Diablo 2 Resurrected

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going to have to see if i have clicked that at all in game, I had to look up my mouse control software to see what button that was on mine. Its not stuck in or anything, as it works as the "back" function on web pages and takes me 1 page back.

Once I play later, I will click it and see if it makes any difference. I saw character walk once last night right at start of a region and then run again. I did look at keybindings and saw only Ctrl listed, i didn't think the mouse might be elsewhere.
It wasn't the mouse button I thought it was but the result is still same, I had mistakenly pressed it during a fight and not knowing it was a run button, thought it was a bug. Thing is, shouldn't it be per character basis and not account? thats pretty dumb. It should reset at log off, but maybe people like to always run? it should maybe show somewhere?

I also found one of my mouse buttons acts as Alt key so I can see what is on ground without needing to touch one more kb button. I miss the feature of TL2 where you can set what to show on ground, I wouldn't see whites ever again.

My Assassin who spent 23 lvls running everywhere suddenly feels slow :D

I need to play her a while before I take on 2nd chapter boss to adjust to speed. She is probably most likely to succeed given she can actually hurt things, biggest problem on all is mana I find, everyone needs more all the time. Regen is the key, even my Sorc struggles.

Next in line is Barb, I am just on look out for a 3 socketed 1 handed sword for him. Game not being nice lol. I already have the runes for it. Also need to give him back the 3 part set which will help on boss. Cannot be frozen is very helpful on Durial. Might do Barb first actually. Its a weakness, keep wanting to restart. Need to get further in. Wonder what jungle looks like now. Not in a rush to remeet the little guys with big knives

I just need to get out of chapter 2, everyone is in same zone now. No variety, Paladin is getting slaugtered in the arcane sanctuary, really don't like him in there.

Then Colif looks at the weapon he gave Paladin, and it says
The biggest downside to this Rune Word is the -5 Drain Life. You can make up for this with Replenish Life on any piece of gear.

oops. its the weapon lol. I need to fix that detail later. I do have replenish life items around.

I may not make same thing for Barb and aim for another runeword later on.

Weather is reason I am not playing right now, incoming storm :(

I get a game I want to play, weather turns bad... typical
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Barbarian got impatient and so is in chapter 3 now, jungle has changed in 20 years. Base camp seems bigger than it was, and confusing. I couldn't find repair person there for a while, which is annoying as they also gave a quest

I remember this guy from D3
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if you go to a shop with no cash in chapters 1 & 2 it says you can't afford anything
If you go to a shop in chapter 3 it shows your stash amount at all times and you can just spend from it without needing to have any on you. Why only then?

Chapter 3 is pretty short
I can't remember Hell much yet but I remembered most of the Jungle. One mob I hadn't seen before


Another sunny day in Bangladesh, just ask Lutfi

I want to get rid of the shield one day.

Edit: Up to Diablo now, no rush, I finished 2 chapters tonight, Boss in Chapter 3 was easier to kill than the mini bosses leading up to it.

This looks cool but I won't say any spoilers.

Stupid Me didn't know about the F key until tonight. Nice mace, shame I couldn't keep it
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Major gripe I have is: Mercenaries who randomly stop walking and only way to unfreeze them is to portal to town, or go into a cave. Its annoying the 1st chapter one always disappears in maybe the Dark woods, and the 2nd chapter one is worse still. He does it all the time to Barb, maybe as my walk speed is 45% faster due to a combo of bonuses (boots + runeword in chest piece.). Especially annoying as I use him more than the first chapter mercs, his auras can be useful. Depending which you choose. I have prayer on Barb but I think assassin used something else to help attack rating.

Mercs try to reach you in a direct manner and that doesn't help if there are walls in between. It feels like the quests I used to hate in sacred 2, show this person the way somewhere and pray they don't randomly attack something, and get themselves killed.

Why can summons open doors? I know how to open them, I might be resting and regaining mana before I open door and let whatever is over there know I am here. My clay golem randomly opens doors... why. Mercenaries do it too. i try to stand away from doors to stop them being helpful, I don't care if they are bored.
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Jun 8, 2021
Felt like chapter 3 was pretty long. Stuck on the fight with the ancients right before baal. I can fill my entire inventory up with health and mana potions and still not have enough to kill the third guy. They pretty much two shotted my merc despite the fact that I had my merc pretty well geared up. Unlike every other boss fight, if you portal back to town for more potions you have to start the fight all over again.
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You have to fight them again before the boss fight as well. Though not all at once.
What level are you? My barb is lvl 27 now. He was probably about 25 then.

