Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Bowazons are fun to play until you hit the Durial wall , she can clear the dungeons leading up to him dead easy but her single target damage is low considering she just fires little spikes at people. And his arena doesn't work for ranged attacks since its so small. Almost like they decided to put in a ranger and then make it impossible to beat one boss with it out of spite.

I had always assumed I liked ranged characters like the Amazon from D2,. maybe I was wrong. I did play one on Sacred. I don't recall there being a bow using class in S2?

The lack of bows in shops is a thing I noticed on all characters. Its not just because you playing a character that uses them. Although that is part of the reason. I hardly ever see what I am looking for in them. You can't find anything for mages apart from staves, no single handed weapons for you except as drops. All you can eat necro wands though. Seems the only helms I ever find are for Barbarians, unless I am on one.

I made Zephyr for her 4 lvls before she could equip it. Wish I had waited for the Durial fight as thats a waste of runes https://www.almarsguides.com/Computer/Games/Diablo2/Misc/Runewords/Weapons/Zephyr/ but maybe another character will find a use for it? put it on a summoner druid to give it dps. That is another class that looks like fun... i just did it wrong, I liked having 5 wolves following me around as I beat stuff up, but I am meant to play ranged, not spearhead, and unless spirit wolves are immune to cold, they still going to suck on durial.
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So this random woman came up and tried to hold my hand

Barb went from lvl 19 to lvl 26 tonight, he was about to go fight the boss in chapter 3 when instead he ran away from a physically immune boss pack in the boss room ... I go back tomorrow and assume they not there. Shame have to clear way to boss again. I had only run into one of them in his 26 levels and we somehow managed to kill it. But this was mages and it was easier to run away. I need to sleep soon anyway... wanted an excuse.

Could be fact I have stacked poison on blades since lvl 1. He was doing about 13 poison from start. I expect that is still same. One of his swords does +65 poison damage over 7 seconds. so most things don't live long after I hit them.

Got 2 uniques on way to boss fights today
Chain gloves dropped... I thought, cool. I like different ones, had same unique gloves drop twice now. These weren't what I was hoping for

will be good for magic find though. And making money.

But I also got this chest which makes my Barb almost like a Paly with his resistances - it probably is paly armour. I give it to him if I ever get around to playing him again. One class I really don't get.

He is fortunate not to live in a universe where Metallica released a really annoying song with his name on it, as he would probably get violent... probably?? OKay, they fortunate he doesn't live in this universe :)
But the shield only for times he can't fight with 2 swords. The resistances aren't bad without a shield. I can't catch a cold

DPS is nice, the movement speed boost from frenzy takes some adjusting too. You don't want run speed increases on armour. But you notice how slow you walk so I wonder if the bonus you get takes into account you current speed or works from base.
Guess I need to fix poison before I reach Diablo. Even though his attacks are fire, his minions are everything you are bad at. If you 75 everything they still suck but they merely tickle

He very Green now

Never noticed the Armour you put on changes shoulder colors before.

You have left and right mouse button choices for attacks, you can attach a Function key to an attack on left button but mouse only scrolls through right button choices. Making it pointless unless you use function keys to swap . And then why use mouse wheel? I don't see a way to clear the choices either. One way is just assign all the numbers to 1 key and then start again. Build only uses 3 moves and I have to get to 30 to get last one so no rush buying the 1 pointer skills I need to take to get to it.

I have frenzy on left button and Taunt on right, taunt is great for ranged or things running away. Makes them fight melee or stop running. handy against mages too. He first character I can assign an attack to a button as the more points you spend on some, the less mana they use. Double swing is like that, life changer. I think I have drank 1 mana potion in 26 levels, not sure how I used any... could be a mana draining enemy got it and I didn't notice. I hardly use any and it doesn't slow me down really

Sux you can't really farm Kurast once you kill the council as half the things run away from you. I just wanted to get one more lvl before I went to sleep.
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Finally got a (somewhat) decent bow drop last night for my 2nd Amazon:

It's only a rare, but better that my gemmed/jeweled bow. Still no usable Unique or Set Piece weapons/armor. I plan to stick with my Bowazon builds, as I know I've done it in the past. Crucial test will be with Durial.
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The Amazon only bows are pretty rare, I have seen about 3 in the last 2 weeks. I know Maiden spears are for Amazon's but they are two handed and I want to use a shield. So not sure if any Amazon only pilum and almost all my lvl 27 uses are half her level.

