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It's a good riddle when you THINK you can solve it! If you know you can, it's too easy for you. If you know you can't, it's too hard.

Let's see, Alan Wake starts in... Bright Falls. That isn't going to turn into misty eyes... Though Fort Joy - joy can give eyes tears but you wouldn't call it misty and the rest doesn't fit Divinity: Original Sin 2, either.

How about Bioshock? Infinite seems to fit best, given the main bad guy. I'm not able to make it fit the first riddle, though.
Jan 13, 2020
The final clue

A siren sounds
It strips away
To show the underneath

The rot unbound
The dark decay
A portrait of your grief

Run from your guilt
It's personified
To chase you through the town

It grabs a hilt
And drags in stride
Under a pointed crown

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Jan 14, 2020
It's Silent Hill. The siren mentioned in the last riddle finally made me realise. There's also clues pointing to pyramid head, the mist engulfing the town and the fact that the town's true fate isn't always visible.

I haven't played any game in the series so that's why it took me forever. Great riddles, my friend. We need to step up our games.
Jan 13, 2020

It is indeed Silent Hill.

While the clues mostly point towards SIlent Hill 2 they can fit several (but not all) of the series.

While it has been represented in a few different ways I love the "self purgatory" concept where people are tormented by their own guilt in a physical form and will eventually find redemption or ultimately succumb to the guilt and face damnation.

It would have been a bit harder I think to focus on the religious cult and birthing gods part.

Anyway, winner winner chicken dinner. You get to serve up teh next dish.
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Jan 14, 2020
Alright, here goes..
Remember, English isn't my primary language and this is quite challenging to write!
That said, I think this should be a decent challenge.

Brave are the wayward souls
lured by sanguine remedy
Oblivious to an unseen enemy
only dreamless sleep consoles

Divinity begets despair
bereavement and belief
Otherworldy beings hunt
Red eyes see no relief

Never shall you end this spell

Eternity is where you dwell
Jan 14, 2020
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not the answer.

The game you are looking for is fantasy-themed and it has swords and sorcery, but it's definitely not high fantasy or Tolkien-esque.

Although it must be said the game's influences are very much based in literature.
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Jan 14, 2020
Right.. time for part two of the riddle.
This is very thinly veiled, so I'm sure you can get it!

Once the night
sets in at last
the beasts come out in number

They rip and tear
the cityfolk
and ravage them in slumber

An eldritch horror
child of the cosmos
descends upon the college

Where men of faith
have lost their minds
in their pursuit of knowledge

It falls now upon the church
the workshop
and its hunters

To wake mankind
from the nightmare

and set right their blunders
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