I didn't portal back but I did run away to get more potions out of the cube. They were harder than the boss was for me.
You can kite them away so it is not 3 at once.
In between storms I am playing my Amazon today as she has been neglected, glad I have notes about the builds I have. She only at start of chapter two.
Need to make Stealth for her too.
Imbues: Um, maybe rings/Amulets since you can't socket those? If they aren't a choice, go for a pair of boots as they are hardest things to find for everyone. If class has class specific items I would chose one of those. Barbs have hats for instance, Necro have heads they hold in off hand... in theory, i didn't ever see one on Necro but I have seen them since.
Yeah, you can't imbue rings/amulets. The only thing I didn't have before the final boss in Act 1 was a belt that added 8 slots, and I knew that I'd need that. Maybe not the best choice I could have made, but live and learn.


Something I completely forgot about, is that you can go back to the Rouge Encampment and have an item imbued from Act 2. I wish I had remembered that.

I also didn't remember that your hireling would follow you to Act 2 from Act 1. I thought I read somewhere years ago that Blizzard changed that. I'm not sure what will happen when my hireling dies, as I'm sure she will, so maybe I'll have to go back to the Rouge Encampment to have her resurrected.

I've yet to get any set piece items and only 1 unique. Several rares, but nothing great. Also getting a few runes, but I haven't discovered any of the correct sequences to use them to max effect.

My level 20 Amazon:
https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Rune_list - more useful for once you have a way to transmute. And have multiple copies of the same rune (3)

So I decided my Amazon needed to be played as she was only lvl 17

I like her helm and resists

Don't hassle her for her name, she has a mean streak. Just look at those eyes.
Funny that attacker takes 7 thing, her attacks are electric so everyone gets lighting damage from her

It was meant to be the assassin next but she walked all over the chapter 2 area, so it was... why not. The little guys with big knives in chapter 3 weren't even a pain.. I know it gets worse in 2nd play through. Its why I remember the Jungle. She up to the Council that Lenson mentioned so I am playing one of the others.. the boss is actually fairly easy after them. Druid probably next through, being a Bear feels like its cheating.

Its not even on the tool tip but Thawing Potions boost Cold resistance by 50 and last 30 seconds and can be stacked, so drink 5 to give self a nice boost on Durial. I was collecting them just to find you can buy them in stores.

Druid is past the paladin, who is feeling left behind. 2nd Replacement Necro is lvl 15

Yeah, I found out about rings. Best items are hands, boots or belts maybe so you made a reasonable decision. I used to do helms but most of mine are the same runed one now, as are chests. I have enough of those for all my characters so maybe one day I keep enough runes to make a better shield.

Advantage to playing multiple classes is you get drops you unlikely to get on actual class as easy. I found a few things like that.

You probably want an act 2 Merc, their buffs make them best in game. Rest aren't as useful. Merc with prayer is great way to save heal potions over time. '
Even my amazon took one and now they both use a spear - trust me, this is a spear

its just too long to show on screen.
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Jan 14, 2020
I'm playing with an offline character and already started to regret this. I'm still in the second act, but it worries me that I won't be able to transfer my progress to the online mode. I've found some nice items for other classes and they'll go to a waste unfortunately. Damn, if it wasn't for the server problems on day 1 I would probably be playing in online mode from the very beginning...
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So this is my new Dual Wield Barb

Its obvious really, the shield says it all. Actually, he is a whirlwind barb but he needs to get to 30 to even get that skill so makes do where he can. Currently using the Paladins Malice but he has life regen of +8 so can easy do it. Only started him yesterday. Trying to avoid him using same set as all the others are, he did use it on Durial though, swapped in just for fight.

He is going maces, using 2 at once just asks for archers. Hence the shield. I been looking for a new one, just made a replacement bone shield and then game rewards me with a set Tower shield I can't use yet. Needs more strength but its 65% block chance is enough + another bonus it has

his damage went down a little.

No legendaries in game, unique are the best you can get. I have about 5 so far, found 2 today... was running around in last area of chapter 2 and had just said to self "I never get any axes" and a unique one dropped. Also got a sword today... Game laughing going, you went maces, look at this nice things you can't use, and me thinking... next character maybe. they normally 10 lvls below you anyway.

