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  1. Zloth

    Question Why do video games need credits?

    Why do we get credits thrown at us in video games? I can see some purpose to them: telling other people who's responsible for what. If a game has great art direction, maybe you would like to hire that person. All fine and dandy, but why put them in front of everybody? Stick it on a website...
  2. redmark_

    How do you keep your hands warm when typing?

    This isn't exactly gaming hardware but, it fits I guess... I know that it's the middle of summer right now, what with the current temps and all that in 2022, but the AC in my office is killing me, and it’s a constant battle between the workers on who’s gonna have control over the settings and...
  3. Lutfij

    How To How to Cool an Overheating Gaming Laptop

    As technology advances we see computers grow substantially more powerful, even as the form factor shrinks. While owning a laptop with substantial horsepower has never been easier, one drawback to all this power is that these slim, sleek machines generate substantial heat. Not every...
  4. Lutfij

    How To Why an SSD is Better for Gaming

    Computer technology advances very quickly and getting the right components for your PC build can seem intimidating. This guide is here to explain why it's time to commit to a solid state drive (SSD) rather than the older technology of mechanical drives. Mechanical Hard Drives A mechanical...
  5. Zloth

    How old is your oldest save file?

    Assuming you can FIND the fargin' things, what is the oldest save file you have? Likely locations - a folder named after the company that made/published the game or the game name located in Your Documents directory Your Documents/My Games directory In you Steam directory under the "userdata"...
  6. theneoncake

    Question Low FPS and low GPU usage help??

    My boyfriend used to play games with no problem and ever since we moved he's had massive FPS drops. We went to Best Buy and they ran diagnostics for a pricy amount (even when we already tried at home) and they said hardware was completely fine?? Then told us to remove some software like Razer to...
  7. Dave11

    My head is frazzled trying to pick a gaming keyboard!!!

    Hi all. As my title suggests, my head is frazzled by the amount of gaming keyboards available and which one to pick? My budget is £150 max and I mainly enjoy FPS based games. (If it helps, I use the Logitech G PRO mouse) I am looking for full size mechanical. I currently use a cheap TUF...
  8. W

    I bought a game called planet zoo

    Hello I have just got into gaming I bought a game and it won’t run on my computer the specs of my pc Amd prime 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz amd prime a320m-k my cpu is ryzen 3 1200 video card is Radeon R7 200 i don’t know if my graphics card or cpu is the issue. This is the game Requires a 64-bit...
  9. JunaeBenne

    Question What is your favorite, "Oh you thought it was over" moment in a game?

    It wasn't my favorite moment because it was terrifying, Hollow Knight, Soul Master. And any other boss fight in Hollow Knight with 2 health bars.
  10. JunaeBenne

    Question Which cultures, past or present, would you like to see as a strategy or simulation game?

    I'd like to see more about the Taíno who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida. It'd be really interesting to experience their culture and the tools they used to solve problems and the type of technology they have. Even if it was a futurism strategy game where their old tools...
  11. JunaeBenne

    Question How to Die in Valheim - Your Best and Funniest Deaths

    I found this on Twitter. I'm starting to see that dying by tree is very common in Valheim? Anyone else die by a tree or something else random? source: