Diablo 2 Resurrected

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I can only remember a few of the other classes in game, I mostly played one class for 2 years. One of them was just odd, its a robot. I never got it. Seraphim are cool. Think I played a Shadow Warrior. Blame Diablo 2, my fav class in it is/was Barb. Could be why I have 3 at same stage of game now. Just grinding for a while, see what game gives me.

So, I have 2 parts of this set and never expected that 1 part was a ...

I had assumed the Horn was a helm, I may never see the hands as they are meant to be good.
two Bows so far tonight in chapter 4. Seems game really wants me to play bowazon lol. I would if it wasn't so painful.
If I get 4th part of that set I might do it.

@Brian Boru anytime :D
The game finally convinced him to swap helmets. Might take a while to convince him again now. It makes chapter 4 too easy. I assume Diablo not included.

I am getting to 30 before taking him on, want to get 2 more skills (one adds more resistances). So probably tomorrow sometime.

So the most i spent on repairs at once was 9k. and it was pretty unfair as it was on a new character and until lvl 2 you can only have 10k on you. Lucky it wasn't lvl 1 as very little equipment is worth using at that level. But It still hurt. Average depends on character, Sorceress doesn't want to get hit so pays less often. Not that it hurts really, eventually they all get rich. Several of mine over 400k, current one has more than bank does. Nothing to spend it on really. Might save up and gamble for something I need... feet?

made characters to store specific items:
Green items/uniques
Runeworded items.
One only has all my gem stones.
One is full of rings/amulets I will eventually edit.

I don't really use many rings. I try to stick to yellow rings... or better (only have one unique ring so far) unless I need a specific stat. Life leech or life regen are favorites. Mana regen is nice too on character that use mana. Barb still isn't sure what its for. One skill at 30 uses it
Still need to organise properly, some are bitsa.
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I'm getting the impression I missed out by not giving Sacred 2 more of a chance, but I suppose I'll never know.
Just a note on that, if you ever have the time or desire to give Sacred 2 another chance, this guys guide is extremely helpful to get it running. I didn't do absolutely everything he listed, but much of the info he provides is extremely helpful; especially installing the Legacy PhysX driver:
made characters to store specific items:
I just started to do that yesterday, as that shared inventory that I thought was so huge became really limiting. I haven't done it by item type yet, but I have done it by character type, as you can see by my character names in the right column in the below image:

I don't know if I'll play all those characters through the whole game, but I needed more inventory space and I can't stand to just sell off rares, uniques, or set piece items just because I can't use them. I've got a whole tribe of Amazons waiting in the wings.

Also, have you had any issues when exiting the game? There was a patch applied yesterday, but on exiting D2, not on the "save & exit" from the current game, but exiting back to the desktop, my screen froze up and I had to CTRL/ALT/DEL to get out of it. It hasn't affected the game at all, and I haven't had any issues in-game; just that freeze exiting out of the game completely.
Diablo's level in Normal is 40 so I might grind a little more and get a little closer to him. I can't find any new videos on the fight, just 8 year old ones using a whirlwind barb. Nice to know more. I don't care about spoilers, I played this game before but its sooooo long ago now. Once I beat him once I will know for next time

its not really grind now, its more click... your dead, next... but I found another set part but its not even exciting enough for my axe user to use, and its an axe. I saw my first sword yesterday I couldn't equip, minimum strength of 100 and I am not that crazy, 2 handed obviously. I have seen giant crossbows before, they need about 80

Need to borrow more fire resist gear from other characters to reach 75. Currently on 62. Mostly just fill inventory with charms if I need to. Can portal back to town to get more supplies, provided you put portal far enough away from Diablo as he has ways to stop it otherwise. I am collecting super heal potions. If I can't kill him with what I have now I might as well just stop playing game lol.

My main weapon always seems to need a repair as soon as I get to area Diablo is in. really like to find another 2 socketed axe... or 3 will do I guess.

