PC overheating (HELP)

Feb 25, 2024
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Hello everyone!

Recently I have been trying to troubleshoot my case.
So, this is the situation:
CPU: Intel i7 12700F
GPU: GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
PSU: Zeus Force 600S
Mobo: B660MX-E
CPU Cooler: Arctic freezer 34

So my CPU temps are good but my motherboard temp is extremely high (according to HWMonitor and Speccy) and PC throttles while heavy gaming (Think BG3 and the likes)
I am thinking a few things:
-It might be something to do with PSU
-CPU cooler is ok but heat in large part goes to Mobo
-CPU is not good enough

If anyone has anything helpful to say I would greatly appreciate it!
HWMonitor screenshot:
Is this a newly built pc and how long has it been happening.
The reason i ask is because i have read stories of people forgetting thermal paste and also not removing the clear plastic off the top of the cpu where the cooler sits


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