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Nov 25, 2019
Good day all!
I'm Linda, one of the Community Managers floating about. I am one of the few people on the planet older than Steve Haines, and have been a gamer since the very earliest days of D&D, when I coerced/bribed schoolmates into playing what they thought was the most idiotic game they'd ever heard of (mind,they kept coming back).

I've been a PC Gamer fan since I owned and ran an independent computer store in the late 90s. I loved every second of the time I spent reading the mag, and I'm thrilled to be part of the Community team here, lo, two decades later.

I am a fan of MMOs, world builders and strategy games. The list of these games that I have known and loved is pretty long, so I'll skip that. OK, ok, just a few of my favorites over the years: EverQuest, EverQuest II, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: Galaxies, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars 2, Age of Empires, all the Civs. I still play all of these that are still running. There are many lost weekends when I fall into the glorious trap of gaming. ;P

I'll play pretty much any game set in front of me, and of late have been mesmerized by the simple fun of rogue-like games.

I am also a part-time farmer - I raise purebred dairy goats, miniature pigs a variety of egg-laying chickens, six dogs, a splendidTennessee Walker horse named Medjay and one beloved, silly turkey named Eddie Izzard. There is nothing like moderating a heated discussion thread with a turkey peering through the window, offering his sage advice.

Dec 10, 2019
Hi, I'm Raiden Harmann, EVE Online player and community leader with Streamfleet. Streamer of things that explode in space, lover of many mmorpg games. EVE is the constant, have over 3k hours in Ark too.

Collector of game swag, reader of fantasy books, lover of live player meets (and streaming them for games studios) cider drinker and late night Twitch/youtube watcher.

RL train driver, so no gifts of train sim pls ;) although someone did that and made me laugh. Glad to be here let's enjoy talking about the games we love!

Nomad Fomalhaut

Nomad Games
Registered Developer
Dec 12, 2019
Hey gang,

I'm Gareth from Nomad Games. We specialise in digital ports of board games and have put out such titles as Talisman and Mystic Vale.

I play Siege. That's about it. I was (/am) a console scrub with 1300 hours in Siege but as I develop games for PC I also play Siege on PC so I can do it during breaks at work (sometimes in the morning before I start doing proper work or after my shift has finished).

Looking forward to seeing this place grow and flourish. <3
Dec 15, 2019
Hello. I'm Ben, long-time forum lurker and very occasional contributor. Just upgraded to a 2600x/Aorus x470 ultra/Vega 56/16gb RAM and working my way slowly through Dishonored 2.

I work in Future's Bournemouth office, on How It Works magazine. I used to work on a rival PC gaming mag to PC Gamer, but that was a lifetime ago. We're all friends now.

*edit - my profile photo was taken in Oslo, at Funcom's Age of Conan launch, back when it was a subscription MMO.


The Canuck
Dec 18, 2019
CrazyCanuck here, also known as James (call me either), been in the PCG Discord since it launched wayyyyy back. Former mod as well; life got busy with a baby so I'm no longer one, not much time for games at the moment! Longtime reader too. Though I no longer subscribe to the physical magazine, I've been an avid reader of it since the early 90s.

Typically sarcastic Torontonian, I'll play anything and everything, and I'm always on top of news, new games. Life has taken a mostly single player turn, but I still enjoy the odd multiplayer shenanigans when I can. Addicted to coffee and everything horror.

I go by CrazyCanuck in the Discord, and am some variation thereof throughout the internet.
Dec 18, 2019
Hello! I'm DelirusRex, more often and actively seen on the Discord under some variation of the alias, "A Perfectly Legitimate Doctor," that changes with whatever I'm putting time into at the moment or any big news break.

I play a variety of games with no real loyalty to any specific genre, platform, or franchise, although my current major time sink is Warframe (big woot for Empyrean.) I also dabble in some Planetside 2 outfits and the occasional game of Battlefield V. I do a lot of gaming on the PS4 and recently got my feet wet in PC gaming. I have a tendency to lean towards more atmospheric games like Sea of Thieves or American Truck Sim than the typical action, shooters, or RPGs, but I'm always open to something a little different!

