Just to Clear the Air, Jedi Survivor has Some Decent Gameplay, Despite the Cutscene Stutters/Freezes

I would be lying if I said this game didn't have post worthy moments. It's understandable why it's much maligned, the cutscenes after all are a great way to showcase the more story rich parts of such a well written franchise, yet they make you wait sometimes several seconds through a massive freeze, or at the very least repetitive stuttering. They play fine once they get going, but entering and coming out of them is face palm time.

So I decided it might be worthwhile to show a few gameplay clips. These are pretty short, the longest, which is the first one, is barely more than 4 min.


Dagan Gera Boss Fight

I didn't bother capturing the cutscene leading into this fight, as it would have taken a TON of editing out frozen frames. I even had to remove several seconds worth in the fight itself where it had a cutscene in the middle.

The story about Dagan Gera is kind of sad, he was a Jedi whom fell in love with a planet called Tanalorr, and decided to use it to train initiates. When the Jedi Order decided to abandon the planet, he rebelled, and got put in a Bacta tank for 2 centuries. Cal finds him there and frees him, but he is so bitter toward Jedi he tries to kill him.

This guy is a bit intimidating. He is so sure of his abilities even with one arm, he slowly walks straight toward you, with his jibblies jingle jangle jinglin, without so much as an athletic supporter! Talk about COCKY!

Force Tear - Fractured Resolve

Force Tears are just a very short mini game where you race to fix a disruption in the Force, while facing imminent death as the corruption rapidly jumps back and forth. These can be hard to predict and/or time, and can take several tries.

Riverbed Watch

This is a small enemy camp situated atop a workbench, which as it's name implies overlooks the riverbed. It has mostly basic Battle Droids, but also a few B2 Battle Droids, a BX Droid and a Raider Grunt. The B2 Droids can be useful when near other enemies, as you can Force Push their grenade launcher shot back into them. Of all of them, the Raider Grunt and especially the BX Droid need to be taken seriously, as they are faster and have fairly effective melee attacks.

Fort Kah'Lin - Part 1

This is a mix of more of the same enemies of Riverbed Watch. This time however, I got in some good Force Pulls and Pushes. If only I'd reacted quicker to that B2 grenade!

Fort Kah'Lin - Part 2

Here I sneak into a hangar behind a troop transport ship to take on a Purge Trooper wielding a large axe-like weapon. Unlike Electrobaton, Electrostaff, and Commander type Purge Troopers, so far in my searching I haven't found any separate designation for this one, which is disappointing. He is escorted by a BX Droid Hybrid, which carries a Blaster that it uses when out of range of it's melee weapon. There's a few basic Battle Droids as well, and a single B2 Droid, which came in handy as an obstruction for the Purge Trooper on the walkway I lead it down, then Force Pushed it's grenade attack back at them. There was also a basic Battle Droid at the start of the battle that held a grenade above it's head while charging me, and one higher up later on that threw one, which I managed to kill the BX Droid Hybrid with via Force Push. It's odd though that none of the Jedi Survivor enemy wikis I've read say anything about basic Battle Droids carrying and throwing grenades, as I find it makes them both intimidating and useful.

Fort Kah'Lin - Part 3

This is a mop up of waves of enemies that drop down from the aforementioned troop transport ship just outside the hangar. This one has a wave of 2 BX Droids and 2 BX Rifle Droids, so I tried using Confusion, a Force ability where you trick enemies into fighting for you a short while. I don't know if it's a bug, or that I was too far away from other enemies when I first used it, but the Raider Grunt I first tried it on attacked me while it was still highlighted green. There was one peskly BX Droid that just kept rejuvenating after getting it near death, so I finished it with Slow.

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I probably will, too, once I get over the burning I got from the EA app playing Mass Effect Legendary. (Assuming the game still works with the EA app by that point.)

P.S. Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Just trying to decide which ant hill is bigger next to Babylon 5. ;)

Only brought it up because its usually the debate, but, personally, i prefer babylon 5, at least in the story sense. Nothing will beat the look of the shadows and when a remake actually happens, i hope they do this series justice in the CGI department
Here's some more clips of the game, a boss fight, and several Bounty Hunter fights. I normally rock a Cross Guard or Dual Blade stance, but here I used Blaster stance for all the Bounty Hunter fights. Reason being pretty much all of them involve foes with firearms, many having an unblockable shot. Double-Bladed stance deflects shots fast, but it can't deflect unblockables. Besides, I kind of dig the way Cal twirls his Blaster before holstering it. There's a bit of air swatting going on, because I find the game's target lock is a bit too confining to movement, especially if you have it on auto lock. When you're faced with just one enemy that is as formidable as Vader, then target lock makes sense, but I didn't use it for the Bounty Hunters.

Darth Vader Boss Fight

This fight takes place at the Jedi Archives on Jedha as the Empire is invading. As Cere rushes to download the archives and give the drive to BD-1 to get it to the Mantis, Darth Vader appears.

This fight happens in 3 phases. The first two are pretty easy and can be done quickly with little to no health loss. The third phase though is very hard and takes careful timing of dodge, parry, and attack. He comes at you like a tank and his unblockable combo is long and the last half of it is deceiving because he's no longer highlighted red.

This fight is well done. It's very cinematic, the saber sounds are awesome, and it's actually one part of the game that performance wise, runs pretty smoothly. This has me thinking the whole game could be and should be stutter free for the most part.

Kili Oso Bounty Hunter

As Caij says, this guy has a "small army" protecting him. Thus I included the battles to get to him on the Timeworn Bridge. It takes place on Jedha, and you have to work your way to the Sanctuary Temple to get to him. This is one of the two top tier Bounty Hunters in the game, so it's a pretty epic battle.

Selfin Jook Bounty Hunter

This is one of the bottom tier Bounty Hunters, and takes place on the Observatory Understructure on Koboh. This fight is very short, and even a bit comical. You can literally kill this boss with enough Force Pushes. At some point, his jetpack will run out, and he'll be stuck not able to boost back up. As he was at this point, he said, "Finally, somethin to do"! I imagined one of his team suffering the same fate earlier, whom had descended MUCH farther than him saying, "Do what, see how long we can hover, I think it's not very LOOOOOONG"! I jumped off the deck myself, thinking it would kill me and I could play it over, but I forgot it takes several falls to kill you on Jedi Knight mode unless your health is very low.

Mash Bounty Hunter

This is a level 2 tier Bounty Hunter on Shattered Moon. He has one guard working with him that is easily dispatched. Mash however has a pretty strong attack, but if you lure him out of the dark tunnels onto the platform outside, you can use the support for the zipline you take to get there as a shield against his attacks.

Vaslyn Martz Bounty Hunter

This is another level 2 tier boss, and takes place at Fogged Expanse on Koboh. This is a spot that is dark and foggy, and she has two guards with her and they all have firearms. It can be tough to keep this one under control unless you try to separate them and manage to Force Push some of their grenades back at them.

Yuhong Bounty Hunter

Yet another level 2 tier Bounty Hunter, this one found on Jedha. He has two guards, one with a jetpack, the other on ground with dual pistols. For some reason they let Merrin help you on this fight.

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