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How I Use GZDoom to Play DOOM WADs:

Disclaimer: I’m not a DOOM Mod expert. I just found out how to do this a few days ago, but the process has a few more steps than I expected. I wanted to create this quick and dirty guide to show you it’s actually not that difficult and soon you too can be playing awesome DOOM mods!

First you need to own the original WADs for at least DOOM and DOOM 2. You can buy each game for $1.99 each now, or buy the DOOM Classic Bundle for $5 which also includes DOOM64 which is also moddable.

Create a folder, I named mine DOOM WADs, go to the base folder for each game, and copy ALL .wad files found in the folders (DOOM, DOOM2, TNT, PLUTONIA) into the new folder you created. If you have Heretic or DOOM64, same thing for those.

Next, download GZDoom here and install it.

Then you will need a launcher that integrates GZDoom and your custom WADs. I use DOOMLauncher, since it has an easy to use UI. You can download it here.

Install DOOMLauncher, I used the guide that was included in the .zip. You need to select the new folder with all your WADs as the main folder path for DOOMLauncher. Follow the guide, it explains it better than I do, but I also just used some sense to figure it out.

Once it’s all downloaded and ready to go, you can launch DOOM to make sure GZDoom is working. You’ll know its working if you have full mouselook control of the camera.

Once that’s all done, all you need to do is download some custom WADs online. DOOMWorld and ModDB seem to be the best places to get them. To get them to work, it’s as simple as right clicking the .zip containing the mod, Send To -> DOOMLauncher, and the launcher will get it all taken care of. I like DOOMLauncher because you can have a library of all your mods in one easy to see place.

When launching a mod, most times you need to select DOOM2 as the main IWAD. If the mod doesn’t load correctly, make sure DOOM2 is selected on the launch box, and if that’s the case try to switch to DOOM1. Most mod pages don’t specifically say which to use so it’s kind of a crapshoot/trial and error to get them to work, but most times I found its DOOM2.

If you managed to get this all working, I recommend Pirate Doom as a good first place to start!
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Atm i'm using ZDL to front load my GZdoom stuff. I have a copy of the doom2 iwad from the original cds. That said for the iwad file itself, its only a 1mb in size and the Dos version is perfectly adequate for the job. in fact, that iwad file is all you need to play doom2.

incidentally, if you find some wads are not working, make sure you have the latest version (or update your version of gzdoom) as some of the newer wads need the latest GZoom to work. EG Eternity 2 needs the latest one.

IF you can't manage getting GZDoom + ZDL there are a few doom wads with everything you need. just need to run the .exe file:

The Adventures of Square

Wolfendoom: blade of agony

i would add the brutal doom campaign, but i've been out of the loop when it comes to the campaign.

I could go on and on for days as to which doom wads i've been playing and which to recommend. if i can remember them all, but i can recommend a few. But its probably easier to just go to the cacoawards and just grab the megawad winners from there as there are plenty.

Although Auger:zenith was ROBBED of a cacoaward. That wad was awesome and deserved an award. It only got a measly honorable mention. Bah.
i noticed a few comments about doom wads. So i'll comment on them here:

I played Pirate Doom next which is partly a DOOM recreation of Monkey Island. You blast through Melee Island with flintlock pistons, a portable cannon, boomsticks and cutlasses. The level design is simply fantastic, the enemies all have slight pirate themed reskins, and the music is mostly straight out of Monkey Island so you know it’s good. Almost done with its 16 level campaign and it’s got some really unique mechanics I’ve not seen in vanilla DOOM.

played this one earlier in the year and i was suitably impressed. i was just thinking it was a reskin of doom but it was so much more with some pretty interesting level design like the circus tents/ circus events.

