Diablo 2 Resurrected

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So many characters, started one called Mage supplies... thought, wonder if I have any necro stuff there... I had forgotten I even got this
He just happens to have reached lvl 14

and uses those things.

game been trying to kill him already, that just make it worse. Seems wearing uniques drives game into trying really hard to kill you. It tries to convince you its not worth the effort some times. It goes a little nuts if you equip a RalOrtTal sheild as that one shield makes it hard for it to hurt some characters. Its what one barb hides behind. rarely takes any damage. Just need to increase damage

Amazon now does up to 653 damage on one hit. No wonder they steal her mana.

I was looking for a chest peice for my bear. I would prefer them all to have their own. My lvl 31 Barb stole his from the trap assassin. She took one look at hell and said pass. Maybe I try her one day. Want to get the melee one there first. She needs 1 more lvl to up her dps by a lot.

I have made a few of the chests recently so there should be some around. The runes fall more often than the items to put them in. Game refused to offer one barb anything better than 60 defense when he was in 210. It must have been based on item level, not fact it was a set item and getting boosted by other items. He now wearing another set. He has no intention of swapping any time soon.

The only characters who have found anything like plate are the women.... Barbs found nothing like that. Neither has paly... but he needs a way to make monsters notice him in battles. He needs same rune word the sword I made has. It only works in scepters and swords. There is a paly scepter type I rarely see and he wants a 3 socket one of those. I haven't seen any socketeable ones. Maybe I should look in Durance of Hate more often.

note: it turns out Paly actually wants sword not mace, he needs a high speed weapon to use the effectively use his attack. Great, was hard enough to find one 3 socket war sword, but now I made it I have seen more war swords so maybe I might. I might let him use it and see if it makes any difference.

Still only seen one 3 socket helm. Had to give one barb a magic find amulet as he was finding nothing. No point farming hell if all you get is potions.
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On further investigation, problem with paly isn't weapon, its point allocation. I put too many into actual attack instead of working on its synergies, and the mana cost got too high to be usable. It won't take me long to get him back to same stage, having done this before (twice). He uses Vengence and its buffed by adding points to the 3 resistance buffs. More spent on Fire/Ice/Lightning resist = more damage vengence puts out. You get more damage putting points directly into it but it also adds to cost.

He knows what sword to aim at short term, a war sword. Just needs about 15 more lvls to have the right points. He needs a fast weapon speed to feed the spell. So he going to ignore paly scepters and go for fast swords.

Storms later, but I been awake all night and its almost 1pm so I might sleep through them - that is plan.

Game seems to want to kill this guy, its not like he using that many uniques like others. Having 2 bosses attack at same time seems regualr occurance for him, not normal. Boss in the area you rescue cane also had a boss pack attack at same time. Here is my paly whose only attack until lvl 18 is the normal one, fighting 2 boss packs at same time, one which is cursed.

And so many archers. At one stage I had the stat "attacker takes damage of 6" accidentally from my gear. Was funny, couldn't work out why people died just attacking me... it happened to archers too. I assumed you had to actually hit them. Arrows shouldn't count...

3 more levels and he can equip the Steel runeword sword my lvl 28 Barb finally replaced. Its pretty sad when you still using a lvl 13 sword at lvl 28. But thats how game seems to work. You don't find them until 10 lvls later. Makes game more of an uphill struggle. Only characters that ever use them at right time are ones made after you found them (or made them). Like new paly will grow into an amulet and a helm that buff all his skills ten lvls before the previous one got them. Level 18 is when he gets the helm and when his actual main attack is available.
I could just respec him but the more I play through, the more set parts I get. And the better i know how he plays. Barbs & Bear are easy to pick up, but other classes you need to practice more. Javazon easy enough, just stab everything. She dangerous running around town, lucky no one dies.

the more new characts finding new drops and wondering ... green hands, what are they... I have deaths grip hands twice now :(
hate repeats. But I guess its better than not being able to pick them up.

