Have you ever found a sound effect in a game funny?

Keeping with the sound effects theme, have you ever found a sound effect in a game funny?

This may not come across as funny, but in Abiotic Factor there are these deadly invisible monsters. In the right light, you can see an outline of them, but in most lighting conditions they are invisible unless they are materializing to attack.

There are also these strange electrical wisps that float around at night, and if you run up to them, it gives you the option to try to catch them if you are carrying a test tube. We have no idea what the purpose of the wisps are. If you catch one and are holding it in your hand, it gives you the option to throw it.

So the other night, we came across both of these things at the same time, an invisible monster and a wisp. Guido caught the wisp and, since we don't know what they are for, said, "I'm going to throw it at this thing." (the invisible monster who was facing away from us).

So he throws it at the monster and when it hit, it made the most ineffective, metallic sounding "dink" you've ever heard, bounced off the monster and just landed on the floor next to it. It sounded kind of like an empty aluminum can bouncing off the side of a house and was just as effective. The monster immediately turned and started attacking.

For some reason this caused me to laugh pretty hard as I turned to run away from the monster.


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Hmmm, the Final Fantasy 6 opera jumps to mind. They make this whole big thing about the big opera, have a little introduction, a big pause for the main singer to get his breath, and then... the voice is just a warbling pure tone instrument! ROFL! The pixel remaster made it an actual voice and I kept getting that when I went searching, but here's the next scene in the original opera:
View: https://youtu.be/WwHrQdC02FY?si=bIA55I5R6M14AMUw&t=24


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Just thought about the sound effects from Dungeon Keeper. Still remember quite vividly the beautifully layered sounds of loud Bile Demon farts and the Dark Mistresses whooping while my old PC chugged along processing what was happening during bigger fights.
This game convinced me that it's best if I live in a house instead of a thin-walled apartment.


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