Question issue with gaming laptop, what could be the source?

Aug 10, 2021
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hi everyone, i have missed this forum, ive not been in the right place mentaly to talk to people as my care home is neglectful and my social worker is currently trying to find a suitable home to replace.
so im stuck on this one,i need some help,id be so greatful if anyone knows some ideas as to whats going on otherwise itll leave me no choice ill be asking staff to request from my appointee a new,far superior laptop,i have already suggested to support staff i want the seriously overclocked £30,000 8pack rig from overclockers but 'over my dead body' was heard (and not by me).

i use an asus tuf 2020 /A15 which in its unmodified state has a ridiculous 8GB of RAM!
-but i bought kingston fury sodimm ram (2 sticks,32GB in total) and my brother in law installed it for me.i have the fine/gross motorskills of a acutly intoxicated silverback whose had one to many jager bombs-back in 2000 i had destroyed the RAM stick clips on a gaming PC of mine,so luckily in came brother in law (which reminds me ,its his birthday this week, need to hunt down an xbox game he will play).
laptop also has 2 graphics cards, one is a dedicated 2060 RTX (which used to do entry level ray tracing until nvidia updated the driver a long while ago) the other-an onboard radeon crapfest.
cant forget the ryzen 7 4000 series CPU.
uses windows 11, why on earth did i upgrade i dont know,that stupid window popped up and i must have been half asleep or drugged on my night meds.
a roccat kone XP mouse when i can be bothered hooking it up (usualy when DJing).

i have changed tactics with my gaming laptop,i now use it purely for DJing with serato pro installed and a DJ controller (pioneer Rev-1) atached in a heavy duty protekt case with a slide out laptop extra speakers-just what my laptop provides,a roccat kone XP mouse (bought for mixing with)-had some trouble installing this, had to use my AVs VPN to install the driver,and a pair of head phones for mixing.
this is a photo of my setup:

before serato pro, i used serato lite (for the total of one day lol,id rather just not mix) ,then it was virtual DJ (with no DJ controller) and even earlier-i used mixxx-which had never caused any problems before in my arch linux based potato specced laptop but it may have been the trigger to a ton of BSoDs-im not sure -their codes were all suggesting driver issues,but it was incredibly coincidental to happen nearly the same time,but again the mouse was installed roughly around the same time.
i also purchased FL studio 2021 a long while ago and installed it at the same time as mixxx so im still not sure which is the root cause.
i deleted mixxx some time ago after getting serato pro thinking itd stop the BSoDs and it hasnt. sometimes the BSoD codes kind of suggest its a memory error, another time it mentioned something about string, maybe a string of code-i dont know,ive forgoten it.
i pay for mcafee total protection-5 devices and the VPN it can come with- im including this in the post incase its a possibility anti virus coud be causing it.

i buy all my music from beatport and dont use anything dodgy (apart from windows lol).
it frustrates me a lot, because i can be in the middle of recording a mix -2 hours in for example, and the naffing thing decides to BSoD me and destroy the mix in the process, it then makes me scared to mix next time as i keep thinking itll BSoD any second,and sometimes it wont error,its very random how it chooses.

yesterday and today i spotted a new behavior,instead of BSoDing, i might be listening to a mix or recording ,ill hear the music start to slow and stutter-which is always a sign its going to BSoD,but instead it just went black on the screen,no flickering, it was still running as keyboard and on button were still all lit up,fans were going as normal,and i checked the temps of both the CPU and GPU,they were all around 40 degrees-nothing out of the ordinary.its an absolute pain not knowing when its going to happen.

what shoud i do? i am genuinely thinking about getting a new laptop (very high spec) and i know DJs are all obsessed with using macbook pros but im not a fan of intel based macs, had PPC architecture still be going id be all over one like a computer rash,for me (as in, for my use) RYZEN cpus are the way forward.

if you can make any sense out of that waffle,thankyou!!!!
Installed new 32GB RAM and updated to Windows 11, since then having random BSOD's?

I would suggest first update to the latest system BIOS if youre not on it already, see if that helps. I suspect the RAM isnt playing nice with your motherboard, new BIOS might help.

Otherwise update all other drivers to latest including chipset, network. Last resort maybe fresh Windows install.
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