You can only have 10k times your current lvl , gold on you. if you get more, it falls on ground. I accidentally had 40k on me at lvl 4 and went to shop. it fell on ground. I ran back to bank and deposited the 40k and game let me take money

It means my characters with 600k gold can't spend it all at once as max they can have is 310000 or less on them. I only see stupidly expensive things when I don't have money to buy them. It also means game has no idea what character put 500k gold in bank, I always thought it sort of knew and wouldn't let anyone take large amounts out, only person who put it there. Its not that clever.

Amazon found this before, right class... wrong type, Its an archer set - https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Vidala's_Rig

its level requirements mean its likely to fall in chapters 4 & 5. Long after its useful. Although it does scale up.
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Nothing exciting today, found one unique mace but had seen it before, I didn't use it as it wasn't as good as what I had at time. Even with 77% better chance of a magic Item, I found nothing remarkable. Best drop was a rare amulet. Hardly get any of them and this guy got 2 thrown at him

Paly went from the Countess in chapter 1 to End of chapter 2. Just grinding to lvl 24 before I fight Belial. No rush, have to find the armour that cannot be frozen, saves using same set as most that came before. He trying to avoid using it. Means he doesn't have to share.

I like this shield design, very reflective, had to get screenshot before I swapped to another less exciting to look at shield.

Palace really needs to clean up their mess

this is the normal orientation of bodies after a fight

paly hardly needs to use skill attacks, he does enough damage to most mobs with just a normal attack, and only needs to hit hard against boss groups. Means he hardly uses any mana now. Aim is to extend that ability into hell and then can ignore ghosts stealing mana. Best source of mana potions is the ghosts if you kill them. He has meditation aura once he reaches lvl 24 which lets him get mana for free. Staying alive isn't problem, damage was for the previous one.

Belts are the items I seem to have the least of.
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Spoke too soon. I just got

and thought, I seen the icon somewhere, and then looked to see what last part was and realized I had it too - its a shield. Amazon got it a few days ago when game wanted her to replace her unique one (with something crap, I am sure it doesn't want you having good things and wants you to replace them with crap).

its a nice set but a little too late for this paladin. If I had found it yesterday it would have made play though easier... maybe? He already was wearing one set starting lvl 12, still is for most part. it would have meant deciding, do I use the sword of one set or the mace... mace is more useful long term,. sword doesn't stay useful after about 10 lvls. Sword bonus added Magic Find so I may have swapped at a later time to mace as damage wasn't/isn't an issue for him. Archers were but thats another story.

Now he wearing 2 partial sets... I feel like I have done this before. Not sure if it was Diablo or not, but its not first time. Chest and Ring are one set, now Mace and Necklace are another. Shame, I liked my old necklace, tho regen mana is always nice... mage classes were fighting over it.

Cudgel max based on current character lvl, max it can be is 99. Paladin currently 23.

Its not class specific really. Anyone can use it... Paladin just thinks its his.

Necklace gains fire resistance in a 2 part set up

He might use weapon and necklace together as you get a 2 part bonus at least, and the max damage based on lvl is always there on weapon, nothing is really added when its two parts.
His current shield is all he needs for resistances, using the one from set would be a bad idea compared to below as it has no resistances at all apart from what set contains.

75 is max resists for most purposes, you can go higher but 75 is normally enough. that shield means I don't need almost any on other equipment and still get max. Paly over 75 in most areas.

Weapon is highest dps weapon I have now. replaced malice for now. Funny thing is this guy didn't want a scepter, he was happy using swords. He aimed his dex and Str at using a specific sword at 25. I expect monsters won't ignore him as much in hell as they did my other one. Its minimum sux but there are ways around that, items that increase minimum damage (his gloves increase it by 5).

Paly has regen life of 22 before he got that neck, it only really increased it by one. Only times I use a potion is if it is necessary. Otherwise wait a few seconds and its full again. Wish mana was the same.

He had just taken a 12 dps damage reduction as he had to swap his belt. It has 12 poison damage over 2 seconds on it, but only 8 slots for potions and I knew that wouldn't work going forward. He now has 16 slots but belt doesn't add damage. Or do much at all.
Before he swapped max DPS was 72-170 with a normal attack and 294 with vengeance. Now its 68-212 with normal and 434 with vengeance. WIll be interesting to see how game plays later. there is more to it than just raw damage, the rune word swords have other effects like ignoring defence and reducing it. WE shall see.

