For PC Gaming: Genuine Sony DualSense or DigiFly Vader 3 Pro?

May 5, 2020
Hello gamer friends. After tediously, diligently researching for days on which gamepad to buy for PC gaming on Windows 11, it boiled down to: a genuine Playstation DualSense and a highly reviewed FlyDigi Vader 3 Pro with Hall Effects technology and gyros too but no touchpad. Which one should I buy, new or used but in good condition?

The DualSense which is hard to know if it's the new version with better parts inside that fixes the problems and some brand new ones are just US$10 to US$46 and may be very good AAA counterfeit (the used online sellers cant' be bothered understandably to send me a clear photo of the back of the DualSense and for sure brand new online seller would not open the box to see or can't be bothered) has the best gyros for steering use and has the touchpad that divides into four but how significantly better are its gyros vs. Vader 3 Pro and is the touchpad used in most AAA PC games (even if it's configured, is it useful for most AAA PC games?)

The FlyDigi Vader 3 Pro is from a Shenzhen, China company but it has high reviews, one of those CCP china companies that are quality (but not as quality as Sony or Microsoft even if they're made in china or even 8BitDo a Hong Kong company in practice like DJI, isn't china), although sellers say it's one year practuce essentially it's warranty is the length of time of the return window coz' the cost if it breaks to send it back to them and back to you to china is one the buyer I believer but Vader 3 Pro has parts and very much repairable and Hall Effects are more durable on the one hand.

The games to be played mainly, in order are:

Shenmue 1 & 2 (father of all open-world games, the first open world game, still the best that isn't a grind and w/ still has the deepest fighting mechanics in an open world RPG which I would love to level up Ryo's martial arts skills)
Shenmue 3
then Forza
the realistic "version" of Battlefield, DCS battlefield simulator w/ gyro as steering and analog acceleration and braking and gyros for piloting in DCS.
then other games (Watch Dogs 2 maybe but I'm just grinding at the moment with the Riddler's trophy, Arkham Knight is fun once mastered but it's a grind in the end, sadly and I don't want to look at solutions to see the true Knightfall coz' you're the world greatest detective as Batman :) )

Thank you.