I don't know how many lvl 1 characters I have now who will never do a quest. I don't want to know. I will find out when I finally crack and record what everyone has and is missing.
I already need a 2nd on for green items.
I thought one barb was missing a sword but its really he was hiding behind a shield the paly has now. think he the whirlwind barb. its hard to tell even looking at skills as he doesn't get ww till 30. I should at least get him there.
So far today I have used one potion, its been very difficult.

I noticed they fixed a feature I had been using. If you held enter while buying town/ident scrolls you could buy them way faster than just 1 at a time. I was sad when I saw they fixed that. its time consuming but i guess its better for servers.
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I got bored farming as its sort of easy now, but I wasn't prepared to fight him yet. So I looked t my other barbs and worked out I didn't know what one was doing. So I am playing him for a while.
No great prizes today, found this but by time I found it, I had better

My resistances sucked but I had an answer and all I needed to do was get to 21

and its funny, I leveled up, went back to town and swapped shields, and game went nuts. so many archers on floor 3 of the harem basement. I never seen it like it... I didn't die as well, it couldn't hurt me. Best it can try is kill my mercenary and swamp me, but he has good stuff on too. Not as good, unique chest piece that has 50% extra defense to melee. Have to try it on tomorrow and see if shield makes it better.

He is almost max resistances now and his armor had high physical resistance. He always intends to hide behind a shield with whatever is the best rune word he can make for it. Already have same runeword in a better shield, he just needs 10 more strength to use it. Better block chance.

He is taking his time as if I have to go past 30, there is no rush.

Want to find 4th part of the set he is wearing, it adds nice features and its an amulet. I thought it was a helm.

Good thing I play offline, 104 person queue right now to get online. Time to sleep anyway.
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Using the Arctic horn with the set adds +20-30 cold damage to bow and adds +50 life to character. Mitts are best part though, one day I will get them and make a Bowazon who will die horribly on Belial lol

note: damage might be based on character lvl as I looked on my lvl 28 Amazon
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this isn't me going "look at the pretty drops" as I think I sold it all

its me being amazed my merc was still alive after Belial
He got to meet an angel instead of just hearing about in town afterwards and thinking I had been drinking too much again

It could be his resists

If I wear same Armour with shield above, my resists are 80 across board but my defense goes down.
old photo from when I found it

and before I made shield.
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SO I told game, I will swap shields if you give me a unique or better shield than I have
It gave me this

I didn't swap but I thought, I have that chest piece somewhere and when I found It I realized I had seen it at least 4 times and got to point of selling it. Still had it, not worth swapping to.

Game bug: If you set your F1 keys at any time, it remembers... great, but if you change, it only remembers the previous ones. I keep finding bash as an option and I don't want to use it. I hate the mana draining ghosts in hell. I never have any

Game refuses to give him any Armour choices that aren't crap 46 defense bs. He doesn't actually need any, but so far the only character who ever found any plate with 2 sockets was the assassin. Everyone else gets nothing. He wearing 2 parts of a set and the chest is actually 210 defense which is above anything else I have. I guess he wrong person to farm for new armour.

And its pretending like good swords don't exist too. I have better swords but I need mana on kill, on them, to stop having to use potions all day. Guess I should stop being reluctant to buy them but he also has no gold find or magic find so its slow going. Maybe I send out my Axe user and see if he finds any swords

Curent sword gives mana on kill but its damage sucks. And game just offering him same sort of swords he already has, It should be offering war swords by now. 2 or 3 sockets, I have a rune word for each... better than I have used before.

I gave him a war sword but I drink potions too much. Need to find a 16 slot belt that doesn't just have 1 stat on it.

Found 1st triple socket helm tonight. Only 5 runewords for helms, a starter newbie one at 13, 2 that use a rune I haven't seen yet and 2 that are lvl 51 or higher, so I guess I could put gems in it and make the helm better than one I have now... hmm. I need to swap but its 27 poison resistance is noticed when its not there.
Found charm with 21 Fire resistance on it. That is a keeper.