Its why I play lots of classes, they always find things the others wouldn't and with shared stashes and multiple characters who only stand near their stash all day, its easy enough to get overwhelmed lol. Now where is that helm, who has X. Like barb's helm above, I knew someone had it but now who.

I have to stop making runes. Not runewords, converting the previous tier to next. Its like gems, 3 lower quality = 1 above it. I don't understand point of gems when you can also use runewords in most things or jewels. Hands and feet don't get sockets and usually a better choice for Helm, chest, weapons or shield**

** okay, shields is where I used jewels so far as I don't have the right runes for the shield yet. And on low lvl gear.
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Only use for jewels in other sockets would be to make a magic find/gold find set as I see jewels that increase gold find

Some increase stats. Not found any that increase vitality itself, just life.

I wonder if they fixed spiders as half of them don't attack and run away instead. Red ones attack, green and blue not so much.
some jewels can add damage to weapons, so not all bad. Think I am just down on them as I only seen low lvl ones.

Got 2 characters through to Hell today, 2nd Barb who was inevitable, and

who wasn't really planned but every time I play her I have to remember how, and she likes hell, more than my new Barb does anyway. Might be her 51% fire resistance which is her lowest resist right now. She way over 75 in lightning. Hardest problem with her is mana. MIght be her ability to wipe entire packs if she does have mana

She up to Diablo like my other Barb is

High council easy if you kite them away and don't fight 3 at once + minions. Mephisto was easy after them, merc didn't even die from poison which is a first.

Barb got to hell and all the demons ganged up on his merc and killed him almost right away... I was like.. why.

Guess I should get assassin through or play someone else. I need better runes before I can make the shield the pally needs (my excuse). I could play my mage, forget where she is up to.

So far its only melee in Hell. Guess I should try to change that.

several hours pass...


she had a fun time on Mephisto but the council were easy - I took my advice and fought them one at a time. Fire based attacks in chapter 4 shouldn't work really but they sort of do.

Assassin isn't melee, she doesn't do a lot of damage with claws but traps are her thing.

Not sure who next into Hell is. I tried Pally again, he seems squishy. He at least got past the stage he was stuck in. Needs better gauntlets. Seems a common problem actually. Think I still need to find a better paly weapon for him to actually hurt things, often the mobs will attack my merc as she does more damage. He kept the archer figuring don't need two paly buffs... and ranged when he isn't helps.

Paly can actually do damage, he just lacks the mana to use his main attack constantly. he can 1 hit kill things with vengence, but he can't use it all the time. Not yet...must need gear or something still. its just his build, almost all his main skills are lvl 30... maybe i just grind chapter 2 for a while. He might not hit chapter 3 much before 30. Or I play others and hope to find better stuff for him.

I want to try another Druid build, Maul bear is sort of boring. Its not hard tro play. just uninteresting

Amazon seems most likely to meet Diablo first. Her resistances are perfectly suited to area she is in, only stress is mana. I don't seem much mana leech gear, maybe that is use for gem stones. Skulls in swords leech life & mana. I don't like the damage range of one of her attacks, 1 to 540. I wish I could boost the minimum. Too much range. No idea how many 1's I get. I don't use that attack anyway, I have better choices. I used that skill to buff another.

I tried my original Necro again, basically relearn him and give his summons 1 skill he had ignored, resistances. Boost that a few lvls maybe to see if they can survive the cold on Durial. I also have 2 parts of a set for him but he needs to be lvl 25 to use one part. So he isn't in a rush either.

I have a pair of Demon leather gloves I want to imbue, Defence of 33 before being imbued.

just need to get someone to kill that guy again, current character near area struggling to even start the zone. She might need a few more lvls. Ice mage.
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Amazon almost met Diablo but I chickened out. She has his number.

I made a new druid but his build is wrong, i found out a few things along way. Went back to the maul bear build as it might have been uninteresting but it works


I just had to buff him up a little with some borrowed weapons. Using a mace with Malice runewoid on it

I made this for him but I was in the flayer jungle and its not ideal place for the weapon and no shields. Unless you have aoe

I will try it somewhere. Funny, I assumed it was a slow mace.

Obligatory Jungle shot.

I never see that character, he only in that form if he on town too long. Bear all day otherwise. Otherwise someone might recognise him

He almost up to hell. I see, so I am bear tanking the boss again? (wow reference)

I couldn't find the spider caverns, I must have walked past its area at least 3 times but just didn't walk close enough for icon to show on map. I knew what zone it was in , but I couldn't find it. I actually confirmed zone online just in case it was in next one for some reason but I have found it every other time in Spider jungle. It was just after confirming where it was that I found it.

