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Jan 14, 2020
And in the upcoming week yet another big game will come for free on Epic Games Store. This time it's Rage 2. Played the game on Xbox Game Pass and I must admit that the shooting aspect of the game is very good. Open world activities are much worse, but hey! It'll have a decent price! ;)
Hmm, Epic won't let me sign in—tried 4 browsers. 3 of them, clickking Sign In did nothing, other got me thru Sign In but then didn't register-recognize that I had signed in :(

Likely a server glitch, will give it a few hours.
GOG is doing a spring sale and apparently Xiii (classic one not the hated remaster) is free for the next 48hrs.

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3 out of 10: Season Two by Terrible Posture Games free on Epic until April 15.
Title & Dev are enough to make me want to give this a whirl :)

After this, on April 15, three games free on Epic:

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Apr 23, 2021
Looks like Horizon: Zero Dawn will be free for any PS4/PS5 user (without the need of PSNow or PS Plus) as part of the play at home campaign that Sony uses to give out free games to encourage people to stay at home during COVID-19. It will be free in the Playstation Store until
May 14th, 2021.
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