Who ever designed some rooms never ran the mercenaries through them as they stupid and will try to run through walls when there is a door just a little away but since they try t run directly at you I want to stab them in the face, too often... they make me question their intelligence and lack of understanding what doors do.

Certain things in hell are honey to mercenaries and they can't stop selves breaking them almost always leading to a fight... which i can't let them fight alone or I pay 5k to resurrect them again. He needs more fire resitance really... and a brain. Already died once tonight, only other time that happened was when I sent on out in blues. He isn't in blues.

they are a mixed blessing. I feel its intentional as otherwise I wouldn't get into crap all the time. If you could set them to just follow, it would be great. Half the time they fail at that too... the door thing, areas of the sewers under Kurast Bazaar too. If I am just leaving a dungeon and they can't run through a wall, I just leave them there and know they appear as soon as I exit. Shame they randomly disappear just before a boss pack. Whose side are they on again?

He was no use against Izual, I had to fight it for a change.

Not all bad, Amazon got an upgrade

She doesn't throw hers but the one hand is better than she had. Might play her tomorrow, she is missing a few parts. they all share parts, I need to stop that. Only 1 lvl 31 is immune to it. I decided if they get that far they don't share anymore. Need to find more boots/belts in general.
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I decided to use the 3 socket helm and although I couldn't plug the entire 27 poison resist hole, the helm adds 40 damage to my weapon

Only stat I didn't add with gems was the +2 to increased stamina.

I get a skill at 30 that adds natural resistances of 12 to all, that fill in difference.
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Martial arts Assassins remind me of how rogues used to work in wow, you hit things to build up charges and use finishing moves to spend the charges. One of her attacks steals life and mana and her finishing move then awards it back to her, its great. I hardly use potions. She feels like the answer to the ghosts that steal mana, she spinkicks them and gets mana back for the kill. Bonus. its nice to have moves that don't chew mana. Better still if one gives it back, paladin can do that too.

She eventually uses one trap but unlike previous Assassin, its not her only trick. She does actually intend to fight boss, not run around and hope traps do it. Fade is a cool buff, adds resistance to all and reduces length of curses. I already gave her a good shield, need to make more of them but game needs to give me more 3 socketed shields of the right type. She also has a speed buff but really, she fast enough now.

without fade she already has 3 resistances above 75. With it, its 4, and it shows a graphical bug

this is what she should look like

this is her with fade

Why can I see her face? it should just be the helmet. Its really weird to look at.

So I didn't treat her special when I started, gave her junk rings/amulets. tho one has mf on it. Game gave her

Which was unexpected and wasn't removed until about lvl 15.

She up to almost end of chapter 2, time to grind for a while before attempting boss, as no rush to reach jungle. I didn't know it was late until i heard birds... no, why sun have to come up lol. Its been a long time since I played games all night.

I found these as well yesterday as for a while I played my Druid, he hasn't really moved a lot. He is still at end of chapter 3. Closer to end now.

Its a Necro set, I already have the boots, they add +40 to run speed, my Druid has them on and he moves too fast. He can't equip the hands yet as he only 25. The Assassin likes the idea of that poison as her lvl 30 move adds even more poison. Stack it. She already doing 30 extra poison in 4 seconds after being hit, its great for little things that get hit and run away to die.

Also have the weapon but its only useful on necro. No idea what bonus would be as my highest necro is um.... not sure, he not 25 I don't think. Belial ate his pets. I use him to convert gems. I need to stop converting all as some are used to make the even higher runes that rarely fall. Some runes you can't convert others into. They the really good ones.

4th part is a helm, it would be cool too. Its main feature is lots of magic find - https://diablo-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Sander's_Folly_(Diablo_II)

its purple lol.
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Greens continue to fall
Last part of one set, if the bow being weapon in set wasn't making it obvious, not many classes have the strength to equip the hands at lvl 2 and/or want to use that armour for long. Barbs can but they soon want stronger.

only missing one part of this set, I think its a helm. Its not overly exciting set.

not a bad sword, nice range of damage, not 1 to 50 like some where you have to ask, did you get 1 or 50 that hit?