I'm currently a first-year college student studying Digital Interaction and Communication with the intent of becoming a game designer in my future.


PCG Club Legendary
Dec 18, 2019
Real life biochemist/virologist.
Remind me to never get on your bad side :D

I'm Harley, and I don't have a particular favourite genre of games. I have an unhealthily large Steam Library, and I'm also one of the like 5 people that got the Valve Index apparently (according to the Discord server's favourite troll at least). My day job is a QA Engineer, breaking websites and the like
Dec 19, 2019
Hi all, burbs here! I'm a fan of racing and rhythm games, and try my hand at RPGs as well. Sometimes others convince me to join in some multi-player squad based actions, and I try to accommodate. I've recently slowed down a huge Overwatch binge and started to get back into my backlog of games and started to try to finish some of the more popular titles that have come out over the past few years.

In real life I help find what data the higher-ups want, and finding ways to make connections between the data and their needs to accomplish their goals through analytics and process improvement solutions.
Dec 19, 2019
Hey PCG Forums,

Most of you know me already. At least, the ones that are already here. This sounds like a fun endeavor so I'm excited about being a part of it!

I've been replaying a lot of stuff lately, namely Runescape and Dragon Age. I am starved for a new RPG. (Dragon Age 4, anyone?)

I'm currently enrolled in college, majoring in Computer Networking and Cybersecurity. That's job security, right there, folks!

Anyways, see you guys around.
Dec 20, 2019
Heya guys!!
My name is Rafa, I'm 21 yo. Some of you might know me from the Discord, been on the community for the past 3 years and love hanging about. Currently in college, studying lots and lots, Computer Engineering major but also working a part time job at a bank.

Love me most of the games in the Souls series, Hollow Knight, Tekken 7, and the only game that I have over 1000 hours on is Brawlhalla. But I pretty much like every game genre and dabble into some multiplayer FPS when new games come out (right now it's all about COD); currently playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and just finished Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (absolutely fantastic btw).
Dec 27, 2019
Hello, I'm Varandil, from the UK.

I started gaming in 1990 on an old late 80s IBM with a monochrome monitor and started reading PC Gamer around mid-'95.

Founding member of the PCGamer discord, although I forget I'm there most of the time as I'm busy playing games. Also remember the old PC Gamer forums where I was an active member back at the turn of the millennium.

I play what ever I feel like playing, which usually tends to lean toward Grand Strategy, RPGs, Football Manager and Formula 1 games.
Jan 1, 2020

PioneerRaptor here and frequent arguer with Apollo in Discord. When I'm not arguing with him, I'm trying to play video games and get through my enormous backlog! I've cut off buying any games unless I'm specifically going to play them immediately!

My most played games are by far Strategy and RPGs.


Heyo everyone! I'm Lutfij and I too, like @Rogue Leader and @logainofhades am a moderator over on Tom'sHardware but unlike him/them I actually use the same alias across all other platforms around the www. In fact you should find me on, and if EKWB's thinkcell is yet alive, there as well.

I don't play games, why? You might ask, simply because I don't have time for it and I lack a proper system to play games that I'd love to play. The last game I every played if you look at the timeline of continuity/releases is Assassin's Creed 3 and that too was halted at about the 75% mark.

My father passed away in late 2015 and I've had to manage things beyond my comfort zone. Gaming now is limited to playing Stronghold Crusader 2 and C & C Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge since my A10-6800K can't handle much more than that. However when I did have a capable system back in the day, I was an all rounder, playing racing sims, FIFA, UEFA Champions League, PES, FPS, RTS, RPG's and even puzzle based games.

I'm located in Bangladesh although I was born and brought up in Dubai, U.A.E where I spent the majority of my childhood before returning to my parents country of nationality. By education I'm an architect though I'm not practicing as much as I should, well not in this country but I have restored a couple of houses and designed my own furniture as well helped a couple of clients settle into their new homes.

