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Got another one :grin:
My Runemaster finished Chapter 5 this morning. He's died a lot more than my other characters until I added more Physical Resistance.

At the start of Chapter 4 I had to almost completely change his skills. Now using Flame Ward, Flame Dash for defense and movement and Frost Claw for offense. You have to aim a bit more than Glacier but it's not too bad.

I'm pleased that so far all of the classes feel and play differently.
maybe he needs ward instead of physical, and some characters are meant to stay a distance.

My warlock had virtually no resistances all game but when ward has no max, it doesn't matter

that ward retention is fun,

She lucky her main attack kills everything.

I made a new Paladin, currently lvl 40. Chapter 6


He first character to ever find any

its only yellow but most armor I find is lower lvl than 29. I was happy to accept it

I had two of those items that converts into legendaries, both were lvl 18 shields and I was lvl 32 and I though, I might as well convert them

not amazing really

that is better. I have block of 71 with that equipped as even though almost every resist is capped, necrotric is only 17 and its enough to make shield do its thing

at one point he was wearing legendary hands, shoes, ring & shield. All of the ones that converted from uniques.

Then I got another one of these

shame I don't use sigils, they annoying as you have to toggle them on constantly.

Now for normal uniques I haven't had before:

the shock doesn't seem to do much. Clearly for a sorc or maybe shaman

obviously for a primalist.
Guess warning is to make people stop using them in every slot

I have two now

Second new armour type in one day. Wonder why he so lucky and rest of them not got anything new is ages

think 45 is enough for one day. I like his resists now.

Clearly helm doesn't match chest.
I tried changing his shield and lost 1000 block effectiveness and decided against it

I suspect the Orpix bugging out on my PC is probably an AMD thing. I changed from hyper RX to eco mode earlier as things I had killed were staying on-screen after they were dead... frozen. I hadn't seen that before and assumed it was because I had changed graphics settings since playing last. I haven't witnessed it happening since.
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Sooo, I was a bit stubborn in LE chat saying that blue rarity is useless when you are high level. Then someone waaay more experienced said: "Blue is good for affixes". I was like, whaaaat? He said: "For the very rare affixes".

So, if any of you LE players need a particular affix, then you change the loot filter to emphasize those at the start which will make any rarity with said affix show. Then you can remove the affix in the filter when you have enough of that type.
The loot filters on the maxroll builds always highlight any item that has a special ability that matches your character, even blues. I assume you don't mean the experimental ones.

My lich had 140% ward retention but just no way to get any. I fixed that... its getting to point her pets aren't helping much or surviving long enough. Only ever seem to have 1 archer with me

She lagging behind the other two acolytes, she only now in chapter 5. She doesn't have a one button I win move like warlock does. She has a move later where she gets more damage based on the least amount of life.

Someone played too much Diablo 2

runic invocation sounds like a runemaster spell? Shame mine is only lvl 21.

I assume its just
+14 spell damage
+35 armour
+16 ward per second.

looks like it would help fix Rolfi's mage.

Looked up the runes, its actually part of the spell. I forgot
Passive: Whenever you directly use an elemental skill, gain 1 Rune of the corresponding element. For channelled skills you gain 1 rune per second instead.

Active: Consume all of your active Runes to cast a unique Invocation based on the combination and order of runes consumed.

The last Rune in the sequence determines the damage type.

Casting a fire skill grants a Rah Rune.
Casting a lightning skill grants a Gon Rune.
Casting a cold skill grants a Heo Rune.

might have to try to get mine above 21 again, just to use wand.
Sounds powerful really but max runes you can have is one... they show above your head.
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Paladin is lvl 47, just got into Chapter 7. He ready for more but I need to sleep. He might try monoliths before I am ready to kill him on lagon. So far he is deathless. Not a lot of fights he taken any damage in recently. Only two resists below 75. He just got a new wand that one of my necros had, same lvl as he is... boosted dps about 500... its hard to tell. I judge it on javelin damage and I have a perk that increases its damage based on how long I stand. Currently do about 1100

I wonder how good these are

I got judgement on my paladin a while ago, funny a lvl 24 item requires a skill you won't get much before lvl 35 at least. Had hands for ages, might look at some builds some time.