I have only got one part of this set

And my mages are fighting over it. I suspect its actually a Paladin set... yep, other parts are a shield and a scepter. I don't see many paladin Scepters, I am on look out for one with 3 or 4 sockets. Set weapons damage increases as you level, but its minimum is still 1.. https://diablo-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Civerb's_Vestments_(Diablo_II)

I sent barb out to find Assassin weapons, I haven't got any above lvl 12 and they do exist, just rare.

Most expensive repairs is now 10405, I was wearing unique Armour, it might not be very durable or may have needed that anyway. It was ouch lol.

Easiest way to find one weapon type is play someone who can't use them. Mages find swords.

Oh and I found a green ring, but I already had it 4 times. I hate repeats. Wish it check and just not roll it. But its not that cleaver. At least you can have 2 unique items, Wow used to not let you pick it up if you found two and had one equipped.

its not a bad ring, +20 life and life regen of 6. Its used but I would prefer other things, The amulet would be cool as it would complete set.

Its annoying that lvl 8 set parts fall in lvl 20 areas.
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And just recently
play a mage, get warrior drops

I have a helm where attacker takes lightning damage of 7, interesting combo.
It could be amazon too.
looks good too

she doesn't wear it, she just modeling it. she has better choices
I had let her use another fire mages Staff but she had a 2 socket staff with nice stats drop and I made it much better

Hardly ever run out of mana now. Before I got the staff she borrowed which has almost same stats, just not the +1 fireball & +2 telekinesis, they were on staff already. She my altest attempt at Fire mage, last one missed a prerequiste for a skill at 24 and made her sad, she was working on it, but I feel skill more useful before then... meteor sounds like fun. Useful on bosses maybe.

i seem to find more green items that rares, And rares can be better, Uniques & sets have set stats that only vary in their value, rares can be almost anything.

Note: she wearing green armour, it looks dumb on male characters but on the women it seems to work. Makes you wonder.
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So I found out one thing after wasting 2 runes, The one handed staffs might count as staffs in one aspect but its only staves that can use leaf. Shame as I was going to put it in a one hander and use a shield. Guess it explains why it adds defence. TBH the shield she has doesn't add that much more. Its a mental thing, either way you have a bit of wood in hand.

SO did you know frogs have bones?

So when I get a green drop I always wonder which part it is I have already. Get green shield, I have same ones a few times now. So its nice when something different drops. The size of the shield was a clue it was different.

and it matches the amulet I mentioned yesterday, just missing weapon now. If I get it, the mages might have to deal with a paladin wanting his stuff.

Also anytime I get a uniques set of hands I wonder if its the pair I have 3 times. Not today

Paladin finally got a new helm

and buffing defense actually buffs his offense. He already had a circlet but he gave his old one to new Amazon

That shield above is a Amazon shield.
its block tied to another unique chest piece gave her 75% chance to block (but no resistances),

Anderial had no chance. (making new Amazon as my lvl 28 build was wrong, and its a good way to remember how to play her. )

She also using a maiden spear that is lvl 17, game thinks she should be using lvl 3 weapons but she has other ideas (as is case with most good weapons, another class found it and she gets to play with it. Maybe she find some swords for my barbs.

Action shot on way to spank Anderial. It was just a matter of waiting till 17 to equip stealth armour and the weapon. Its a lot bigger than normal javelin.

Game game her a yellow javelin after killing anderial, it did 1-6 damage in hand, this is more like it.

It will take a long time before she gets a new one. I should use the skill where she throws it, but most of time its in her hand. it can do more damage thrown.