I then hopped around a bunch of random mods including Eviternity 1. Eviternity is considered one of the greatest DOOM mods for its boundary-pushing level design and mechanics and intense difficulty. The way the levels are designed is absolutely mind blowing, and is really a culmination of what the modding community can achieve with a 30 year old engine. Some of the levels look straight out of a N64 game in the best way possible. They are so detailed, intricate and beautiful at times. It’s so hard even on the easiest difficulty, so I jumped to the last chapter to check it out which is supposed to be Heaven themed, and boy is it heavenly. I did not know a DOOM map could be this beautiful. I’ll post two videos below, one showing the level, and one showing a track from the mod that has become one of my all time favorite video game songs. Overall, DOOM mods are amazing, and I’m glad I’m finally checking some out after hearing about them for years.

it uses Otex, you may want to try Skillsaws heartland but it requires very specific versions of software to work.

But yeah eternity is a damn fine megawad. i recently download the sequel and can't wait to play it. You may want to try elementalism as that has unique enemies and bosses that i haven't seen any other wads. mapwich 2 uses the same texture pack and comes with a few other weapons as well.

I’ll also throw out an off the wall recommendation, Hocus Pocus Doom. It’s a total conversation like Pirate Doom with unique weapons and textures. It’s very lighthearted as far as Doom goes, with its bright colors and silly style. It’s like Doom for kids but that’s why it was so interesting to me. You play as a wizard with an electric spell and need to collect all the jewels in each level, all of which are very bright, colorful, and evokes classic wizard imagery like huge mushrooms and gorgeous green groves. I had a lot more fun with Hocus Pocus than I expected to, I think the fact that it’s so different from all other Doom mods is exactly the reason why I played it so much.

i played hocus pocus doom as well and whilst i can respect the the ideas etc, i did find it somewhat repetitive. far too repetitive for my liking. Still, impressive for a doom wad with its secret levels from other games.

if you haven't yet, try all of skillsaws stuff as they've all won cacoawards. Ancient aliens was what got me back into playing Doom wads in fact.
I could go on and on for days as to which doom wads i've been playing and which to recommend. if i can remember them all,

But you have done so… and I'm about to blow your cover!

Go to The last game you completed thread, put Doom in the search up top, 'This thread' for location, and Johnway in the Member box, click Search.


Looks like 18 posts at the moment :)

There's nothing so far in the Member Game Reviews 2023 thread.
But you have done so… and I'm about to blow your cover!

Go to The last game you completed thread, put Doom in the search up top, 'This thread' for location, and Johnway in the Member box, click Search.


Looks like 18 posts at the moment :)

There's nothing so far in the Member Game Reviews 2023 thread.

I'm more thinking of the older stuff prior to the PCGF posts. I was an avid player of the IWADS and i didn't really mention them until a year or 2 back as games completed. Stuff like:

Winters Fury
back to saturn X ep1 and Ep2
Going down
spooktober community mapping project
japanese community project
Claustrophobia 1024
UAC ultra
Dark encounters
scythe 1 and scythe 2

I'm sure there are more, if i drill through the cacoawards list. There is one wad i want to try and play Ramp 2023 a special community project with 296(!) maps from all skill levels, experience and styles. Some are basic beginner maps, others are just experimental/story maps and others are brutal challenges. All broken down into thematical zones.

Should play Ramp 2022 as well.
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It all started with me wanting to play some Christmas games but wasn’t sure what to play. I vaguely remembered there was a Christmas DOOM mod, so I learned how to get GZDoom set up to play custom WADs. I booted up the Christmas mod and was a bit disappointed that it was just a reskin of the original game, no custom levels or anything. It replaced your melee with a giant candy cane which is amusing for all of 5 minutes. So I went into a deep dive of the best DOOM mods available and boy what a treat it was.

Speaking of christmas doom wads there are currently 2 that spring to mind:

and h2h-xmas.wad

not sure the quality though. the last one i saw longplays of that and the quality was dubious at best. Plus the lets plays ive seen make it an absolute hell to play.
Speaking of christmas doom wads there are currently 2 that spring to mind:

This looks a lot better than the one I played. It was just a barebones reskin of the original game but this has custom maps which is exactly what I was looking for on Christmas night. It’s never too late to play Christmas games ;)
i've been a bit quiet on the doom FPS front, namely i've been playing POE and the passing of my brother meant i haven't had time to get a look into playing doom wads.

but something caught my eye on PCG front page a demo of divine frequency:

So it will be another game to add to the play/buy list after i buy/play the other ones.

