was also right after that a moment where my hits weren't landing as the reticule was stuck white, even though I was clearly aiming at his head.

It took me a little while to realize the biggest threat is not Corruptor itself, but what it corrupts, a big multi blade wielding robot looking thing. You need to stay on the move and avoid it's charged blades by shooting them, and stay out of the way of it's devastating jump attack. Near the end I actually got the boss to finish off this nasty contraption. :LOL:

The Labyrinth - Master Portal Key Fight

It's really too bad this fight had no official named boss, like Keymaster or something. All enemies in The Labyrinth are stone based, and this is the first fight there that involves taking on multiple heavies at once, which can do AOE attacks.

The Labyrinth - Sentinel

Well, this one DOES have a boss name, and although it's much harder and more interesting than the Master Portal Key fight, what you fight feels more like machine than beast, and it does little to aim attacks directly at you.

The Labyrinth - The Keeper

Be forewarned that there are story spoilers here. There's not much combat here, but it reveals...
...where Clementine is, and finding her is the main objective through all of Yaesha. She is with The Keeper, whom says the Labyrinth is the hub of all worlds, and that his task is to maintain all the worlds. He also says he as well is fighting the Root.

Beatific Palace - Magic Quill

This is one of those lavish indoor environments I spoke of, and this one is a sort of hub to many other worlds. You must first however find that Magic Quill.

Postulant's Parlor - Royal Hunting Bow

Another indoor environment that's fairly lavish, and was my first in the world of Losomn. It has no passages to other worlds, just back to Beatific Palace. There are only items to collect here via a mini game. It's geared more toward coop, especially if you want to get one of the main 3 items, a ring that divides healing among allies. Since I play solo, I sufficed without it. I DID however get the Royal Hunting Bow and Fae Royal Armor set, but I only show the bow being obtained. The bow is fairly powerful, but unfortunately too slow for groups of enemies.

Shattered Gallery

This is another indoor environment, but more dark and gloomy. The enemies are a bit more formidable here, and there are signs a battle took place. This is my 2nd trip through it, as I was ill equipped with the non modable weapons I used in The Labyrinth. I decided to go back to Ward 13 and upgrade my modable weapons instead. This is also where that momentary bug happened with enemy spawns.

Shattered Gallery - Magister Dullain

This is the boss of Shattered Gallery, and he looks rather nasty. He was fairly quick work with my upgraded weapons though, and this is the first boss fight where I made good use of weapon mods.

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OK, I have a couple more vids for you. There's just two this time because they total nearly 2 hrs of gameplay. These are also similarly themed in much darker maps. They pick up where I left off after the Shattered Gallery boss, which dumped me back in Beatific Palace.

Ironborough - Harvester's Reach - Barghest the Vile

So after a quick bit of fighting through the palace to get to the next objective marked by an (!), I wound up in Ironborough. This is a bit of a crazy town type setting full of narrow streets and town folk whom attack "outsiders' on sight with melee weapons, guns, and Molotov's. There's the occasional axe wielding Brute, as well as a new enemy, the Dran Demolisher, a heavy with a weird gas powered triple circular saw gadget. His weapon now and then dies on him, and he has to stop and pull start it like a chainsaw. He's also got an interesting death animation where his own weapon does a number on his head when he goes down.

These areas, mostly the Harvester's Reach dungeon portion, also usher in a new creature called the Harvester, including one that is the boss. He has abilities called Thick Skin and Displacer, meaning he takes a fair bit of damage, and can teleport you to him, or him to you, when you try to escape his lair to fight him in open ground. There's also a small side quest here where a sobbing man asks you to look for his wife Dria. Little did I know I got what I needed (her anklet) after the boss fight, and only had to give it to him to get his reward, which I later came back and got off capture. However this oversight lead me to find a new area I might not have otherwise.

The Great Sewers - Bloat King

Now we've ventured into an even darker, more dank place, the sewers, which has more town folk, and a lot of regular and shock slug type creatures. There's also one Harvester here that catches you by surprise if you know where to look for him, whom drops a ring when you kill him. Another hidden gem in this area is a safe, that involves a puzzle to find it's combination.

The boss is a bit tricky and not as creepy as you might imagine a sewer boss to be, but if you fall and get stuck in the water with lots of shock slugs around you, chances are it won't end well. You CAN however if you're quick and find your way to the ladder, slither between the slugs relatively unscathed. However far too often I accidentally engaged with that ladder while atop the stone platforms, which slows you down considerably and makes you a sitting duck for the boss' shocking orbs he throws at you.

This dumped me out into a place called Malefic Palace, but at some point I need to go back to Beatific Palace to see what other realms it leads to. I'm pretty sure it had at least one more of those Magic Quill doors. Ironborough also has a place in the middle of it I want to get back to called Hewdas Clock, which is a big clock tower puzzle. I suppose I could have done it while I was there, but that realm was already taking a really long time to get through.
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