I know its about that as I hardly see them. Same as Sacred globes for Mage and almost anything for assassin. All I see is barb and Druid hats, but never with the skills either of my lvl 20+ characters use.

I suspect the chest piece I found will end up on a Merc, I just like to try them on. Its a shame their appearance doesn't change to show unique items equipped, unlike it does with you. I give him a cool hat, he still looks the same.

I think you might find more Amazon gear if you play someone who can't use bows. I remember now, its why you don't take weapon masteries right away on a Barb as it will tell game what not to drop for you. Pick swords, gl seeing any good ones. So you want a 3 socketed sword... here is one, but its damage range is 3-6 so gl with that. I would make a new malice but a sword worthy of the runes hasn't appeared yet.

most higher rune words use 5 sockets. I need to grow up before I even get that many offered. Most I seen is 3 socket on anything yet, Making malice and stealth feels like a waste of runes. I have already wasted 2 by trying to turn a blue(magical) helm into a rune word without noticing it was Blue first, and then slapping self several times after before selling the evidence.

Vitality... why leave it so low? Yes, I know , ranged. Don't want to be hit anyway, repair costs are pretty good too. But all character builds say same thing, only put dex & str in that is needed to use gear, everything else into Vitality. If you not sure where to spend points, put them in health. Can never have too much health... (okay, maybe if you only put points in here you can but I am being realistic). Bowazon build I saw said max of 100 str and 130 dex and everything else into vitality... Sure, didn't help a lot on durial, just took him longer to kill me. But it stops stray hits from taking you out. Dodge etc can only work so long.

seems I was wrong, build I was following vaguely says either 50 to 100 Health or Max, so I guess its your choice. Glass cannon builds, refer mage. Though Sorc vit score even lower at start. Barb gets most benefit from adding vitality,

Still have a spare imbue, I want better boots than what its offering right now, or maybe a white 16 slot belt. Only ones I have so far are blues. 16 slots is a mental thing, you suddenly feel you have enough health to survive without constantly picking up potions, or that could just be me. Doesn't help that so far no shops ever sell the potions you want, always one layer below. Start of the game, you get minor in shop but Light in wild, or maybe even Health pots which is a layer above light health pots. Its not so bad in Hell as the difference between what you find and what you can buy isn't that big.

I have to be careful, I have already decided what to do with 2 skill points I get as reward for one quest, and I am not even up to quest yet. Unlike Bowazon, I think this guy will at least make it to hell. He standing on the front door now, all it takes is me playing game, and not running into same boss pack which I know is unlikely as they all random. There are some named bosses, I seen a few names a few times now. One I fought yesterday looked different and dropped a unique cross bow I have had before. I vaguely recall you can't have 2 uniques on same character, I thought that was D2 and game wouldn't let you pick up a second, but maybe that was wow. Or D3. I don't know. It came to mind when I got 2nd pair of same gloves, though stats vary in value
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Gripe: the game is too dark still. Not the story or anything like that, the actual game. Some areas I have to turn my light off to see what is happening in them

The Dark woods
The Ancient city**
Durance of Hate

Its funny that only the last one has an excuse, its a dungeon. Most of the other dungeons in game are actually lighter.

they worst so far, I have to get to chapter 5 to see if anymore.

I would play game now but sick of sitting in the dark. Sick of only being able to turn lights on during day or if I return to a city. Its just annoying. I am up to Durance of Hate and I just loaded game, went to zone and decided I didn't want to turn lights off so went back to town and closed game down. No rush, just going to fight 3 mini bosses (maybe more) and chapter 3 Boss. She can wait.

I have already adjusted the brightness sliders once, I feel its cheating to raise them again but perhaps I have to.

** whatever you do, don't accidentally wander into here before you have quest as everything will be dark in game until you solve problem. I did that once and the previous zone is just annoying in the dark. Ancient city is annoying enough. Normally.

Probably doesn't help I wear neftir helm and it reduces light radius.

Unless its just a dislpay issue, the stats on my 2nd weapon don't seem to count on my Advanced stats screen. So do they do anything? Does using 2 malice work at all or just mean you need more life regen rings?
SO lets see

rFantic is in Hell on the final quest. He is fun in hell.

