The Herman Miller Sayl Chair - adjustable rests?

Dec 18, 2021
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Does anyone know or use the Sayl gaming chair?

This is the archetype I have.

It looks nearly identical however on the arm rests, it lacks a crucial feature, where they're nonadjustable. There is no tab on the outside of the rests to allow the rests to be adjusted up and down. Mine is a different version that I can't find online right now hence why it lacks that feature.

If it helps here's an actual video demonstration just so you can see the 3D.

Okay the problem is, is that despite the fact that mine simply aren't adjustable in ANY WAY, they are off in height. I don't know how. Don't know if I smashed one side too hard or something but it's just lower. I don't know how I'm going to fix this. Anyone use gaming chairs like these or maybe do you know any guides or ways I can ask about this lol?

I can feel a bit of a slightly loose but locked-in cylinder at the bottom of the arm rest, and I think it's to stop the arm rests from bottoming out. But I don't know how to do anything with that either.

Lastly, been using this chair for a while to help save my back, but all I've been having is awkward sitting and lower back pain issues around a series of lower spine discs. I thought this is supposed to be better but definitely having pain from sitting down. Anyone else also share this problem? When I sit on my piano chair, I kid you not it feels better. Just me..?
(Basically i can't slouch without slouching properly, but I can't really sit upright either and the chair puts a shitton of pressure on a lower section of my spine.)
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If you have posture issues, then the pains creep up on you over time. I had a similar issue with a mattress. Turns out my weight caused an indentation in the mattress. Wasn't until I flipped it over to notice my neck pain, lower back pain and my posture was all rectified.
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