Mercenary only stopped working once today, just as I was about to lvl up... coincidence? I question who he works for. Does he take a pay off to leave me alone so enemy might actually kill me for a change? I made sure he actually moves faster than me, as often they will freeze if left behind. Its harder for that to happen now. He has runeword armor, I don't. He moves 25% faster, I am at 10%.

main damage type I use is confusing. Game thinks its poison but I have more cold damage than poison. Vengence shows as green but it actually does fire, cold and electric all at once. Sort of like my normal attacks. Helm adds +30 cold damage, shattering things is normal, most of my charms are lightning. if they don't shatter I often just wait and let poison do the rest. I hit a yeti and then just hit another. my merc is often confused lol and tries to hit them just before they die anyway.
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So I took that mace into a dungeon and died... then swapped to normal mace and did same place and didn't have same monster type. So it seems if you wear too many set parts the game treats you special.
He likes Chapter 4 more than chapter 3. He hasn't gone very far into it, just to normal zone my barbs do circuits of hoping for drops.
He has upgraded shield twice since last shot

No green drops today apart from a sword I already had in my inventory.... I hate this game some times.

It seems I do have all this set (I didn't notice, I have helm a few times now). It has dex on it which made me think it was amazon maybe.

but its pretty crap. Need 60 strength to equip a lvl 8 shield?

He sort of stuck wearing his current chest piece unless he can find an amulet. Then he can get a set bonus that adds Attack rating which he can't afford to lose right now. Always hoping. Its by no means a bad chest to be stuck using, 210 defence on it. No resists but you have other gear for that.
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He was missing skills, so I started again, and this guy feels weaker than the other 2 but he has all the right skills, it just meant a bunch of 1 point skills so far. Only 4 of the ones I have so far go past 1 too. Most of his moves are lvl 30...

He decided not to use chest piece last ones had but in the last 2 levels he sort of had too. His chance to block dropped to 37% or something and game showed a hint of it on Palace with its usual too many archers trick... but once he got to canyon of Magi, which every other character before he treated as a farming zone, they threw Spearmen at him and it was not amusing. I had to borrow a few charms from my assassin, and raise his block chance back over 60%

Then at lvl 24 he got 2 skills, one that regenerates Mana and the other that boosts block on shield. So now he has 75% block on demand, and game is less inclined to only use spearmen in that area. His resists are as usual over 75. So game is looking for weaknesses and block was one I had overlooked, figuring I was okay.

Holy shield in action, boosted block by 20%

I am only missing one pre requisite skill now but its between me and a lvl 30 skill and I get it in the next 6 levels. Need to raise his threat level. Bosses go for my help before me, and thats a clue I am not doing enough damage. His sword at lvl 25 might change that. He going slow, still in desert at 24. I don't think I bother trying to clear all the 7 tombs with him, he feels weak.

I looked through all my characters for a mace just to find he did have it, I am just blind.

In process of boosting Dexterity as the next area will exploiit any problems with block. Not sure why this guy is any different to last in that regard.

Slow day for drops. I knew what this was before I picked it up

I was right too, have same crossbow about 4 times now.

I thought I knew what this was, I was half right

Its a necro set but not the one I had hoped for. I don't have any other parts of this one.
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I wasted a night making a Hammerdin Paladin just to find I don't like hammers. Sux as it included a respec and character i played until 18 was fun. Hammers weren't what I expected. He is still more capable than the one I was trying to make... could be the build I was following is an end game build, not meant for leveling.

second build I am trying is a barb, less to learn really. One of these days I might even try Diablo (starting to think I never will)

I did the countess in chapter 1 twice tonight and both times she wasn't in the right room. First time I ran in and room was empty and I was wondering where they all were... run into next corridor and her and all her minions were in there. Next time she was in room before she meant to be.

Game gave me the same belt on both characters. I think I have it at least 5 times now. Same with same shields. Sick of it. Hate being able to guess based on description before showing it to Deckard.

You can use same unique weapon twice on same character at same time. I had same mace on one guy. Dual wield. Destroyed everything in path.

