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Jan 11, 2024
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Hi to all,
I am new here and didn't see a new member page, but hello. I just finished a budget build that can play current and older games. It's nothing to get excited for, but here is my specs and parts:
-NZXT H5 flow mid atx tower
-Corsair 120 and 140mm fans for case, RGB.
-MSi 690A pro motherboard
-Intel i5 12600k processor
-CoolrMaster 212 BE CPU cooler with additional 120mm fan RGB also by coolrMaster
-Corsair Vengeance pro 32gb DDR4 ram
-Asus RTX 3060ti TUF edition GPU
-Corsair 850w PSU
-Corsair H55 keyboard
-Logitech G902 mouse
-Samsung G5 Odyssey 27" curved monitor
-Samsung 980 pro NVMe
-WD SN 770 NVMe
-HP 500gb SSD for windows 11
-CA 38w speakers and subwoofer

...and for the flight sim gurus:
-Logitech X56 hotas
-Thrustmaster cougar MFD's
-Amazon mounts to desk for flight sticks
-using Sony PSVR set (not the new one) for Steam VR.

That's it for now. It's nothing super, but thinking later down the road adding another G5 monitor and possibly a 4070, this GPU sags and using the Asus ROG support brace. Games I do play are DCS with F-16C, MSFS2020, destiny 2 (free), Rust, and Project wingman.

If there is something I should try out, please let me know. I'm tired of COD after Black ops 2. All the earlier ones were lots of fun. Glad to be a part of this community! My last PC build was an i7 920 with a gtx470 so ya might know how long ago that was.
Welcome to the forum :)

I am new here and didn't see a new member page

There's an Intro thread linked in the welcome email you got, in case you need to practice posting—which you clearly don't.

You can also put your PC specs in your forum sig if you expect to be asking questions.

But mainly, just dive in on any topic which interests you where you have a contribution to make :)
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