Question Pc crashing

Jun 3, 2023
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Hello, I make this post to corroborate what is wrong with my pc. According to me it is the psu because I know my psu is low voltage for the pc I have. But the sound it makes me think it's something else.
This only happens when I'm playing games that are practically AAA or very demanding. Simple games never gave me this problem and also when I edit videos or images it also happens. I have already done stress tests on the pc,for process, gpu, rams, and it never crashes. The temperatures are always fine, the use of ram is not even half of what I have. I'm already half desperate because I don't know what it could be.

This is my computer:
Process Core I5 11400
GPU rx 6800xt
32ram 3000mhz
Asrock H570M Pro4 motherboard
700w Cylon PSU

I appreciate suggestions because I don't even know anymore, according to me it is the source that cannot cope with the pc, because it is supposed to have a minimum of 750w. But the problem is that the pc does not turn off completely, it stays "on" but does not react and the monitors turn off

Video of what happens:


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