I decided to make a lightning mage and although she beat Anderial it was the closest fight I have had against her and the stickiest I have had since the assassin beat Mephisto. I was out of potions entirely at end. ALready question her future at end of chapter 2. CHain lightning won't work well against durial, maybe I lvl up nova instead for a while. She is early there too. lvl 17. Impatient to get ahead lol. ALmost killed her, she considered going backwards to chapter 1 and grinding to 18.

Big lesson today: the damage charms don't help sorceress Spells. Most of the charms in game are meaningless to her. I noticed when I added some to her and it only did weapon damage. I wonder if the +1 damage items are same, weapon damage, not spell damage. Only ones she needs are extra life, and resistances. Later on I believe there are choices.

So I thought, My paladin needs a chance. Main reason I wasn't playing him was a shield and I have a runed shield now. He hasn't really progressed much tonight, he needed a few levels to be able to equip some of the stuff I have for him, for about half a level my merc was wearing the armour he is now.

He now in plate and his biggest problem is hitting things, although his main attack has a higher hit chance than his basic, and does way more damage. Its not even close in the damage leagues

he doesn't have enough mana regen to use it all the time. Most characters have this problem. Barb laughs and asks what mana is for. I call the small health potions Tomato juice, something to drink in the morning, I rarely use them for their real purpose in game.

Funny thing is all his fire and lightning resist is on 1 item. not that he cares, he has a buff that can max fire, cold or lightning to 80 if need be. Only thing he can't buff out of is poison, hence gear gives him 75.

spending points on the resistances isn't a waste of points as they are all a synergy with my mian attack and add damage to it. So I have many ways to improve his damage besides adding directly to main move. But I think I only have so many points to play with so best hope for +all skills items. Already had a few.

His defence is low, my Lightning mage is almost the same( thinks... she is wearing 1 full set and 3 parts of another, no wonder her defence is high, it hurt her dps) Resistance is a different story.

All his charms were haphazard, no actual damage types in there so I stacked him with fire. All the ones I have only use 1 slot so easy to handle. I try to avoid grand charms unless they add a lot. Such as 1-20 lightning. I am learning as I go, wasn't until fury barb I thought to use 1 damage type instead of all of them. Funny watching things die from poison after you hit them, especially those little things that run around in desert/Hell.

Hardest part is mana. I always wondered what point of the aurus were if you can only have 1 active affect. left mouse button... slaps self. If that doesn't work I just let him use the set I have. Prefer to do it without it though. If I ever get to next difficulty I won't be using that set.

OMG, It makes sense now... i just set it in game, but he will be drinking mana pots like nothing else now. He has set Vengence to left mouse and all other moves on right button, so he can set cold to 75 and go face palm Durial. He might need some anti freeze stats though, or at least half freeze duration.

I think one of his auras regens mana so it keeps him topped up . I just need to get to lvl 30 to get that one. So he only had the basic attack until lvl 18 and before that mana wasn't used for anything, and 3 levels later he was still a struggle. He also needed to borrow gear of others to have a chance.

Main moves don't happen to 30, but mid to late game he gets strong. Might be why sorc so hard to get started as later they destroy. Lightning sorc is great at clearing rooms... makes me wonder about durial as he single target. She lacks single target.

He is at last step of chapter 2 so its just a matter of going in right dungeon, 7 to choose from, I know which is right but loot... I clear them all a few times. Depends on how hard they are to clear. Ran away from one room tonight, I could see it was full before I went in. Merc died in first encounter in one of them... I looked at his armor, he now wearing almost as good as me. Between us we using 6 runewords. I have 4 of them. (I am moving gear between characters so much I lose track of them).

Wonder how long before I see 4 socket items, he really needs this https://www.almarsguides.com/Computer/Games/Diablo2/Misc/Runewords/Weapons/HolyThunder/ - I have the runes you need.

This still makes me sad just looking at it. Guess I can give it to my other amazon for ranged ability and vendor prices lol
I would lend it to Mainer if I could. My bowazon would have slaughtered with that... sigh. Might make a hybrid that uses both javelin and ranged.

no exciting finds today, even using the gloves I found yesterday. Anderial dropped rubbish.

interesting idea: The only character I have made that had more money than the bank did is a Frenzy barb who never bought any mana potions. At one stage he had more money but I put the balance of another character into bank and now its 460k. I don't know how much gold I have in total. I just leave it the characters for most part, I think assassin may have made more still. She gave 100k to bank before. fRantic on about 350k. I have a few over 200k. One wasted some gambling trying to get boots.