She borrowed the weapons the lvl 28 had. As well as gloves. The Javelin & gloves she has both add +1 to her Javelin & Spear skills, so she lvl 3 in skills she only spent a point in. And a little op in the skills she did spend on. Mana was becoming an issue before she got that weapon. Well, grew into it. It was waiting for her, like many things.

Very rare I see anything lvl 18 or more. Only have 1 set part that was above lvl of person who found it. But regular drops? I haven't noticed. Its likely to become more a case as your lvl ijncreases

Armour sets look really good on Amazon.
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it was made by the people who made Wow, the original team who made Diablo 2 ended up making Torchlight series after leaving blizzard. So Blizzard had to relearn what Diablo was before they could get it right.
They messed it up on launch with an auction house.
Diablo 2 only has one chance to relearn your points if you get it wrong, D3 let you swap them at any time and reduced replay ability in my eyes. As why make a WW barb when any barb can do it. Diablo 2 you need to get it right or you not going to survive in later difficulties.

Right now still relearning game, endlessly restarting lol.

See what they do with DIablo 4.
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Might have to look at that.

I thought it was a slow day
Images show otherwise
Game wanted Amazon to change gloves, she ignored it

not seen this set before
She did swap her belt and is yet to switch back, but then she hardly uses potions.

She thinking about swapping for Mephisto as 4 more potions would be nice

I got 3rd part of a Barb set when game was trying to replace her helm, she ignoring it unless it gives better

Bane took that as the 2 part set bonus includes defense and Attack Rating, Chest already has +1 Barb skills. I am glad I got helm as it means a lvl 3 set is still useful in chapter 4. I had the chest and Axe but axe lost usefulness about lvl 12.

Looks good, still needs a real sword, Hope someone else finds it.
Amazon also got nice Armour

she does 17 lightning damage to anyone who attacks her, just from helm/Chest. With shield it is 20 but I prefer a rune word shield to fix other resists

She just killed High Council

its only in the last fights she actually used a heal potion. Before that she just collected them for profit.
She has +9 life regen and life leech of 6 from a ring (that game gave her a copy of but she doesn't need that much.
Its also only about now I am seeing javelin of similar damage to one she has used since lvl 17. She is lvl 26.
at the same level, she does more damage than my fire mage does

Charged strike is misleading, it does both. It does same damage as a normal hit but it sends out electric charges that do the other, and more points you put into skill, the more charges it sends out. You increase its damage by using synergies. Put points in another skill and it increases them all. Its great.

Also can't really use Power Strike too much as it eats mana, but it will work on bosses. 1 hits everything else. She normally uses a normal attack to get mana back since she gets 5% on hit from gloves or weapon I think. Charged Strike isn't even her final form, needs to get to 30 for that. She good at crowd control... she reduces them to dead bodies.

Fire Mage

Mage has synergies too but charms don't add damage to her spells, whereas they assist melee. Sucks really. So its harder to buff them up to silly amounts. She up to same place as the Amazon and does 200 dps less.

Spiders may have been fixed, they don't all just stand there and let them kill them now. Was a suprise the first time that happened as I am used to them being broken.
Travincal also has more mobs in it, its not just empty. The mobs will actually fight you after you beat the bosses, not just run away. Its good. more, experience.
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Becky found out why you don't kill High Council and then skip getting the next portal, they were back lol. FOught them 3 times tonight. 2 were planned.

its not all bad, apart from them killing her merc once she got some nice loot, and the best drop wasn't even from the boss, and it wasn't for her. Its something bane has been waiting for, a 3 socket war sword, I had a runeword waiting for it

it was holy grail of drops really.

he just needs his boots/gloves back and he can go make the game pay for not giving him a sword before now.

Guess I better repair it. I look for some boots for him tomorrow, I suspect I know the ones he used. relying on a set, maybe game be nice and give him something new.

Mephisto equiped my merc with new field plate and a new spear. He needed that after dying to the council. He also gave my lvl 31 Barb a new war axe as well. Only person who didn't get anything new when Amazon beat him, was the Amazon.

