Games crashing PC with no BSOD

Nov 4, 2023
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Hey Everyone,

Here are my system specs:

Tuf Z690 Wifi D4
i7 12700K
32GB 3600 (Corsair V. + 2 lighting module sticks)
Tuf 4070ti non-OC
Corsair 850RMx
980 Pro 1TB (x2)
Samsung G7 32" 244hz (primary/using DP)
LG 55" 4K cheap TV (secondary for discord/using HDMI)
All Razer peripherals

When I play games I'm usually doing so with several friends on Discord where we both stream our games and enable our cameras. The LG TV is where discord goes and I play on the G7.

So far the problem has occurred when both streaming and playing the games Valheim, Raft and Grounded. We are usually about an hour or two into playing when all of a sudden my whole PC locks up without warning. The G7 goes black, and for about 10 seconds my TV shows a frozen discord screen before going to black as well. The fans/RGB in the tower all freeze up and so does the AIO temps screen. For the first couple seconds after the freeze happens, I can hear looping game noises in the background that eventually cut out. If I don't do anything, after about 20 seconds both the monitor and the TV say no signal and all the RGB fans and AIO screen continue to run but switch to default colors. The only thing I can do is a hard reset to get the PC running again. Once I start it back up, I doesn't give me any error messages and just acts like a normal boot process. Event viewer and reliability history are useless because there is typically nothing from 90 minutes prior logged. So for example, if I crash at 9:30PM, typically the last thing it logged was around 8:00PM with the next timed entry being when I rebooted around 9:35PM and saying the pc shutdown unexpectedly.

I've tried playing without sharing my screen and enabling my camera in discord and the issue still happened. This also doesn't occur at all with any other games outside of the ones I mentioned. It's almost like it's specific to these open world crafting/survival games. I've also tried closing razer, icue, wallpaper engine, etc. while playing to no luck. Last thing I did was open up OCCT and had it set up on the TV so I could watch what all the values were when it crashed and froze. Nothing was out of the ordinary as temps on both CPU and GPU never exceeded 70C and the rails on the PSU never fluctuated.

I would really appreciate any suggestions, this is getting frustrating!!
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Welcome to the forum :)

I'm no expert but:
♣ use a different cable for the G7 DP.
♦ try running the G7 on HDMI.
♥ Shut down ALL extras—chats, overlays, monitors etc—and shut down all non-MS processes in Task Manager, then try one of the games.

You have only the one 1TB drive, right? How much free space on it?

When an expert drops in, first thing they'll ask is make & model of your PSU.