Star Wars Squadrons...I guess we'll just have to wait

Don't know about you guys, but I don't know what to think. A new X-Wing game is great, very great. But I really want these guys to have all the details right when I probably know they can't deliver. It's multiplatform, so think pleasing the casual gamer. I'm a die-hard X-Wing fan, played all the LucasArts-games (and you guys know: some of them were hard). Those times won't be comming back.

What I'm hoping for: a decent SP-campaign with starfighters true to the original.

Questions/concerns remaining: will it have a fixed battlefield? Why did they change the rate of fire? Will we get moveable X-Wing S-foils? Hyperdrives? Why does the A-Wing have different lasersounds? Why don't the fighters explode while colliding? Will we be able to change fire mode (eg X-Wing: using al four lasers, or just one or two), scan targets...

We should be happy with a new X-Wing game, but expectations are very high. I always believed a game like this should be PC focused, not multiplatform. So it's not going to be a 'sim' like the old games, but maybe that's ok. Just maybe...
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I tend to prefer the Jedi based Star Wars games. I can handle space battles, except when they are overly challenging. The dog fight against Hask in Battlefront II was the only part of the game where on the hardest difficulty I finally got impatient and had to lower the difficulty back down one notch, other than that it was all very enjoyable.

I usually expect the titles that are based primarily around space battles to have many such challenges and tend to avoid them. Jedi Fallen Order is more my style of game, and I certainly hope they make another such installment. I would as well play the next Battlefront, as long as there isn't more than one particularly hard space battle.

I'm also skeptical about the quality of this title on a technical standpoint, because Motive Studios has only really worked on just Battlefront II, and with DICE and Criterion, not by themselves, like with this one.
I just don't have faith that it'll be what it's trying to be. As much as I want a new X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, this doesn't really look like it'll be it to me. The thing that mostly has me doubting it, is the whole focus on multiplayer. 5v5 battles aren't exactly what I was hoping for. I also have my doubts it won't feel really arcadey, despite what I've read, but perhaps that's just me being overly cautious considering EA has yet to nail a star wars game, which IMO is the easiest franchise in the world to make a good game out of. I mean looking at the games we've had such as Jedi Knight and the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series I still can't understand how the current selection of star wars games is all we've got since then.

Honestly the only thing that DOES give me a bit of hope, is that it's not DICE behind the wheel on this one.
Well, what do we call 'arcade'? If we're talking about Battlefront's spacecombat, which is incredibly simplified compared to the old X-Wing games, then yeah: you can call it arcade. Basically: it's just point and shoot. A game like X-Wing Alliance isn't arcade-like to me. It has hard missions, you have your general power-shield-engine management system, you can disable craft with the ion cannons, it has no engine-boost thing, you can scan targets for goods, etc... Without doubt: this game will be compared to the last X-Wing game made, and that's X-Wing Alliance. So, again, expectations will be astronomical.


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I finished Rogue Squadron countless times. I'm hoping that Squadrons will provide a quite similar experience. It's probably the first game in the SW universe since KOTOR2 that I'm really interested in.
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A game like X-Wing Alliance isn't arcade-like to me. It has hard missions...
Arcades were PLENTY hard! Defender ate so many of my quarters... ;)

Yeah, it's probably a terminology thing. I call it "arcade" if the physics aren't at least trying to be Newtonian but Star Wars ships, especially the fighters, fly more like airplanes. The opposite of arcade would be "realistic" games like Independence War. (I never finished IW but I've finished a few Star Wars games, so I'm definitely not saying that realistic is good while arcade is bad!)
Yeah sorry, offcourse: arcadegames could be very hard. I'm not against them: I really like some of the older arcadeclassics. It's just...I'm a big X-Wing fan and I really don't want them to mess this up :D
a little fun right off the bat, I can see myself getting bored with it quickly. Not enough SP content, and I'm not a huge MP PVP fan for these types of games. Some weird mechanics, too, not sure I like this healing with a button press system. I'm mostly viewing this as a tech demo for when my Quest 2 arrives in a couple of weeks. It's definitely no successor to X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, like I know some people (myself included) had hoped for.
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My brother refunded it. I have to try it. He's a big fan of the old X-Wing games, so am I. He really hoped for a successor,'s not. No idea why the PC Gamer reviewer thought this is the best spacecombatgame ('in the cockpit) of the franchise. That's a VERY bold statement, comming from X-Wing/Tie fighter/Alliance. All of those were gems in every aspect. This one is too arcade-like. It has a fixed battlefield (in a spacegame, I mean...), you can ram all you want, I heard it had button smashing...I mean: WHY? It has a very weird healing system. Nothing one would expect in a spacegame. Looks like the new generation X-Wing, but nothing like the old games. Good for some, worse for me probably.


Does it have hyperspace-travelling?
Is there a fixed battlefield in SP?
Scanning targets?
Can you change fire modes with the lasers?


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I’m almost 5 hours into the campaign and I was on the fence at first but now I’m really liking Squadrons. I’ve been in most of the craft at this point and appreciate the base differences of each type as well as the options to change up the loadouts. Looking forward to wrapping up the story and playing multiplayer!