So what doomwads do i need to play? The one that i'm without a doubt looking forward to is evilternity 2 but i also downloaded the Temple of the Lizard Men series. No idea what to expect or how big they are, but there are 5 episodes and the fifth installment intrigued me:

Just had a quick go on the Temple of the lizard men episode 1 and gotta say it looks promising. its only 7 maps long, but there is a narrative campaign of sorts as you battle lizard and various animals in your quest to stop spectra. Think hexen\heretic but with more doom sensibilities and with more furries.

That said i think there are some missteps when i played the first 2 maps. The biggest gripes are where the hell i have to go or, even worse, where the bloody hell is the switch to open the bloody door? The red door on the first level is buried behind some pillars in the next room and its quite easy to miss.

Still, look forward to playing more of it.
temple of the lizard men ep1 finished. overall i enjoyed it. The map pack was well made and had enough features to separate it from other wads (namely different monsters, weapons and a jungle theme). jolly good stuff. A bit easy on normal/ultraviolence (there are harder difficulty modes if you want a challenge).

Anywho, i'll be playing the second episode and this time doom guy makes a cameo. he's dropped off in the jungle to find out whats happened to marines that have lost contact visiting a temple. Cue more lizard furry hijinks. So far i'm enjoying this one as well, same good map design and some new weapons to play around with. The Pistol gets a chunky remake, the shotgun is a lever arched single shot, a sniper rifle and grenade launcher thrown into the mix.
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I’m still going through Eviternity on Hurt Me Plenty. I’m not the best player so this difficulty level is the perfect balance of being playable but hard enough to keep it challenging for me. I’ve died way more than I can count, thank goodness for quick saves.

Eviternity keeps amazing me. At some points it is just absolutely jaw dropping how any of this is possible in a 30 year old engine.
I’m still going through Eviternity on Hurt Me Plenty. I’m not the best player so this difficulty level is the perfect balance of being playable but hard enough to keep it challenging for me. I’ve died way more than I can count, thank goodness for quick saves.

Eviternity keeps amazing me. At some points it is just absolutely jaw dropping how any of this is possible in a 30 year old engine.

if there was ever proof that mods and a community are a good thing, the Doom community would be a brilliant example (the elder scrolls, half life, warcraft 3 modding communities are also great examples). Going 25+ years and recent resurgence of boomer shooters on steam ensure it goes strong. Without the modding community doom would have been long forgetton to history and who knows what would happen to the later doom games. Would we have doom 2016 and doom eternal if doom wasn't as popular? Was the brutal take downs inspired by brutal doom? Who knows.

but its quite amazing that the doom engine is so flexible and with tinkering from the mod community it seems like a popular engine. hell, i'm tempted to make my own wads, but playing them is one thing, making them fun is quite another.

Speaking of wads, the temple of the lizard men episode 2 finished. initially i was excited for the sniper rifle and grenade launcher, but frankly they're terrible weapons. The latter has a low arc (so its fairly short ranged) and they bounce around like pingpong balls when you miss. Less fun when you try to shoot them underwater and onto land as they have all sorts of strange physics.

but yeah great wad. roll on episode 3.
Another update in GZdoom this time its episode 3 of the temple of the lizard men. Took slightly longer to beat as this was actually full megawad. So 32 levels + cutscenes! The TLDR: despite a few niggles in level designs, its probably the best of the TOTLM i've played so far.

the game actually follows the first episode where we go back to the spectra story arc. Once again, episode 3 tries to improve on previous efforts and there are several significant things. As mentioned its a megawad so its much longer story and whilst its mostly in a jungle temple, there is an opportunity to visit the shadow realm. The third episode is definitely more story/narrative driven as we have various cutscenes, audio and logs. The best way to describe it is that TLOLM ep3 is heavily influenced by unreal 1 and its much better for it. The story itself continues the first episode plot with spectra etc.

