The last game you completed

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Right i'm sure some of you are aware i have recently finished 2064 : Read only memories.

As a visual novel/ adventure game it was damn fine game. Interesting story, a well written script, throw in some excellent audio/soundtrack and a splash of pixel graphics for nostalgia and you're onto a winner. Its a bit rough in the ends on some areas. For some reason the game managed to crash on me on some occasions every time i tried to save it, the mouse input i never got the hang of and the end game areas it sort of ran out of steam when a large chunk of the audio wasn't recorded. but all minor gripes.

Now after a all that text reading, i'm thinking of playing starcraft 2 legacy of the void. Never been a big fan of RTS games, but i'm playing it so that i can remove the blizzard browser and free up some icons on my computer.
Another game crossed off the list. This time its Starcraft 2: legacy of the void whilst it wasn't particularly difficult on normal, i had a great time playing it and even with my noobish rts ways i still prevailed on normal. The best part coming back to it was probably seeing the recommended numbers for resource gathering. A sort of eye opener as i would never think to use 20+ gathers. The only missions that really taxed me were the epilogue missions. The last one especially vexed me partly because i was sloppy, partly because i forgot all the shortcuts for the zerg game. hindsight i should have rebind all the keys so all factions common pool units had the same key presses.

Interestingly(annoyingly) the battlenet acknowledges the achievements i got for playing SC2 WoL but not count as me beating the campaign. Went back to playing some of that and i found that every bit as enjoyable as the first one. Still prefer that over legacy of the void.

So what next? The POE Heist league is starting today, so i'll sink my teeth into that for a while. After that, i'll just and cross off a few more indie games and finish off anything else in my backlog. My GOG collection is looking a bit neglected. Will try and play Giants citizen kabuto.


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Finished Watch Dogs 2, which UPlay gave away for free a few months back. It's pretty good - I would score it at about 75/100. Guess I'll do a cheap & easy bullet point review...

The good
  • Fun missions. You can go at them with stealth or violently. Beware that enemies knocked out will wake back up if somebody helps them or after a few minutes regardless. I never saw any benefit to the extra challenge of stealth but its there if you want it.
  • Street mayhem never gets old, at least for me. The game lets you scream through the city without the cops bothering you, even if you bump into them a little.
  • Beautiful graphics!
  • San Francisco Bay area is fun to explore. There's a lot to see! (Don't neglect that little Scout app that's encouraging you to see the sites.)
  • Car controls work nicely. Game plays just fine with mouse/keyboard.
  • Characters are mostly interesting. (Wrench's mask is great!)
  • Remote control buggy and hover drone are good additions to the game.
  • Lots of puzzles hanging around. The rewards aren't great but they're enough.
The weak
  • The game is rather preachy about social media data collection and really cynical about companies. Yet the characters preaching at you are fine with you murdering people, stealing (and destroying) multiple cars per day, and just general mayhem!? It's like having Charles Manson trying to teach life lessons.
  • Some skills are really strong. Once I got the skill, I could just call the cops on people until the entire mission was cleared. (Though it can get a little weird if the cops have nowhere to take the prisoner.)
  • No mid-mission save. If you die, you go back to a checkpoint. If you get a though spot after having to do some things, you might have to do those things quite a few times before you make it to the next checkpoint.
  • A heck of a lot of the puzzles amount to "find a way onto the roof."
  • If a gang member is shooting at cops and you shoot that gang member, even with a stun gun, the cops will kill you for it! Same is true if you help a gang against the cops.
  • While nothing is said explicitly, I suspect that the main character has willingly, and with malice of forethought, cheered for the Oakland Raiders. The game itself seems to be set after that team was banished to the desert but still, those of us from Kansas City are going to find it difficult to play such a character. ;)
May 1, 2020
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Starcraft (again). 10/10

Before that I got mostly caught up on the Uncharted games completing the first three. 7.8/10

Before that, Outer Wilds. 7.7/10

I used to have the same problem completing games before covid, but now gaming is like a full time job.


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OK, I'm done with Echo after just 3 hours. Having to face whatever actions you've used in the previous few minutes is definitely very cool. The voice acting is good, too. Everything else is blah-at-best. There's a story, but its delivered entirely by dialog - mostly dialog that comes as you walk through dark caves which seem to have no other purpose than to provide a time for the dialog to play out while you hold the W key down. Every level is the same "palace" assets. It's pretty hard, too. Getting the motivation to try hard to get through a level just so you can see another level that's exactly the same except for the layout with maybe a few minutes of a book read to you just isn't happening.

If you see it show up for cheap, like $3, then I would say go ahead and get it just to see how the whole business of having your actions reflected back at you later plays out. At the normal price of $25?? Absolutely not.

OsaX Nymloth

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Outside of recently finished Pathfinder: Kingmaker that I mentioned in other thread, last night finished Bastion. And I can totally see why it put Supergiant on the map for many people. While mechanically there wasn't anything more than "solid" game, the narration, writing and setting together with unique art style made the game stand out a lot in comparison to, well, almost everything - especially when it released.
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Recently finished Serious Sam 4, loved it. The music is incredible, there's even a remix of the Grand Cathedral track from Serious Sam - the Second Encounter. 8/10.