At least the build guides also show attribute allocation, I seem to have been way off in how its done. Almost all of it goes to vitality, gear looks after the rest. It could be not all characters need to wear plate lol. I always think of defence more than offence. Might play too safe. Putting it all in vitality means you less likely to see spearmen all the time. Or they are less a problem when you over 110 vitality

It also shows where i should be at some points in game and I clearly grind too much. I don't normally get to chapter 2 before 17. No rush, but then these guides are for speed levelling, I just want a build that works.
Trying a trap assassin again, last one got to chapter 4 but her battle with Mephisto left me concerned she had a bad time coming in Chapter 4. This one at least has better gear to choose from and I am following a guide that shows what attributes to spend per lvl. All goes to vitality except a little strength to wear armour.

She up to Flayer dungeon but I don't want to know tonight. She was up to Countess in Chapter 1 when I started today so she done almost 2 whole chapters since then. Its funny, game giving me all these cool assassin weapons my other Weapons based assassin never saw. She has a nice one now, and never hits anything unless she has to. Biggest problem is mana. I rarely need to drink a health potion, She has almost 500 life now.

Funny, I have to remember this. If game thinks you have no chance against Durial it seems to lead you right to the entrance, which is funny if you then swap into gear that lets you remain unfrozen. Was still more close than I would have liked. But only as I ran out of mana.

I got a etheral Unique, I didn't know they could be etheral. KInd of sucks, you can't repair them. You can negate the problem if you have a Zod rune... or give item to a mercenary as they never degrade, or use them on a character who doesn't do melee. Probably why my trap assassin got it.

A while later I went back to the barb, and he is sooo slow... One of the assassin skills speeds up walk speed, Barbs get that too but not until lvl 24, assassin get it at lvl 6. Anyway, he makes up for it by being a killing machine, one mace gives open wounds, the other does crushing blow. And his main elemental attack is cold damage so they shatter when he hits them

He killed chapter 1 boss, it wasn't a question of if but when I felt like it
I was sure I knew what this was, I was wrong but I still had the belt before

He went on to treat a dungeon you get at beginning of chapter 2 as a mild jog, some characters struggle there, he had fun. LIghtning is his current weakness, which doesn't help in desert. I can't fix it with a shield like I do other classes. Killing the things is actually the problem, some monsters let off a electric charge when you hit them... and you have choice if they attack you I can't recall how I got around that before.

this wasn't my 1st choice in helms but he doesn't have the strength to wear one I had chosen for him... he never will naturally

Circlets look wrong on Barbs.
Barb... got boring... I mean, I have 2 other frenzy barbs. Its not new.

So I started a fire druid and he is a lot of fun.

This is silly.

funny thing Is I had the boots on already, it had already given him the same pair. Most characters don't see any boot drops, he has had 4 now, two the same set ones, and another 2 pairs of rare boots. I search for boots and game throws them at him. It can keep that up if it wants. I have characters who would like their own and not have to share.

I have too many characters... I may have gone mad :)

@Lutfij what type of druid did you play? I have tried summoner, maul bear and now fire/wind... Maul bear is sort of boring. Hard to kill as you have twice as much health in that form, but boring as there are only so many attacks.

Not sure what weapon to use since he doesn't actually use it.
Don't call him chickenman or he will fry you

His sword there just cause he has to hold something, his damage doesn't change if he doesn't have it. It adds mana regen value, thats about it. 5 mana per kill and he can kill multiple things at once, meaning its free. I have to stop my habit of collecting potions, he really doesn't drink many any more.

Game stopped trying to replace my boots and went to trying to replace sword now.

The shield just there for resistances, he doesn't want to get hit by anything. Massive life pool there so if/when he does get hit it doesn't kill him. In the 75 lvls of the guide, you only put 30 points in something other than vitality. Its an easy build, every lvl up is same thing, 5 points to vitality and a point in FIssure until its maxed, then work on synergy skills. At lvl 45 he swaps to wind spells as Fire starts to not be as effective.

right now his gear held on by charms that add 30 strength to his total. Later it will be the same.

since he doesn't want to get hit, I have more magic find gear on him than normal since most of the melee stats don't apply to him. Game keeps trying to give him life but he has more than normal for his lvl.

