Question My pc is having weird game crashes

Nov 18, 2020
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For the past year I’ve had my pc crashing about 5 minutes into playing a game then I restart my pc if it completely freezes my pc or just closes the game I load the game back up and it works perfectly until I close the game down and reload it then it does it again could someone help me

My specs
1660 super
Ryzen 2600
Corsair 550w psu
16gb 3200
2tb wd blue
120gb ssd
Does this happen when playing a normal game, or only specifically with the one weird game? Can you tell us the name of this bad boy?

Your specs look fine. I assume the weird game is on the HD, have you room to install it on the SSD just on a small chance the HD is gumming up the works?
I also assume the PC works fine otherwise, so over-full drives aren't sth we need to check.

General tip: Get a 1TB or larger SSD if you play a good few modern games and don't want to be installing & uninstalling all the time.


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