Black screen pc lockup

Jan 7, 2024
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I need help following the assembling of my PC last month.
It worked a priori normally. I didn't use it intensively, mostly yt, twitch and office work.
The PC has been switched on and off many times during the past weeks and even this weekend.
Barely an hour ago, I set off with my headphones to cook with a stream playing in the background, and come back to a freeze screen... but the sound was still playing....

I restart the pc and I've had a black screen since then. I am not able to get an image back on the screen.
The "VGA" diode is lit on my motherboard.

I had the EXACT same problem 1 month ago, just after the build. I tried the following:
- reset CMOS
- plug/unplug screen several time
- try HDMI/ DP cables
- plug / unplug the GPU

NONE of these did anything on the day I tried.
I unplugged the PC, and did not touch it for 3 days.
After 3 days, I boot up the computer and it works normally (??). I thought the problem was over. The computer ran for 2 weeks at least without issues......
But now I just got the same problem, what should I do?
What should I check? Thank you in advance for your answers and your time.

(Config : I5-12400f, RX6800, B760m a pro wifi ddr5, corsair ddr5 6400Mhz, Corsair RM750e 80+ Gold, fractal pop air mini)