I think MY mercenary has a deal with the monsters, he will randomly disappear taking his health buff with him just as the AI takes out my spirit buff leaving me easier to deal with. I must have gone back to town at least 10m times today just cause that (expletives removed to protect innocent and not teach people new words) didn't bother to follow me. It happens too often to be a coincidence, but then bear does not know what mana is for, and for a lot of the time, if merc and spirit are working as they should, I don't use any potions. He hasn't died yet. It has been close at times. But once I see merc is not there, I portal to town. ON some occasions he has needed a few portals just to actually do anything... I wonder if Merc AI run from servers, as they did maintenance today. It wouldn't surprise me they do something dumb like that.

Once I thought he was dead but no, just hiding.

I think I used about 5 mana potions so far entire game on Druid. if he used summons he would know about mana, or if he was a fire/wind druid.

Not sure what to do tomorrow, He is almost up to the High Council and he will join the log jam in Hell. Maybe I watch videos of Diablo fight again, its been a while. Knowing what it looks like is always handy, I remembered his 5 seals that need to be busted before he appears. Amazon cleared 2 of them today,

Bear form doubles my health, I have 490 almost all the time, I need a timer to go off just before my bear form runs out. I expect it will eventually be about 5 minutes.
@Lutfij what type of bear were you?
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With this shield my Barb was not having a fun time. Hell is rather hot and demons were roasting him.

SO I made a few runes and although I have less chance to block, look at my resistances compared to top shot

I went from struggle to thinking Hell was actually easier to grind in than the Jungle ever is. Game went from picking on him to picking on his merce, but if I remember correctly it killed merc last time he went into hell. So now merc wearing same rune words in armor as I am... but I believe there is meant to be a better one for him. Need to look into that.

Barb needs to get to 30 before he actually gets his main skill. Diablo might have to wait a while.
Izual just takes time, he isn't even hard. might not avoid him like I was before, he might drop something nice... maybe. Spent last 3 skill points on stone skin which makes a difference too. Tempted to just go sword board with him, not sure. Depends what future brings.

I didn't feel like playing Bear today so I made a Bowazon and she was fun to play until Durial ended the fun. How do people kill that if they don't have high dps and prefer to be ranged? My Merc dies right away and then its just a slow process of me being frozen and not having enough mana. or a hope of beating it. My Javelin amazon was fastest I seen to kill the thing, bows and like... why.

Difference is 1 Amazon could use a set to remain unfrozen and also defend... bow you got nothing. So I wonder what secret is... use a sword shield for fight?

Maybe she needs to grind more. Shame I just gave her helm and armor to my merc on Barb lol. I need more better bows, all the ones I have are low lvl.

If nothing else she found a charm that adds 1-20 lightning damage which my other Amazon will accept as she is lightning based.

edit: all it took was 2 small charms

Guess his armour ready for diablo but am I?
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I am like this, I try different characters to find ones I like and what works. I want to try things and see what sticks. I like idea of druid summoner but I foresee problems with Durial. Anyone who doesn't do the fighting themselves will suffer.

Its funny, I looked up Bowazon & Durial and the results show its been a problem for them for 20 years. People say to cheese fight and ue explosives oil instead of bow against him, and set up a portal as soon as fight starts so you can go buy more potions and do it again.. I wonder how Mainer will go. I may be lucky having that set that has "cannot be frozen" as a bonus, as it sure makes a difference for classes who could use it. I think all of them have so far. Its just a non brainer. Amazon still uses it, bear will too once i play him again. So good to be able to share equipment, just makes it difficult to work out who has what.

One way to beat it is spec as javelins until you kill it and then respec to bows but that means doing it before him every difficulty, I hope you have spare gear for the fight. You get one respec per difficulty. I try to avoid it. D2 game where you mess up character, there is only 1 retry, and it didn't exist until expansion I believe.

Only character not using set is the barb above, though even he swapped it in for the durial fight. His resistances show he doesn't miss it. His last run around hell only suffered as I am getting sleepy :)

No idea about how many characters. Happy there is no limit like there was in D3. Several now just act as extra stash space. Made one called Bows, can you guess what she has in inventory (for a while i was armor). Half of them just exist for space. I need a mega shared stash of all characters lol. I already have that for runes, and gems and rings. And Bows.

Need to track boots, those and gloves are hardest parts to get good ones of.

