Website Issue - US Customer Service Page is Dated


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Searching for managing PC Gamer magazine subscriptions led me to this page:

It's a 13 year old page and, unsurprisingly, has dead links to the subscription service. It could really use some attention and an update to the links.
Where, specifically did you find an outdated page? If we know where it's linked, we might be able to get it sorted out.

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I'm not sure quite what you mean...

If you mean how did I find that page - I just searched on Google (possibly for site: to try and find information on subscribing to PC Gamer. It pointed me to the page I quoted for US Customer Services.

If you mean where on the page did I find a link to an outdated page, it's at the end of the sentence "To check or change any of these details, login to your Customer Services page now ." It's pointing to


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