Emulating retro games

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so I found the PCGamer article on antstream, and some others...

I don't think I like their payment scheme though, especially if you might not have good internet, it would be a bummer to try to stream what is basically a game that doesn't use much computing power at all, in terms of CPU and ram.

I think I'd rather stream games that my machine can't handle rather than emulated on the cloud retro games. 😅
Well it is suposedly avaliable on epic store and comming to steam to, not sure how those work though, i never realy got in to Antstream, I tested it a good while back and never realy started it again so :)
Jun 9, 2023
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This is my first time posting, and retro gaming and emulating is a passion of mine. I follow this ETA Prime, and he has the best hardware setups for retro gaming. I have setup Amazon Firesticks, Onn Android TV units, and my favorite will always be the RaspberryPi 4. I have started checking out the new hardware that can emulate PS3/Xbox360/WiiU. I am amazed how far technology has become, compared to emulating on straight PC. I would like to hear some thoughts and other hardware/consoles or PC setups for emulation. - Thank you and hope to post more in the future.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt17HdIuNBc
Hello WoodenSaucer ..... i have been a gamer since 1982 so i have seen the beginnings of gaming right up to the present day .... i told the wife when they carry me out i want a keyboard in my box.

Anyways .... i use a lot of retro games and dont see anything wrong in it

If i was a games writer from the 1980's and saw my games reproduced with modern graphics i would not be angry i would be impressed that 40 years later somebody had taken the time and patience to do it.

I once showed my wife some youtube clips of old spectrum games and when she stopped laughing i showed her a version of spectrums attic attac with modern graphics.

Their are lots of reto site for all different makes of 1980's games and i have never heard of anyone been hit by a big stick and told to stop doing it.