He is up to end of chapter 2. I fight Durial later, once I wake up tonight. I suspect he will be okay with it. Fire should do wonders. Its funny, lots of things that use fire have no fire resists themselves. Not sure about Diablo but guess I will find out sometime... it shouldn't be so bad at ranged but he actually has attacks that don't hit melee. they are too close to him.

My theory about game leading you to Durial if you have low cold was wrong, Barb had to almost empty place before I found right room. I just wanted a fast run and game had other ideas. It wasn't hard, just wanted an easy run to room.

He wipes out groups that annoy other characters, I can cause the earth to fry them from below. Durial might be an interesting fight. At least the druid can't be frozen.

finally something different

eventually i will play a 2 handed axe character. Need to whittle down my collection... of everything.
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Can you guess I have too many characters when I wish you could sort them alphabetically.
Look for one ring... who has it. This can take ages. Its nice if its an obvious person. I only have one unique ring once. And its in great demand as its got magic find and damage reduction - https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Nagelring_(Diablo_II)

Only parts I don't have a unique of is amulet and boots. Boots will be even more in demand unless they rubbish or specialist or have high demands. I think I have the same set boots now at least 3 times, almost a complete set twice. I don't know to be honest. I look at people and go... wow, I don't remember getting that.

looking at list of uniques, only 2 Amulets in lvl range I would have seen so I guess there is that. Too many other choices in loot table, most of them crap. Are a few more boots though. Rares can be better anyway.

I need to organise this properly. its a good thing I don't play anyone who uses spears** or pole arms as they are too long to store a lot on one character and I try to keep people on topic. I have two people storing chests now, and 2 for set/unique items. Starting to put all the cash of failed characters back into bank as its balance was dropping - every new character wants some money so 10k starter. Some need to pay back, most have more than the bank. Clearly too many characters. I might cull a few of them. Or use them as storage.

** Amazon use Maiden Spears but I have only seen a few of those and none have survived to be a problem in storage. Most Amazon spears are short and easy to store. only take 3 spaces, the Maiden ones take 8.
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Only parts I don't have a unique of is amulet and boots.
technically there are/were more

Game must read PC Gamer forums?

Other new stuff

its a mage set, I have the weapon and amulet already.

Game really wants me to play 2 handed weapons

Character isn't even looking for parts.

Some people say the Amazon is unattractive... I don't see it

Her weapon is a javelin, currently pointed away from camera. All you see is handle. If she is running the spear is first thing anyone meets.

She slightly op for her level'

top damage numbers per spell are what weapon does, rest are after effects. Its great at clearing groups. Poison javelin's poison effects areover 35 seconds so it lingers. Mobs tend to walk through it.

Still need boots, you listening to me game?
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She now in chapter 3. I don't want to play now as its night in game and her need for mana is fought by the games many ghosts. And they show up at night in jungle. That and I don't want to sit in dark so I can see whats happening on screen. In 2 of the 3 areas I played in today it was raining and night most of the time.

Durial died quick as he was too busy killing my merc and well, I had to decide, electricity or poison... i chose electricity. I used one mana potion.

Getting through flayer area is going to be a pain. But as I already have 2 amazon in chapter 4, Its not a matter of if, but when tonight.

Game seems stuck on giving her swords with cold damage, no more uniques but a few 2 handers today.

Last 2 amazons used the javelin as more a short spear, this first one to throw them and it seems its one way to make people come back to town as they all have a quantity and once you thrown them all, you have to repair them to get the number back again. Lvl 3 ones only have a stack of 60, it doesn't take long to use them all. It seemed price was 1 gold per javelin. So 47 or so every visit. Hurts when often she wouldn't get hit at all.

She is now using a lvl 17 Maiden Javelin now with an increased stack size of 118 and it refills its supply if you don't play for a while. And repair costs are now 1 gold every time to refill stack. Much better.

She prefers to not be anywhere near action, poison javelin is a ranged attack. But her other attack is closer. She working towards an attack that turns her javelin into a lightning bolt.