Also, the locust form of the druid is weird and took me a while to work out... didn't help I swapped between boss fights

Sure is colourful and until its a little stronger, best used as a totem spammer. Also needs more resistances. Unless I can manage to get ward on him... that weapon I found that converts str into intel is used to create ward on a Druid. He has 35 strength...

I went mad, I knew I had two different looking rings and went through all my tabs twice before I logged onto character who had them, and found she was wearing them... doh

I might try runemaster again, I have two weapons now for that subclass. Ilke to get more than the spellblade out of Chapter 3, He meant to be A tier if you use maxroll build. I think I just struggled transitioning away from cold.

Weird bug since latest patches today. Half the things I kill stay standing frozen in place after I kill them. Its hard to tell if some things are dead or not. Might stick to hard to kill characters until they fix that. I thought it was PC so did a restart... didn't change completely. I wonder what they did.
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The bug I mentioned happens on any cold spell. So It also happens to my spellblade as well, but he swapping to fire so it doesn't matter too much. Its not just me, I posted on steam forums and others see it as well. Could just be an AMD thing,

Scary being chased by a frozin (not animating) monster

started new mage but he just too scared to leave on zone or even go into one. Trying not to die on a rune master lol. swapped to spellblade who now in rust lands
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All of these are dead, even the levitating ones.

I had one character get 4 uniques in one zone, then about the same in next. Shame I had them all already. So I sold them as i don't need copies. They about only items that have any value, minimum of 500

Not sure I have had this before

I got bored and made a few things
Sword screams spellblade

Now I have an aim, get a beast master to 73, my squirrels are waiting

Shame they the most annoying of the primalists as they don't shape shift. MY druid and Shaman don't use wolves.
It appears the beastmaster I had before wasn't the maxroll build and he was still at start of chapter 3 I think.
Anyway, current one is lvl 27 and he has no amazing (compared to my paladins) resists and no ward... so I don't know how he is still alive. Life leech works via skills tree. As yet wolves aren't healing me I don't think... war cry does that. Wolves just stronger.If I ever get to 73, my max number of wolves would be four hence I get 8 squirrels .

i was sad, had 3 dogs from using an amulet, pick a skill that adds another dog and my max is still three. Guess I can use amulet slot for something else.

Meant to be using a sword but as yet game hasn't got hint and only given him wands. it works but its funny beating things to death with a stick. need weapons that add minions attacks, not many... I used to have some but no one used them......... (lots of dots later) this is why I don't sell anything... sigh. Tabs only 60k now... lol. Maybe I just clear the general tabs and live with not having things for future characters.

If there was a way to get the dual wield skill I could use the axe that converts my health to intel and humming bee to accumulate ward, about only defence I can think of. frenzy totem adds health so that might be answer... I just don't have it yet. Need another 7 levels I think.

I know what aspect of boar and aspect of shark are now, beastmaster skills... temp buffs.

notices something: Just like diablo, the game rarely if ever gives you weapons that are your level, they often way below it. reason is if you do equip gear that matches your level, you way more powerful than game is expecting you to be. That often happens to me in stage 1 as instead of using the crap the game gives you in that stage, I am normally in uniques or rares, of the right lvl. But depending on class, I eventually have to rely on drops and if game doesn't give me anything, I get stuck.
It was offering my warlock 1 handed wands as she still using a lvl 20 staff at lvl 39. But I just grabbed a lvl 40 one of of bag and her dps doubled. Game then gave her another staff but it was too late then.

Maxroll builds show the ideal weapon for each build. So if you can give your character the perfect combo at the lvl it matches, you can obliterate things. Most mage builds show a root staff at lvl 6, two of them are cold staffs as they both use blizzard. I have a reasonable one at that stage and a really nice one at lvl 12. Most things don't last long. Give a lvl 6 character a staff that matches its build and game isn't designed for you to have right lvl gear.

Diablo 4 just goes mad and scales up difficulty to adjust for your gear, but this game isn't like that. Its not really that much easier. just leaves you less reliant on game giving you the right things.