Or could be he still has his imbue quest free and its not dropping really good white gear you see after imbuing some crap. I hate how imbue removes the stats that are on gear, it is great at breaking weapons. My mage I made tonight wasted hers already.

today was try to get the 2 slow classes further into game. Most of them are at least in chapter 3 now.
Amazon - Chapt 4
Assassin - chapter 4
Barb - chapter 4
Druid - Chapter 3
Necro - who?
Paly - Chapter 2
Sorc - chapter 2.

One day I work out how to get a Necro past Durial. My highest one is now my gem stone convertor. Some one needs to make them perfects. He can use his inventory space for everyone. But Paly and one day, a Sorc will get into chapter 3.

Made new character called runes just to store my duplicates. Bottom 2 rune varieties are so common. I should make gem converter convert them as well.

I turned music down as I got sick of music in Jungle. Sad as the Chapter 2 music is cool.

multiple edits later. shouldn't post when tired :)
If I missed any, deal with it.
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Fresh Eyes today showed my paladin had missed vital skills along way and although I could have just grinded them out, I made my normal decision to start again. Sure, I could have respecced but I don't want to waste that, if it would have helped.

Upside is wow. so many set drops today, shame I already had almost all of them
New unseen parts are:

shame I already have a frenzy barb. Though no one use axes yet. Later... i have 3 barbs in chapter 4 lol.

My fire mage will be happy if I ever play her again

and in same game

I suspect its a necro staff given amount of poison. if only I could find a build that gets past durial
also found a set belt, helmet and ring, but I already had them. I think I have the belt 3 times now.

New paly way more set to fight now, just got aura that regenerates mana. this one has been way more solid than previous, now I understand him. Smashes areas to part. I think he be fine on Durial. I just wanted to get to lvl 24 to get the aura, its what makes him be able to use main attack constantly now :)

No screenshots as well, he is in same armour as above and since all character models are identical, its impossible to tell them apart.
The difference taking right skills makes

though mana is still a pain in chapter 4. He walked all over durial
The jungle was a blip. Hardest part I find is finding the portals.
Need to work on his cold resistance... he was using a +40 cold belt for ages but he has grown out of it. Time for a 16 slot belt.

Meanwhile, my merc tanked izzual for me lol
I was like, I am over here, hello, Half way through I thought about putting the defense aura on him. But he was fine.
Could be cause he is wearing

not as many green items today, only missing 1 part to this set and I didn't have any of it before yesterday

Oh its a helm, I am missing, I might never see it. So far I have the same 2 parts of the same set at least twice. I have a ring 3 times. And the same helm twice now. Get a chest and wonder, which one is this... new or repeat?
Made a character just to keep green items.

more uniques though

enough drops, how about some odd things.

My merc turned blue after the High Council fight

And my current attempt to get a mage past chapter 2 found this weird thing in jail chapter 1

I feel they increased amount of money you get, my last two characters have made over 400k each. Paly is just silly. Average banking was 30k for a while.

I have 3 unique chest pieces and they are all green in appearance. Its like, can't they look different to just green?
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No screen shots today as I got interrupted by a thunder storm. I heard the rain but thought it was the sound of the fire in chapter one.
Sorceresses is at the end of chapter 3 contemplating the next step. High council isn't the problem for her. Boss will be. He uses ranged and melee. See how she goes.
She was trying to get to level 24 to get meteor just to find she lacked prerequisites, she had to kill Belial without it. Easy enough with fireball level 16.
She didn't even use a heal potion during the fight, only mana. Still doesn't have meteor.
Only gained two levels since Desert
She, like the Paladin has a skill that regenerates mana but it is still slow.
Made new Barbarian just to see what the set bonus is on the set I found. Weapon gains more damage and the chest piece gains defence when used together. Axe is pretty bad regardless, but the defence bonus on the chest is nice when game sees dual wield and thinks, archers are the answer, you need it.

Only class not at least in chapter three is Necromancer and I don't know how they get past Belial
Paladin feels he needs a new weapon
Sorceress had to kick the shield habit, her staff has almost as much defence as the set shield I always use. Difference between the two is only 15 points and the dps damage is double with her two handed staff.
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Game has given me the same chest piece 4 times now and I wish it would stop. The same unique sword as well. Got to point I am selling it. I would not mind if it gave me different parts of the set but the same part every time.
one or two?