She seems to get enough mana per kill to never need to use mana potions. I just have to keep certain rings on to maintain the balance.
Her gear gives +2 to all combat skills so I put 1 point in and get 3. Only as I borrowed it from the previous Amazon.

I have so many characters who can't be played now as they missing bits and pieces. Only a few Barbs are immune to this. depends if new one ever gets there.

Without moving parts probably about 4 characters I can play now. rest need something, too many use the same belt. Looked through them all tonight for 1 belt. It seems I do have it twice so didn't have to nerf another character to get it on current Amazon. She only needed it for a set bonus "cannot be frozen" which makes Durial much easier. Could take it off now, she only really uses boots in normal game play. The shield is a joke. But it adds +10 Strength which is useful in early game.

Its funny, i went looking for a chest piece that also has "cannot be frozen" on it, equipped it and then remembered the set I was wearing already did that. I gave it to the merc, it didn't save him. Drops were pretty crap from Durial. I have had some where I needed to go back a few times to get them all. This time they all fitted in his bag. Guess I did get a unique amulet from the night. Both uniques didn't even fall from bosses.
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Flayer jungle was odd. For almost the entire time I was there, the game only attacked by Mercenary. I felt like I wasn't there for a lot of it. They actually killed him once and I only noticed after fact. His avatar wasn't showing in corner of screen even when he was alive. Hard to cure if you forget hot key and can't drop potion on image. Never seen that before, I was expecting them to attack me and instead, I had to run in and save him a few times.

I can only put it down to her high resistances and life total

75 is normally max but her unique ring increased max to 85. Big attack method in jungle is fire, she is pretty much immune to most of it. Way resists work is if she took 100 fire damage, 85 of it is removed. So 15 fire is not a lot when you have 428 health.

Merc gives me a boost to attack rating, he really doesn't do much otherwise. SO many distractions for him, birds been following us since Desert. So I am glad I am finished jungle, I was expecting more pain towards my character, I can't recall it ever being so bad for previous ones. Her armour isn't any better than the previous ones, she wearing the green armor I found tonight

not a lot I can do to boost his resits, he has Stealth and nadir runewords in armour now, I can only do so much. DO I remove my defenses so game will attack me?

Game giving me too many runes, I had too many eth runes today. and Tal runes. Tal Eth is Stealth runeword, game trying to hint I swap but her strength restricts her armor choices and that Green has -50% requirements, that Armour would be str of 48 normally. Once she changes her build after 35 she gets more str.

I made a runeword armour in leather earlier thinking I be restricted to what I could wear, but if game offers armour with -20% requirements on it or more, she may not need to swap to lower defence armor later, If I swap to taleth armour, my Poison would be 75 as well but my defense would go down.

Most of her str and dex is from equipment. Since starting I only put 5 points in Dex and 10 in Str, everything else is vitality. Makes it easy to remember what to do each lvl. She can only use her weapon of choice from added charms.

EDIT: game gave me a rare chest that had similar defense to the Green one she had on, plus other useful stats. So she swapped to it and I just wait and see what it offers her next. She not really after any upgrades but will accept any that are better than what she has now. Game finally offering her weapons similar to what she has been using for the last 8 levels.
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Mephisto didn't last long, 275 lightning per hit melted him, I only used one mana potion. She got a new level for killing him, I wasn't taking any notice of her experience, I just knew I was going slow as guide I am following has already finished chapter 4 lol. I am not in a rush.
She got this from the fight, I already had it but this has more defense and resists on it. Meaning only downside for her is she misses the mana per kill she had on neftir and needs to use more potions. She might swap back as it was well balanced before. Just alcked poison resists. She still only just 75, probably why they using it on her in hell. She not happy there, she probably leave soon.

mana is only weakness she really has now. 75 all res except fire which is 85

Got a maiden spear she can't equip.

Oh and she got a green chest but I have it about 4 times now and guessed which it was just by the icon. I sold it, set is pretty crap. No real upsides. No part is good enough to use by itself. Seems game either trying to kill her when she runs out of mana or use poison on her. I guess she needs better chest armor... waiting game. Or boots, since its given her more pairs today.

time to play someone else for a while.
Fire druid burned down durial
Gave him a ring

one character who shouldn't have mana problems.