I hope the Beastmaster has better luck tomorrow. The other character I made today got about 10 uniques. I don't think he found any yet.

how to cheat death in SP: Close client before character dies. It doesn't count it.
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If there was a way to get the dual wield skill I could use the axe that converts my health to intel and humming bee to accumulate ward, about only defence I can think of. frenzy totem adds health so that might be answer... I just don't have it yet. Need another 7 levels I think.
he might take it one day
I found an easier answer, his build meant to have a sword/shield combo, so I gave him the lesser quality legendary I have that only has 2 red lines, but well, with it his block rate is 88% as his resists are really bad... or were for a long time. So the +2 for every point of uncapped resists sure adds to shield effectiveness. Not as good as Paladin gets from his copy, it adds 1k for the paladin but he has skills that buff shields.

It didn't give him any good weapons but I found a sickle in my inventory that is meant to acolytes but adds +30 minion damage and has helped his DPS as well. To point he in chapter 7 now

At first there were four dogs

BTW I think he holds the sickle backwards. I assume the inside of circle part is the blade, but well, he hits things with its back...
and they are really good at killing threats at starts of areas but it doesn't count as me moving.
game trying to kill me, everyone of these rocks HAD a giant under it. They all clones


tempting for my battle mage
Made a chest peice

and towards end game gave him two greens


Now he has 5 dogs

and all new armour. Chest/helm are new to me. Level 49, just at the Farwoods.

pets are handy but can't fight for you alone. He like a necro that has to beat things. Most of his buffs are temp and only happen during combat. He has to be hit to get some. I also had a few +30 ward on hit idols on him so he got some free defence on those as well. It only lasts as long as combat but that is fine. Battle cry freezes things around me and heals me and minions, so I use it more than actual potions. Only rare do I use a potion. I did use some on the warden fight.

Chapter 8 now if I want to try him again. Probably need better resists still

At one stage his move speed was 50

Now he lvl 52, went looking for a quest I have only done on 1 character. Can't find it.
I know why up until now its only ever been necro that had a quest to go into a tower... its a lvl 8 quest. They only other class that has gotten this far. Not doing lagon. Might try monoliths tomorrow... is he low lvl for it? looking around people have started in them at lvl 16 but well, advice is to at least finish chapter 7. I might get a few levels and try to get into chapter 9 to get Factions.

Paladin is in chapter 7, Spellblade at end of chapter 6. Only class lagging behind now are rogues. 4 out of 5 isn't bad.
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So it turns out that you can play LE on a mouse only as I broke my left arm on Friday. After one death my level 51 Runemaster killed Lagon. All that without using any Potions.

Turns out Ward and avoiding the Telegraphed attacks makes it doable.
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Maybe i need to do it more. shame first time I tried I got further than second, just didn't know what I was meant to do after he warped me. I know now.

probably easier to watch a few videos. Less annoying

You can play on controller as well, I haven't tried that.

Warlock is running around with 140 ward retention. Just as well as she has no resists. She contemplating ending chapter 7. On the roots stage. Paladin is just a few steps behind, spellblade just got to chapter 7 so its only the rogues left in the desert still. Barely, some of them haven't gotten that far yet. One accidentally died one night when I should have known better not to go to beach stage without heal potions first. Falconners and blade dancer both at start of desert, markesman still in chapter 4.

Not sure how beastmasters meant to do it without trick shields. They can use ward on hit items but it runs out pretty fast. Warlock always seems to have 150. It can depend if you like dying or not.
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Not a normal mage

Mage wants to get to 50 to use a purple helm I have. One lvl to go.

He got impatient and died in process but he in chapter 8 now. its a weird helm, it has a material face guard that flops on top of it.

I suspect there is one of these for every class

rogues going to take work to get through desert.

warlock didn't want to be left out so she ran around warden about 2 times and he was dead without her taking any hits. I don't know how well her attack work against other bosses. Guess I find out.
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Mar 16, 2024
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Is Last Epoch a fun game or a boring one? The concept of a mage able to use a sword is cool but aesthetics are not enough to convince me to spend my money if the other parts of the game like story or playability are disappointing.
Not sure where daggers are as my falconner doesn't even use a bow

I like the look of that armour.