Gameplay wise, there has been improvements here as well. You can pick your character to play as and it impacts how much health/speed you will have.

The initial few levels play more like a survival horror as you're limited by the weapons and ammo you're given. But by the halfway point when more ammo becomes more available along with the more powerful weapons come into play does it feel like your standard doom 2 shooting gallery. Even here, we have an improvements on your arsenal as well as using various items along the way.

Speaking of weapons, its a bit of a mixed bag tbg. it seems like the pistol has been given a step backwards as its a like a mishapen cigar thing that supposed to be a berretta. its also pretty rubbish compared to the enforcer pistol. But it claws back some credit with an automatic drum fed automatic shotgun as standard (replacing the singleshot shotgun). instead of a chaingun we have a carbine and until you get the upgraded one, the basic carbine is weak and eats through ammo very quickly. the last few weapons are a decidedly iffy. The sniper rifle has its uses but ammo is too limited and its not all that reliable. The flak gun/ grenade launcher continues to be rubbish, short ranged, does naff damage and takes a long time to reload it. The magic weapons are a lot better and that green wand is pretty killer as it homing projectiles and pretty effective against the shadow monsters . you do get some sort of magical BFG weapon which is normally found in secret levels. never really used it tbh.

So what will we be using our weapons on? well, we've got an increase in the enemy roster along with the shadow realm monsters (disciples, demons, spectres and for you furries rejoice! we have sexy female assassin lizards! There are of course boss characters but spectra herself is seriously disappointing.

I do have a few gripes with this wad however, whilst the maps are on the whole well made, the biggest criticism one is how the Alando1 is so keen on dark maps. i'm not talking about doom 3 standards of dark, we're talking about some maps are completely pitch black, sure you have flares, x2 flash lights and even a portable light source, but its a hassle to use them and like doom 3 you can only use the torch or weapon. So you might be fighting in the pitch black and its annoying.

level design is iffy in places as well. Sometimes we have hexen levels of logic (hit switch that opens a door somewhere) and it results in a lot of backtracking. But in 2 separate occasions i had to cheat and noclip through as i couldn't figure out how the door/wall opens despite wall humping for a while. it doesn't help to progress switches are hidden behind walls. A bigger problem was some of the chunky floor buttons not working properly. Some of them didn't work properly or you had to press them in a very specific direction (even if its a pressure plate).
Alright i'm calling it slightly early (i'll explain more), but i have finished Temple of the lizard men 4.

Strangely TOLM4 feels a bit like a step back in places. Gone are the audio and Sequences, its just a text interludes. Story wise it also strangely familiar to TOLM3 with a similar story. Except this time its against an evil magic lizard warrior malice as opposed to spectra.

but whatever, this is a doom wad, we don't need reasons to rip and tear. So whats the gameplay like? The good news is that UT weapons make a return. The enforcers make a welcome return (replacing that naff berreta) and to top it off some of the weapons are upgradable. the enforcers allow you to dual weld, the AR rifle gets a laser sight for some autoaim, NV sniper scopes for the rifle etc etc. So there is some development there.

Again, like before you get to choose your class, but this time you get an addition of playing as one of the scientists (i believe she was in the previous game) for added challenge. But otherwise the 4 classes make a return.

So far, so TOLM (which is of a high standard) what TOLM4 brings to the table is that there in fact 36 levels. But players will ever play 22 of them. That's right; multiple branching levels. and the TLDR is that its one of the few doom wads with replay value.