Amazon in Chapter 4 now. wanted to do Durance of Hate at night as its so dark in there. She went from beginning of chapter 2 to beginning of chapter 4 tonight, I had the fastest Tal rashas tomb ever, game must have thought I was doomed as when I found entrance I had no cold resist. portal to town, swap armor into one that can't be frozen and game would not have been amused. Killed it so fast the Merc survived, he lived through Mephisto too... he won't survive Diablo. Diablo does 7x more damage to mercs than to players.
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Amazon was not amused by Hell, she doesn't like people stealing her mana at best of times and it seems a full mana bar attracts every ghost in hell to come suck on your mana, so running around with none is normal. It doesn't achieve that much, I still can drop a mana potion if she runs into a boss group, but that combined with my special needs Mercenary going missing just as I am
1. About to level up. Don't call it a coincidence, it happens too often.
2. I am out of mana and could use his buff
3. We just came back from town because its only way to unfreeze him.

just made he rage quit once and I played my 2 barbs for a while who don't care too much if they have no mana. I went back to her after running around same area got boring

They stupid, path finding is a joke. Run through a door and if you move and the door isn't between you and it, it will spend all the day running into a wall. I feel its intentional to get you into trouble, They also attracted to breakables in chapter 4 and always have to rescue them, or pay to res them.

Anyway, Izual gave her this

and although I know bow using Amazon suck in chapter 2, I just wanted to try it.

that and it lets me play with this

So its 45 str to equip gloves but 55 Dex for bow. Luckily, if you have the chest and belt and equip hands you get +10 dex which was enough to let me equip bow, or I still be waiting.

cannot be frozen, if only I had enough dps to burn down Belial.

that 20 to 30 cold damage is op in chapter 1.

Its a good looking bow

no, she doesn't have grey hair, its the hat.

Yes, I could have just put bow on another character but thats not the same.

I was going mad running around in hell so I made her instead. I have to lvl 30 Barbs now, that sword paired with a few new skills made him playable. THe tower shield slowed him down so I gave him increased run speed skill. Level 30 he got more resistances. Not sure how things meant to hurt him now.

So deaths hand set is actually Barb, other 2 parts being a sword and a sash. The sword isn't likely to fall much before lvl 30 and yet belt and hands are basic. Hands and sword would work together... if I ever find sword. In hell. or later.

Only classes no in chapter 4 are:

Druid and Sorc at least at end of chapter 3. Necro? crickets. Highest one is my gem converter.

I want to find a necro build that can do belial. You can't really rely on pets for it. Funny, I classify the mercenary as a pet. He not smartest cookie.
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This may interest you guys:

I've looked at several mods over on the Nexus, mainly for expanding inventory size, and I'm following this one specifically:
Better SP at Diablo II: Resurrected Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

D2 is as much about inventory management as it is about defeating demons & undead and collecting loot; so much loot. I've always been a bit fanatical about inventory & stash management in any game, but in D2 I'm finding that I'm running out of stash pace even though it was greatly increased in the remaster.

Creating multiple characters helps, as @Colif has done with his army of demon killers, but I just find myself running out of room (not to mention teleporting back to town every 10 minutes to stash or sell equipment).

The main issue with mods right now, at least in my opinion, is that D2R is still being patched; and generally, if a game gets patched with mods installed, the game will break. Also, many of the mods have pretty lengthy bug reports or other issues, which is normal with a newly released game. I'm going to wait for a few months until things smooth out.

@Colif - My tribe of Amazons (currently 4, with 3 being Bowazons) want that bow you created. Really nice bow.
Its time to try another necro. Think I found a build that works, it includes a respec around lvl 24 to take different skills - https://www.wowhead.com/guides/diablo-2-necromancer-leveling-best-build-skills-gear
He slow going as he doesn't have summons apart from one, and really drinks too many potions. And if you not surrounded by a pack of crazed skeletons, and just 1 golem, then its going to be slow as you can't just walk in, he is more a caster. Right now he only uses one spell for most part. It works great outdoors but inside the jail its a bit dark.
I like his mask

its not a summoner build. So its a shame, i like having them kill for me but their effectiveness wanes in later difficulties so why bother.

