Civilization VI—muddling thru

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Wonderful… wonders aren't as impactful as in Civ4, but there are a few with general usage and a few more situational ones.

The Great Library


You always need Science in Civ, no matter what victory type you're pursuing, so this one can be worth grabbing if it fits in with your plans. Or not—it's weaker than the standard city building University, and costs a lot more, so it needs to 'fit in' to a plan to be worthwhile.

The Great Lighthouse


Situational—if you're playing a water-based game, get this early. It adds +1 movement to your boats AND embarked units, which makes a nice difference especially in the earlier exploration and Barb clearance times.
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Pumakkale for Campus

Pumakkale seems to be a great Natural Wonder, its main trait being +1 of the scarce Amenities, and +1 again with Entertainment Complex. However…


…to me it looks like the biggest benefit is sticking a campus down beside it for a big fat adjacency reward. Do this asap and stick Pingala in the city as Governor—he's got 2 great promotions to go on top of his starting +15% Science.


There are 3 tiers, which provide 4, 6, and 8 policy cards—you start with 2 from around turn 10. They're color-coded:
Red = Military
Gold = Economy
Green = Diplomacy


I pick Oligarchy in Tier 1 because the Diplomacy slot is useless for my purposes. The 4th card is a wildcard, so I get 2 Military and 2 Economy cards from Oligarchy.

However it reverses in Tier 2, as Merchant Republic is the only one which gives me useful traits—I've turned off the annoying World Congress which nerfs Diplomatic Favor trait, and I haven't tried playing a religious game yet. Hard to go wrong with buffs to District building.
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