Hours, last week we had storms for about 5 days so not as much as I would like but probably more than most. I am getting tired of it... hence I get to hell and start a new character instead of playing further. Need to watch videos of Diablo fight so I know what to expect, its been 20 years since i fought him.

Hate wasting time making a character who is fun to play until one boss goes nope and makes it almost impossible. Shame. she could clear rooms my other characters (except bear) had problems with. Guess I need to get my Sorcerer up to him. Or the paladin,

Some are just easier.
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I wonder how Mainer will go. I may be lucky having that set that has "cannot be frozen" as a bonus, as it sure makes a difference for classes who could use it. I think all of them have so far. Its just a non brainer. Amazon still uses it, bear will too once i play him again. So good to be able to share equipment, just makes it difficult to work out who has what.

One way to beat it is spec as javelins until you kill it and then respec to bows but that means doing it before him every difficulty, I hope you have spare gear for the fight. You get one respec per difficulty. I try to avoid it. D2 game where you mess up character, there is only 1 retry, and it didn't exist until expansion I believe.

I'm concerned about the Durial battle as well (thanks for wondering about my progress), though I haven't gotten to that one yet. I looked at the Bowazon build video and I'm taking some of his advice on skill/sats selection. My memories of that battle are 20 years old, and a bit moldy, but I know I've gotten through it with a bow wielding Amazon. I actually started a 2nd Amazon with bows/crossbows to see if I could get some better equipment. Good bow drops seem rare, and merchant selection of bows is definitely lacking in quality.

I haven't found any set piece items at all, and the few uniques I've found are for other types of characters. I have found quite a few rare items, as well as quite a few 3 socketed bows/crossbows/armors. I do hoard and upgrade all runes & gems, so hopefully I can build something powerful.

My first Amazon died twice. Once, from stupidly trying to take a screenshot of a battle (I knew it would happen), and the second time was trying to use a healing potion from my belt while holding the Shift Key to stand still. That doesn't work, you have to release the Shift Key when pressing the belt slot number. My 2nd Amazon hasn't died yet. They are both in Act 2 now; the 1st one is ready for the Canyon of Magi & Tal Rasha's Tomb, the 2nd one just arrive in Lut Gholein. Andariel was pretty easy for both of them, undoubtedly the easiest end level boss battle.

My first Amazon:

My 2nd Amazon, so far undefeated:

Do you know if they've tweaked the drop rates at all in a patch? I noticed a huge increase in drops for gems, jewels, & runes with my 2nd character; like a 3 or 4 times as many increase. Also, does BattleNet auto-patch the game when a patch is released? I'm currently on version 1.0.66063.

The other character types I may start are the Barbarian and the Druid. I know I've played those in the past and enjoyed them.
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I had one character that was only getting charms all Tuesday night, was crazy. Annoying too. I guess I have to sell the bad ones,

I don't know if they announce changes as if any patches happen its on server side I guess.

I looked at Diablo videos and realized my WW barb would have to get to at least 33 or so to have a chance against diablo as he doesn't get ww until 30 and before then he had no real attack. So I am making a fury (not Furry) Barb who uses 2 swords and attracts archers like honey does for bees (but I knew that would happen) and who died once to me stupidly having no poison resistance is chapter 1. But Anderial died fast enough.

My only defense against archers, Taunt them and they try to melee attack you if you close enough. Doesn't end well for them.

I still have the Imbue option on Charsi so been looking for some gloves to imbue. Then game drops

and I have to reconsider what to use Imbue on. I was already dangerous before I got those gloves. All night I been getting life regen rings, I have +9 life regen and _4 life leech on current character. Not sure he needs Malice. he currently dual wielding 2 unique swords lol

Probably Imbue boots, nothing that can have sockets. So no armor, Weapons, or Helms. Unless i need a weapon later on.

This is his pairing right now, be sad to replace them


No rush to choose what to Imbue as game must have been changed a little, before you had to imbue to get next quest and I would waste it on crap I didn't really need. Now I just wait for something nice to fall later on.

Currently wearing plate mail borrowed from a friend (another character who isn't going anywhere right now)

Durial will be fun on him unless I chicken out and not use 2 swords on that fight. Then I can use my set that seems to save everyone else. I don't know if anyone of my characters done it without that set yet,

if i think of it, Barbs can dual wield 2 handers (one in each hand) , so he has 2 of them equipped for laughs, he doesn't really use them for fighting as they too slow. Maybe I try tomorrow.
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