At certain points in the game your pathway splits and you get a different set of maps to play with. Do you Try and fight your way through the magma caves or will you take a gamble and jump through the shadow realm? Perhaps you'll take a detour through the hidden caves as opposed a direct assualt through the main temple complex? Will you take the dark forest path or the underwater flooded pathways? i've made a few quick saves so i intend to play through the other routes (which incidentally also have their own secret levels). the criticism is that some of the maps are a rip off of doom 1 and doom 2 (one of them was a recreation of the spirit world and another is the cyberdemon fight at the end of of episode2 of doom1)

Music wise its from Unreal and UT, some banging tunes in there that i don't know where they're from. I might need to crack out the mod/map making tools and rip them out and find out where they came from...

So my opinion, like a broken record, TOLM4 is another winner. Role on the final set of maps TOLM5....

ok something slightly different, i'm also playing through the sega genesis/megadrive FPS game Zero Tolerance!

Evil aliens (resembling humans) have taken over a space research facility. Send your elite police/swat/guy/gal and clear away each floor. Zero tolerance: Everything must die!

For a genesis/megadrive game there are a surprisingly large number of maps and the enemies in each one ranging from 30-99. Unsurprisingly the draw distance and graphic resolution suffers from technical limitations, but at the very least, its fairly generous when it comes to autoaiming. the shotgun especially makes the aim area so huge that as soon as you see them anywhere on screen you'll hit them.

its a fairly simple game for the most part, camping around corners and the over reliance of charging enemies makes it easy peasy. But there are points when it does become hell, such as dealing with one or 2 shooty types and you'll take a battering. More annoying is that if you want the password, you have to clear the entire floor of enemies. Some floors however aren't accessible and you have to go down/up one or 2 floors and back down to complete it. ATM i'm stuck on floor 159 and i can't open the door to kill the last 6 aliens. The map says its a solid wall, the visuals say its a door. Apparently i have to get spotted by a camera and it just opens. heres hoping i haven't soft locked the game...

i find the game strangely compelling, but during the more boring points of the game i was just making up cheesy one liners for nobodies pleasure:

"you have been ZTed"
"Tolerance: zeroed"
"My tolerance levels are at zero. Die."
"i have zero tolerance to give"
"you have reached zero tolerance"
"tolerance: non existent"
"Your request for tolerance and understanding fall on deaf ears!"

etc etc
Just an early post, haven't started TOLM5 yet, will do that in my regular weekend play. Anyway, 2 mods have caught my attention:

The most recent: super doom TV. inspired by the arcade game smash tv, doom guy has decided to take part in the galaxy's most violent game show and win big money and big prizes. a megawad with 25 maps. Trailer and wad link below:

The other game was Silent hill doom map. Inspired by silent hill. But what caught my attention was that Konami tried to DMCA it but the creator is still hosting it. So check it out!

So temple of the Lizard man 5 finished. Wasn't as long as megawad (probably 17 maps tops) and honestly, after finished the wad i left feeling somewhat troubled by the whole experience.

i'll cut to the chase, the main reason that i'm a little upset is because the majority of the maps are cobbled together from other doom wads and games. in fact so much of it that it moved away from homage to entire areas copied and stitched togetherto form a level. Admittedly, TOLM4 had a handful of levels like this but in TOLM5 its even worse.

As i played through the maps i could recognize the maps that they were taken from and i would say over half of the maps were like this. i'll concede that its not a complete rip, as they have been rebuilt (slightly?) and designed so to fit TOLM5 and stitched together with custom bits, but enough of the original maps survived that its easily noticeable and even some of the secrets survived. So if you've played doom 2 as much as i have, you'll know where to look for those secrets. If it wasn't doom2 it was parts of UT (Dock 16 is a remake of Deck 16 in UT but i'll let that slide as there was significant design changes) or previous TOLM wads (then again, you're going back so i'll let that slide but that said the map i played was practically 100% copied)

its left me feeling a little concerned, what else was copied? how much of this was original/new level design? i can allow some maps copied as a homage but how deep does this copying go? has my glowing reviews of the modders content been misplaced?

