Non-stop PC rebooting himself, please help.

Sep 10, 2020
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I would like to start off just by saying that my pc restart himself randomly while gaming, mostly Valorant and CSGO, while some MUCH MORE requirement games do not, they just run smooth and everything's fine.
So since I play CSGO a lot, it always turn off after a while playing it.

I've tried many things;
1. Reinstalling Windows
2. Reinstalling CSGO
3. Reseting BIOS
4. Updating graphic
5. Stress testing so I can see exact moment when it crashes but nope (it does not shut down then)
6. I checked temperature while gaming, TURST ME it's more than fine, and CSGO is not some 'wow' game to affect that.
7. I cleaned it so no it's not either heatsink or smth like that.
So usually it happens mostly on CSGO, but sometimes, which is rarely, to other games. But for real, that's ultra rare. But it still happens, so it tells me it's not about CSGO as game, it's about my pc.

It's really strong PC, and it's not even that old, so I'm just wondering, that's happening for a lot of time now.
Please, help if possbile.
My specs:
Intel I5-7400
AMD RX 470 8gb
8 Ram
PSU 750W
6. I checked temperature while gaming, TURST ME it's more than fine, and CSGO is not some 'wow' game to affect that.
What are the temps at the point at which the system shuts down?

Graphics fidelity has nothing to do with temps if you're running unconstrained framerate.

What is the make and the model of the power supply? And for that matter the full spec of the system?
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Sep 10, 2020
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well, they are pretty much not above 70/75 C, sometimes it shuts down maybe not even when it's 70, it's really random so yeah..

I don't think I've put some limit for frames ingame, tbh if that's what you mean by unconstrained.

My Rig:
CPU: Intel I5-7400

RAM: HyperX DDR4 1 x 8gb
PSU: Litepower 650w
SSD: 256GB
HDD: 500GB
Motherboard: ASUS (idk which one)
Sep 15, 2020
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My PC kept randomly shutting down and would then power back on for a few seconds then off again. Got stuck in that cycle until I turned off the power supply switch. After checking to make sure all connections weren't loose, I replaced the CMOS battery (little CR disc batter) on my MOBO. Granted, my motherboard is like 6-7 years old...but this all started right after I had electrical work done on my garage (where PC is). Electrician shut off power multiple times during different days when the PC was on and running. Not sure if it did anything...but since replacing that battery, it's been working great. Good luck!


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