Aside from that, I share a deep love towards computers and tech. I've mentioned being on Tom'sHardware where I've learned a lot about what I preach about computers. I'm the founder and owner of Modworkx Customs, a custom systembuilding and mod shop located in Bangladesh and although I get to build system's for a lot of folks to game on, it's ironic I can't do the same.

I also do photography, graphic design and some music sampling when I'm in the right mindset. I must also add, a recurring problem I have is I get lost in whatever I do, so don't mind me if I don't respond to jabs or pokes when I get occupied.

Regardless, it's an honor being here among you legends, professionals and casual gamers. I look forward to coordinating and surgically inflicting pain on spammers and troublemakers. I KID! I hope to see you all around in the forums.

Happy New Year to ya'll and ofc, game on!!!
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Jan 2, 2020
Hi all! (Yet) another Mod from TH.

Scottish, living in Canada. More into PC hardware than anything else..... I have a ridiculously overkill system considering I'm not much of a gamer.

It's not for a lack of trying, it just takes a lot for me to really like any specific title.
.....and if there's no controller support in a game, I'm pretty much screwed with KB/M (don't judge too harshly, please!).

I've been playing Championship Manager / Football Manager since around '99, and I've spent years playing the 2011 release.

Been playing Friday the 13th pretty religiously since launch ...... I spend a good few hours a week playing that.
HI, yet another mod from TH. Same name in both places as it took me years to think of this one :)

I am in Australia, someone has to be :)

I am in between games, have been for about 3 years now. Just can't find anything I want to play. I loved Diablo 2 to death and have always wanted something like it again, but Diablo 3 wasn't right.

Last game that got it right was Sacred 2 and it was released in 2009 so long time ago. Sacred 3 was an insult to the name, and bears no resemblance on the first 2 games.

What is discord server address? I looked in server discovery, couldn't see it?
We could add it to the quick links at bottom of every page like we have it on TH, or don't you want that?
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No free chairs
Registered Developer
Jan 5, 2020
Hey everyone, my name is Steven, I am the Business Development Manager for noblechairs, I am based in the UK in the Overclockers UK office. I've been at both companies for almost 12 years now.

I love to play CS:GO, it's by far my most played game ever, ranking over 10K hours now. I do dabble in other games too though when I find time. - If you have any queries about noblechairs feel free to send me a message and I will do my best to help you.

Schism Navigator

Registered Developer
Jan 5, 2020

I'm Henry, the lead CM over at Stardock Entertainment. You might know us for such titles as Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire. We do not just do strategy titles though as we have ventured into RPGs, card games and even mario maker style games.

Just getting my bearings on this new forum but I hope to have some interesting and fun conversations with everyone and talk about all things great and high FPS about PC gaming!


Dec 18, 2019
Hey folks, I'm Julez. You may know me as a moderator for PC Gamer's Comments, Discord and Twitch channels. I've been a gamer as long as I can remember, playing everything from Counter-Strike through to bizarre indies. I spend a lot of time in Rocket League too. Snowday of course, the one true mode.

I'm also a musician and occasional audio engineer. I once got to work on the sound effects for a game that was never released, but that's neither here nor there. Looking forward to some good old fashioned forum discussions!

PCG Steven

Staff member
Jan 3, 2020

It's me, Steven, PC Gamer's senior reporter and resident Canadian. I'm so excited to hang out with everyone in these forums! I used to be super obsessed with RPG Maker 2000 forum communities when I was a kid and this brings me back.

Anyway, if you want to know a bit more about me, I'm obviously a giant dork. I play a lot of everything but right now my biggest time-waster is League of Legends. I tend to gravitate towards MMOs and RPGs, though.

Outside of gaming, I like to read a lot. I'm currently working on Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami—it's very good. I also spend my time doing creative writing (hoping to finish a book this year) and a little bit of game development/programming (been learning Unity and C# since last summer).

So, yeah! That's me :).


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