Away from questionable mapping, the weapons has taken a slight hit as well. But they function well enough, but its missing that specials something. i did find myself liking that UT3 minigun that shoots blue crystals but... yeah completely out of place.

Honestly, i wouldn't recommend this one. Its ok, but there are better wads with more original content to play. TOLM4 and TOLM3 were better imo.

So with that, its time to play evilternity 2. Excited for that. But might wait a bit as i have an exam in 2 weeks time and i might need to knuckle down for that first and then get back to the wads.

BREAKING NEWS! PIRATE DOOM 2 is now in Beta!!!

been blasting through evilternity 2 and its been damn enjoyable. The quality of the maps is pretty good as is the accompanying music that goes with it. The maps are very well detailed and they're pretty challenging. The new astral variants of the archnotron and mancubus so far have been a real highlight and they're VERY dangerous. its certainly one of the more harder wads as ammo is more on the dry side and it has some challenging styles of play. So far i've gone through 14 maps and they're broken down into 5 maps + 1 secret one per episode. So after every 5 levels or if you jump into the secret level, its pistol start.

here's a few screenshots to tide you over.




Dec 17, 2022
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I committed myself to finish every official Doom game. I finished Doom 2016, Doom Eternal + expantions, Doom 1, Doom 2 (i also did 17 master levels, so still got 3 to do). Now i´m playing Doom 3, about half way trough. After that i will play Doom 64.

Btw, i played Doom 1 and 2 on ultra violence, no cheats.

I also recently finished Prey, the old Prey on the Doom 3 engine.
Well thats evilternity 2 finished and damn it was a fine wad. Unsurprisingly i suspect its going to get a cacoaward for the 5 years of work. Absolutely brillant stuff. I'll discuss the game on the usual topic.

So... what next? which wad to play? probably that silent hill one and then another megawads. Pirate doom 2 is now in open beta so feel free to nab that. I'm going to let the community since their teeth in it and after a few RCs i'll take a pick at it.

I had hoped to play RAMP 2023, but 296 maps and honestly i'm watching through psychedelic eyeball's long play of the game (incidentally he and his friends contributed to the map pack as well) so probably going to give that a mess. Ramp 2022 and previous? not sure.
So, i am a small collector of Arcade 1ups and one of my favorites is the Terminator 2 cab (i did not pay that price ill tell you that lol) mainly because it used lightguns that were easily customizable (painted mine all black).

Well, i've not been able to build myself a customized lightgun cab out of it so i decided to buy the Retro Shooter minus the controllers (which was a mistake but im cheap). Its plug and play into the tv and has a lot of games so i thought it would be a good opportunity to start at least getting the parts for inside of the cabinet (bought the pandora box jamma board as apart of the package) , and maybe use these guns instead of the Terminators.

Im impressed and having fun so far but it does have its downsides (lots of chords, some games have graphical/sound glitches). The accuracy of the gun is pretty good which is really the main part for me to be good. I like this because there are some old retro shooters on there that play so much better with accurate guns.

I bought the PC adapter and my PC recognizes the gun as a kb/m so its plug n play on a tv and a pc. Used in House of the Dead Remake and works well and looks good on an OLED monitor.

If anyone had an interest in lightguns, this is a pretty good buy. 8/10
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Just finished the Silent Hill map doom wad. essentially someone has remade silent hill in doom. Although its well made i think its a tad too heavy in combat in some areas, although probably intentional to maintain the suspense and terror. or, if like me, you just got the monsters to invite and you picked off the survivors.

By the end of it, it does go over the edge and for reason it becomes dark souls. i face off against ornstein and smaugh before taking an elevator to meet that lady reclining on the couch. or in this case, a furry and i just hit the switch and leave.

Why konami decided to C&D on this is beyond me. it doesn't even use any assets from silent hill as far as i can tell (but to be fair, i haven't played it, so maybe theres some texturing here and there from the game maybe?). its fine.

moving onto another doom wad.