Needing help with total war three kingdoms graphics settings :D

May 3, 2020
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Hey guys, how are you all doing today?

I need help with my total war three kingdoms graphics settings, first of, my pc has a gtx 1060 ftw 6 gb, amd ryzen 2600x, 16 gb of ram.

So thing is I love seeing large sizes of units, and ultra unit size has been very appealing for me, I am running everything on medium and using the ultra unit size.

My fps are great never drop below 45 and reach even 72, but when I fast forward my units stutter a little bit, its a little bit, and never goes down like I said 45.

So I was wondering if someone could help me with out, cuz im a noob at using the benchmark and adjusting graphics, so could you please give me the settings I should use? or a tip to adjust them.
Greatly apreciate it, cuz total war three kingdoms is my favorite game in this life.
You posted the same question here and consensus seemed to be that it's pretty normal:

I've seen it in TW titles too, but I have an older and weaker CPU so figured it was just me and didn't give it a moment's thought beyond that. But if we're all getting it, chances are that's just what happens when you tell it to FFWD massive units.
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