Nothing like almost getting to end of chapter 3 FLayer jungle area just to turn game off accidentally and have to do it again. I have 3 characters almost at same area now, Barb was up to flayer dungeon so I thought, what is Druid up to... he was still in chapter 2, he now in the Kurast Bazaar, relieved that he survived the jungle. Not looking forward to sewers or the high council. No rush, I already did that today on Amazon. Barb probably easiest one to get through there.
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I didn't feel like playing any of them today, so made a Sorceress who uses electricity now but later turns to using Blizzard
I thought I knew what this shield was before I got it, I was wrong

I also got

which has mixed blessings. Its stats are great but only +4 slots means I am forever opening bag to use potions.

Also got the ring of this set

although she uses Lightning, she used that set in 1 instance as she lacks electricity, and that set adds +35 to it for her, so reduced damage but she survived. Without set her lightning resist at one stage was 5%. Not ideal. Some bugs release a charge when you kill them. or hit them.

I want helm or whatever sigil is so I don't have to use the War staff. And still get the bonuses.
Then she fought durial...

I have done that fight before where I used 1 potion. I finished durial with one potion, from a belt that had 12 on it to start, and I used extras from my bank. It was not a clean fight, and only saved because he doesn't really hit hard. I got her to chapter 3 today and took a look at jungle and thought, thats area I started her to avoid (lol) and so its not going to be fun. She had borrowed stuff off my druid so I have given them back and played him for a while after her struggle.

I thought it be would easier considering amazon is electric too and she burned him down. She beat him, but I wouldn't put that as a win. she got almost no drops lol. She was happy to survive.

She drinks so many potions, 90% of them being mana. Almost every fight ends with her having no mana. And her damage makes me wonder, I thought Sorceress were high DPS, At almost same lvl my Amazon slaughters her for dps,

Maybe Blizzard is better. I should practice teleport as well, I have skill but never thought to use it. Wouldn't have helped on Durial.

I also got Druid up to the high council fight, his biggest problem is all his spells have a casting delay, and some won't let you cast another for a few seconds after, annoying. I will try it tomorrow, I been awake since 4.30am and its now 9.30pm. Guess I should sleep. At least he gets most of his mana back from kills. I should give that ring to Mage. I am amazed she made any profit.
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Jan 14, 2020
I still haven't finished D2:R with my first character. I was having a blast playing Disco Elysium and D2:R went to the shadow for some time. :) I'll probably finish the game in a day or two and then jump into the multiplayer. Too bad that the ladder still isn't up and running and there are still problems in logging to the servers on weekends.
So the AI in this game is stupid, they often try to attack you through walls

the red outside are flying insects trying to attack me through the outside wall of building.

it would be funny but the mercenary AI is the same and they will try to run through the walls to get to you too. They don't understand what doors do. They can run through one and 5 seconds later forget where it was. Pathing in some dungeons is better than others.

I tried to get similar shot a few days ago but it also seems the buildings have no roof as they can caste blizzard on you from outside the houses.

I haven't even tried Diablo yet, I really wanted to see video of fight from recent just to remind myself how hard it is. I get to chapter 4, last quest and restart a new character. At least most recent few have good builds. I had no clue how little isn't spent on vitality.
So I resurrected and old thread on D2 Resurrected to ask @Colif if he read this PCG article on a "pacifist hellrun" in D2 (as he's spent many hours playing this game)?
Diablo 2 player completes pacifist Hell run previously only theorized to be possible | PC Gamer

To me, it doesn't even seem possible, especially on the highest difficulty. Getting through and completing the game without attacking anything? I wouldn't think about it even on normal difficulty. And eliminating Duriel in Tal Rasha's Tomb, as a pacifist in that small area? No way, I always die at least once. And he did it in 50 hours. Curious as to your opinion.

It's fun to see people actually accomplish things like this, but personally, it would completely take away the joy I get from gaming, as I could never be a "speed runner". Maybe if there was a "slow runner" competition I might be able to compete.