Age of Conan was where I had a fun necro.
Aim is to beat chapter 2. Always assumed the iron maiden curse was more visually accurate

I have to be specific now, don't need a character for 2 handed swords but would at least give me somewhere for the 4 I have kept. Some purposes have more than 1 character now.
  • Set items are on 2 now. Or I try to keep them there as otherwise I have to look through everyone and its always someone I think won't have the item. The set everyone uses can be hard to keep together. If I couldn't share I don't think I would have as many characters in chapter 4.
  • Bows have two characters since they can be 8 slots, not 6. And include Xbows - Saw my 1st repeating xbow in Chapter 4, didn't know they were a thing.
  • I have the Jewels on 2 characters now, they took up half a bank tab.
  • Runes take up one page of the bank, as I never know when I might find a weapon to socket, and it saves restarting game - sometimes if you just killed a boss, you can't just restart game. I have a character who has all the spares. Some runes more common than others, I got to point I sell some of them now. They useless at a lower lvl**
  • Necro who failed before is now my jeweler
  • Axeman is obvious in his name
  • Headley looks after helmets
  • Chestie would like to think she is obvious.
  • Boots goes without saying (though some diversify)

Ever since Barb got that sword game has decided to admit Gladius exist, and shown me a few. Lvl 15 swords for a lvl 30 Barb.

there is a druid set, I am amazed. Only things I ever see for them are helms.90% of helms I find are for barbs though. Shame every class doesn't get their own helmets, unlike D3.

So finding items for my necro will be... fun... as I sell yew wands so I probably had some really good ones in the past month. They sell for 20k , and only take up 2 slots of inventory. I kept the yellow ones I have found but they not the best. Guess I send barbs out to find other weapons now, they have a long shopping list... Paladin still needs a better weapon, he ran out into hell and the game promptly killed his merc and paly only survived as he pretty hard to kill. just runs out of mana.
I have 3 parts of a set for him but he needs to be lvl 28 to equip the hands.

Paladin weapons also sell for heaps. Scepters = 5k. Thats at start of normal, they can go for 20k in chapter 4. Sold two items earlier, 42k in hand.

I found a socketed ethereal Skull cap, I turned it into a runeword and although you can't repair etheral, its doesn't matter if a merc uses it as they don't take damage on equipment. Merc on the Archer I was playing before has etheral helm & chest piece. 108 defence on chest.

I found a lvl 24 Asssassin weapon, they so rare. You still get lvl 3 ones falling in chapter 4. assassin needs to level into weapon to use it, but its max damage is 10 above anything she seen before so worth it.

If you going to try to play them as dps you need to have a higher lvl character farming for you.

It just gets boring walking round in same zone in chapter 4. First zone is almost empty, 2nd includes a boss you would need to fight everytime, so I pick 3rd zone which happens to have a waypoint in it so can portal right there. Its always same map so I know what stupid things merc will do. I assume the amazon will react differently there. She wouldn't try to break everything, but she might attack things you not ready for. They both do that. Keep them away from doors as they randomly open them when you trying to rest. Then they forget how to go through the door they ran through 5 seconds before.

**You can put 3 of every rune up to Thul into the cube and convert them into a higher form. Highest I seen is an Amn rune. Need mroe thul runes to make even higher runes. Some runes you can't make I think... many need gems as well to create. The time spent converting the bottom lvl runes to top isn't worth it, you need 9 Eth runes to make one NEF and NEF are common already. And I don't think theyre are any rune words for them. True, they all have effects but I only bother with actual runewords for most part. I rarely bother to socket anything that isn't runes unless its for a merc spear type thing that I bought to make him semi useful.
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