Beautiful Game Appreciation

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Jan 20, 2021
Let's appreciate beautiful games.

From the obvious picks like Witcher 3

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to less obvious picks like Divinity Original Sin 2

Or perhaps more stylized games like Darkest Dungeon

All is free to post as long as it tickles one of your aesthetic senses.

So go ahead and show us good looking games. ^^
I haven't played Darkest Dungeon but I know that art style anywhere!!
Yeah, was happy with that one:) Had a lot of fun with that expansion. Good story, believable characters, and a lot of fun quests. The caretaker fight was pretty badass and you actually had to think a little and not just smash your way through him. Tempted to try out Witcher 2 as I never really managed to play through it because of a shitty computer. It looked beautiful, but choppy as hell for me, unfortunately.


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Finally, time for some Witcher 3!

You're sure this was developed in Poland? Not England?

In many ways, the first area of this game could be called The Two Towering Trees

The little graphics glitches on the right of this one are 3D Vision artifacts - the game engine didn't thing those textures would be drawn

Beauclair Palace from the Tourny Grounds (Blood & Wine DLC)


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Lara was found a ship stuck in a cave deep in the jungle but this tops even that! This is a beached as it gets without going to another planet.

Fancy picnic

Fyke Tower

I really loved this rock formation in Blood & Wine but the game never really said anything about it. There was a fort or some such in between but no lore at all that I could find. I couldn't even find a name for them so just called them The Fangs.
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I really liked the picnic one. That side-quest is pretty, pretty romantic:) I have not been on top of those fangs yet, but I reckon one of them got a place of power. Perhaps they just made the rock formation out of the general vampire theme for that DLC. It is a cool screenshot, especially with the moon behind and that lonely flower trying to survive on that rocky/gravel surface.



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