One would be funny, you could run from start area to end if you knew the map. I remember some of the Easter eggs: the resort in the desert, the Friday 13th mask & knife.

Two, I would need to remember the game all over again. Over lvling runes and eating way more than game intended was funny. I can't even remember how that worked,

Until D2 I thought it was TL that had gear stacking, so if you have stats, even if from other gear, it can be equipped. TL expanded on idea further.

she borrowed helm off Amazon as she lacked electric resists. Staff off the other Fire mage I had started before but got build wrong. She is still not right, should have meteor already but she compensated by having stronger alternative attacks

I haven't played today, storms etc.

This guy had to go more strength than I would prefer to equip chest piece of that set but not many lvl 8 characters have 119 on chest piece , it keeps him alive while I get his health to a more sane level. His armour is essentially same defence level now as my best set I had until now. He won't need new armour (in theory) but resistances will make me think about it later on.
Its defence goes up based on character level so its already better than my previous just by my guy reaching lvl 9. But they are all runewords so they have advantages it doesn't

I wish there was one backdrop that wasn't so grim.

I didn't want to start another Barb but when Paladin finds things like that set and

I couldn't resist. 15 is about right time to fight the chapter 1 boss who uses poison so that resistance won't go unmissed.
its not funny when sorceress finds + 1 to lighting skills amulet when she is fire lol. I have two of those. Only 1 neck. I can't play as Zaphod Beelblebrox.
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Hey, my 2nd Bowazon actually defeated Duriel and has moved on to chapter 3 in the jungle. She did die once, but it was so close. It happened only because I wasn't fast enough to heal my Merc (another Bowazon) in time, and once she was down, Duriel, that slug, bullrushed me and stunned me before I could finish him off. He was down to just a sliver on his health bar too. Resurrected my Merc, went back, ran to my body, and killed him with 2 bow shots. So close that 1st time. The loot was basically worthless, sold it all. I remember, now, this was the worst boss fight for the Bowazon as there is no room to maneuver. It must be hard for other ranged fighters like the Sorceress and the Necromancer (I've never played those).

Ready for the jungle now. Unfortunately, I had to use up several of my perfect gems and some jewels, as well a 1 rune (knockback), to upgrade my weapons armor, as I had nothing strong enough. I may create some other characters as well, just to hold some of the equipment. I can't believe I'm running out of room already.

Well done on beating Belial with a Bowazon. rest of game should be easier, okay... maybe not DIablo but I keep getting to him and restarting... its something I need to stop. I should try the fight instead of avoiding it. Should let My Amazon at least have a try at him. She been sitting at end for ages.

Sorceress, depends on damage type. My Fire mage burned him down so fast she didn't use a mana potion. Had the chapter 2 merc tank him long enough for me to brun him down after merc died.
Cold mage might be a pain,and lightning was so close in Chapter 1 she never did anything in chapter 2. I had my doubts, she great at crowd control but single target is a problem.

Necromancer, Seems you have to use bone prison on him. Shame as Necro makes rest of game child splay, kind of easy mode. run around collecting drops after skeleton army clears area.

It has been trying to make me swap my helm for ages.

I have a better one with 71 defence on it but this one has +1 combat skills on it, so I don't really want to lose 2 + skill bonuses so soon. Had to swap chest already

Game pretended like 1 handed axes don't exist until I used another character to find a 3 socketed one in the store. It has since relented and given me another 3 socketed one but its base damage is too low. I sent another character in chapter 3 to a shop but the items there never have sockets, and are all magical, but have 2 war axes now that do more but are just blues.

No shops past chapter 2 have socketed items. You can get them via gambling but that seems a waste of money to me (in real life too). Hit rate is too low for good things, most likely to get blues.

I didn't notice one and made a runeword in a 2 handed axe, was not amused when I tried to equip it and it would take both slots.
Only good axe I had at one stage was etheral and you can't repair them. Before that I had 1 set axe and 1 unique axe and was chewing through the content.

Had defense of 152 on the chest piece before its lack of resistances made me swap. If I ever find that helm I will swap back as +1 to all skills is nice to have.

I need more boots, seems everyone uses same ones. And its only when you don't want faster run speed you notice. Frenzy barb increases run speed to silly speeds so I took the +20% walk/run speed off him. When you suddenly do 100% faster speed, its silly and hard to control. shame it does that as the extra attack speed is nice, and if PC was slower I wouldn't mind it. But I doubt game makes my PC struggle.