Also hopped onto the old MS-DOS machine and finally finished Hugo 4 - Nitemare 3D by David P Gray, which consists of 3 episodes:

Episode 1 - 8/10 'Hugo's House of Horrors'
Episode 2 - 6/10 'Hugo Escapes from Prison'
Episode 3 - 2/10 'Hugo goes to hell'

Took me 25 years to finish this game. This guy was obsessed with mazes and secret panels, I think that is why I prefer Wolf3D and Blake Stone to this, as it was less maze-like. Decent music in some levels, but often very repetitive. The game gets a nice 5.5/10 from me.
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Sep 10, 2020
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Yesterday I finished Heavy Rain (again).

Spoiler alert!
I still really like it, but it is a bit annoying how unrealistic some of the gameplay with Scott Shelby is. I know why, that's crystal clear, but it is a bit unsatisfying in retrorespect. I think it works when you play it for the first time as you really have no idea and then get this huge mindblowing plot twist. I still enjoyed the second playthrough but ... yeah.
I finished the first Spyro in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. It has been such a long time since I last played that, so it was fun going back through it again with modern graphics.

I find the game does scale from 'Easiest game in the world' to 'How would anyone know about that secret?', with no in-between (for 120%).
Well, another game crossed off the list. This time it was giants citizen kabuto. honestly, the game wasn't all that compelling when it came out and its aged poorly. The controls weren't completely tailored for K+M and honestly it was less then compelling to play. Spent more time just rushing through it.

Whilst you could argue the humor is great, i can't see for the gameplay. The strategy aspects was utterly dreadful. Especially when you have to build the base AND gather the resources all the while defending it etc. Tedious and boring. Glad to see the back of that one TBH.

i bought Watch dogs 2 nearly 2 years ago so maybe its time i play this one. Then more indie games followed by another ubisoft game like Origins.
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Quake 2 finished. I was a bit delayed finishing this due to PoE but finished it yesterday. Meh, didn't like it the first time and without the nostalgia goggles on it was decidedly average. It got pretty tedious and the last part assualting the strogg palace tested my patience as i got lost trying to find the objective and backtracking constantly to find the next location in the brown colored environments.

Glad thats over. Now i can play some doom 2 wads.


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Just finished The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.

I have to say it played better than Man of Medan but overall I felt that it was harder to determine if my decisions would end up leading to someone's demise or not. I'd say a solid 7/10, had a good time playing it with my wife who really isn't a gamer at all but she's enjoyed both of these so far and said that she preferred this one over the previous title.


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"Finished" No Man's Sky. Got one of the final stars then took about an hour trying to figure out how to do the last jump. I don't know if it's better with a controller but it's weird with m/k - not like normal jumping at all. Once I got through it, I re-loaded my last manual save and teleported back to my "retirement" base.

OsaX Nymloth

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Got myself through Vaporum, a fun dungeon crawler in a steampunk world. It tried to be a bit different from other dungeon crawlers, but in the end I don't think it sooo different - altho it succeeded in creating a slightly different experience. General game is really solid and quite good looking with some visual diversity, some encounters can be brutal tho even on normal difficulty. And few puzzles were not really designed super well - which was a problem few times I noticed. Mostly it's about telling player a bit more, giving him a small hint beforehand - especially important if it's somebody's first encounter with genre.

Can recommend for fans of the genre, slightly above first Legend of Grimrock, but LoG 2 still remains kind of modern dungeon crawlers.
Nov 3, 2020
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I'm not sure, but it was probably Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. I remember that I tried out some other games from my XGP like Crusader Kings 3 and Wasteland 3, but I didn't complete any of these.
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Just completed Tomb Raider (1996) for the first time, some 24 years after the game released. I had played the demo back in '96 but never got around to getting the full version until recently. I remember reading the excellent PC Gamer review for it back in the day (February 1997 issue), they gave it a 95% and proclaimed it one of the most atmospheric PC games of all time. In 1996 it was all about Duke Nukem 3D and Quake, and it was capped off with Tomb Raider.


This is definitely the toughest TR so far, the modern versions having nothing on this difficulty and I was saving my game around nearly every corner. Some interesting level design, a lot of jumping puzzles, traps, and good ambient sounds. Some of the enemies are really bizarre, for instance you have some guy on a skateboard skating around in an underground chamber complete with ramps, and then he calls you out for shooting at him.

The voice acting is pretty hilarious with some of the enemies, it's obviously just some of the devs with the AWE32 microphone, but it actually fits well with the game. Original Lara also recently inspired Elon Musk with the Cybertruck design. :LOL:

Onto Tomb Raider II...

OsaX Nymloth

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Amnesia: Rebirth
Story wise it was quite good - engaging even when I was expecting most of the stuff that happens later on. But the way the "puzzles" to the story were slowly given to the player and voice acting surely sold the experience. It wasn't as scary as The Dark Descent and it didn't even try to be - instead it focused on more polished narrative, world building and puzzle mechanics. And it worked pretty well, I had fun during my 10h playthrough and was really curious of some answers to questions that were lingering about in my mind.