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Sep 2, 2022
"Video games are great!" "Video games can save the world!" During the process of watching "Ready Player One", the author couldn't help but think of these over-excited thoughts and enjoyed them.

The history of video games is not too long, but it is enough for the author to indulge in it, and like all other fields, to study, document and write it with all my strength, there are many interesting stories, ups and downs, and many surprises. , Exciting moments, wandering in it, starting from the roughest and jumping pixels, flying all the way to the most gorgeous and real virtual worlds, you can deeply feel the human wisdom condensed in it, and marvel at the imagination and design of those geniuses , Shocked by the tremendous efforts of mankind to create another world and have a good dream, this ambition is enough to awe.
I would model myself on James Earl Cash , the lead character in manhunt , and my in game victims would be based on people who have wronged me in the real world ........... virtual revenge without having to serve a jail sentence
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