He is up to Belial and I have a chest piece now with cannot be frozen on it so i don't need to wear that 3 part set and force my frenzy barb to use a shield just to not freeze

He will still need to drink a few anti freeze potions before fight to raise his cold resistance - thawing potions - they stack, drink about 6 and get 3 minute buff. The poison antidotes work same way, people use those on chapter 1 boss same way. Expect belial will go down fast and ooze bugs.

You only get the charsi quest once. Its only in normal, meaning if you thought you survive past chapter 5, then save it and just don't use it until a higher lvl.... like way higher. Shame as I could really use some boots. 90 odd.

What is the point of collecting gold? Are we meant to gamble to waste it as I seem to gather heaps but have no use for it besides its automatic.

I was curious, max gold you can have per tab of the stash is 2.5 million, but I never knew if it was the combined total or if each tab can have that much. Its the latter so you can have as much as 10 million gold before you can't pick up anymore. Not a problem I have right now, I know I am over 1 million combined. Wonder if gold amount in stash drops if I delete a character who put it in.
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In a dream world I could play an upgraded version of Sacred 2 with updated graphics. But that is never going to happen as Ascaron no longer exist. And we don't want Deep Silver anywhere near it.

I would buy it now. At least Sacred 2 wouldn't look that bad in 2k. 4k was too small lol.
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its on steam, you can buy it now. if you wanted to try, pretty sure I could upl;oad the community patch which was released after Ascaron failed to exist. Fixed many of the issues. Sad really, they were going to release seasonal patches but we never got any apart from Xmas. CM Patch added entire new zones, almost a new game.

I haven't done most of this, it has a link to CM patch in video
its on steam, you can buy it now. if you wanted to try, pretty sure I could upl;oad the community patch which was released after Ascaron failed to exist. Fixed many of the issues. Sad really, they were going to release seasonal patches but we never got any apart from Xmas. CM Patch added entire new zones, almost a new game.

I haven't done most of this, it has a link to CM patch in video
I appreciate the link. I already own the game (the gold version even), I just don't think I'll have the time to try it out. At least not any time soon and there's so many games in my backlog I've been wanting to play that I'm not sure I'll ever get around to playing it.
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I splattered a big bug

and then I portalled to town and when I got back, it had moved

glad I had screenshots as I got back and thought, wait a minute, it was facing other way before.

Bugs name was Belial
Would have screenshots of next 2 bosses but they disappear. If I ever beat Diablo it will be on banner of website (lol... I can't do that)

Up to high council already, getting bored. I need to let one at least try Diablo and see if they have enough fire resistance to cope. Current guy needs more. And he almost in Chapter 4.

Need to sit down and list what all my characters are missing as I share so much only current one is likely to have everything still. I don't know how many actual chest pieces I have made so there is that too.

Many of them share same belt, shield and boots. Only the frenzy barbs don't want those boots... they hard enough to control at normal speed.

You don't have time for Sacred 2. It takes... years? It took me years anyway, and I was only playing it at time. Game isn't that long but learning it and completing it would. Max lvl 200, I only got to 115.

NO drops so far. But his magic find is low compared to most.
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2 hours later...

He likes chapter 4, might stay here a while and get him to 30. Then try Diablo as I can't keep restarting lol.

Game finally gave him the 3 socekets on a war axe he wanted so now he has 2 that match. Well, only one had sockets and a rune word but other isn't that bad for a blue.

I saw this and thought of @mainer

I usually don't show what they look like but that one looks cool. Shame I can't give it to him. Might use it on my amazon. even though she is javazon
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If I ever beat Diablo it will be on banner of website (lol... I can't do that)
Not just the banner, but make it the background of every page.

You don't have time for Sacred 2. It takes... years? It took me years anyway, and I was only playing it at time. Game isn't that long but learning it and completing it would. Max lvl 200, I only got to 115.
I don't complete most games that I start, but I would at least want to experience most of the game mechanics. So for Sacred 2, I'd want to try out all the character classes and see the different kinds of loot you can get. Just that would take me several weeks/months. More with the amount of time I currently have available for gaming, I noticed today that I haven't had time to play Warhammer in over two weeks. I've only been able to play a bit of Angband in between working.
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