The unique armour looks cool too.


Now to find one last part of this set, I have belt already

Wonder if lichs use cold...

Falconner is in chapter 6 now. Almost caught up with a few others. She probably needs some poison resists but her job is to not get hit.

It feels like cheating, the falcon is op and seems to be in all places at once. I just hover mouse over an enemy and it attacks it. Getting the other two rogues to the oracle through the desert, will be more of a challenge. To me that is hardest part of campaign, outside of Lagon. I can't comment on anything above 8.

takes Beastmaster to lagons island... to hunt crabs,,, they drop purples...
Game decided to be nice and finally give him a weapon to use that he wants to use but it doesn't really help his dogs as much as last one.

I increased the parry chance to 2%
And if he ever goes mad

tries to think of a class who uses a two handed sword and who also has bow using minions. Looks like a garbage stat to me. Necro with big sword, coming right up.

Except for the warlock, the only classes I have finished chapter 7 on so far have minions. Just a coincidence I am sure.
Beastmaster became easy mode once I gave him that shield. Once staying alive wasn't a concern he never looked back. Might one day want a better shield though.
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Is Last Epoch a fun game or a boring one? The concept of a mage able to use a sword is cool but aesthetics are not enough to convince me to spend my money if the other parts of the game like story or playability are disappointing.
If you like other ARPG's like Path of Exile or Diablo 4 then you will probably like this. The systems like skill specs, crafting and item filters are more involved than Diablo 4 but easier, and more fun than Path of Exile.

I've played 3 classes so far and all have felt different and fun in their own way
i achieved something today, I managed to not die in one stage on a Shaman and as such he is in chapter 7 - prior to this they all died near the Surface area. in chapter 3.

That armour number is only in human form, add another 1100 for Spriggan and more still when under influence of a totem. Face tank most things.. won't try last boss in chapter 7 though. I know to keep distance. I don't fight anything in human form, I spam totems until my spriggan timer is over. Its not very long really.

for most of his life he only got uniques I sold right away. Only when he got to the snow did he find something new

its been a while since he was under threat. Might give shield to paladin, he could use ward... more defences... I got another unique shield that becomes legendary but so far its stats are pretty bad.

difference between paladin fire attack and warlock is she doesn't have to aim hers

He might need to go into chapter 8 to hunt crabs and see if game is nice. My warlock tried her luck and all she got was a lvl 50 staff. But it matches what her build meant to have

and is more dps than she had before.

Guess next is to get a bear into Chapter 7. They have two respecs and one happens in the desert, which makes it fun.
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No purples on Lagon, just something for my lich I think

if she didn't use a 2 handed staff... sigh
Warlock bugged crabs again, all she got was a lvl and gold. Maybe I was just lucky those nights... Shaman wouldn't mind a new weapon, still using an axe from lvl 29. he didn't get anything. The range of possible drops is silly, lvl 4 items all way to 50. I had a fire sale on my shaman as he had too many rings and not enough space.

Paladin feels slow at 25% speed, after you play a shaman who can do 50.

should pick one to try a monolith I guess.
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i went for hat trick, tried to get Druid into Chapter 8. He is in chapter 6... he died in process. To something I haven't died before. It was annoying as he made it through the desert. Died in the city.

Not sure I like the swarmblade form and its what he plays as. hard to know if I should fight myself or let swarm do it all. that and with three respecs its hard to know what to put on stats to create damage. He can be a bear or a flying insect... insect is the more common form, one attack supposed to end with me being a bear instead of human but I don't know which that is??

I haven't seen this before

or this

Guess I need to make another necro to use that. Not sure I want to. Two of them are at end game, and its only the lich who is still in desert. Mainly as she at start of long trek to city and its a big time distance between portals. Almost two stages. And her pets are useless to her. She has no skills in them so they die so fast its pointless summoning them again. I just try to be transformed at all times. Safer

I thought this was impossible to get to, but I just needed to break the stuff in front. Didn't know I could

So since he so annoying I got Paladin to chapter 8. I can't remember last time he got hurt. Every elemental resist over 130. Nice melting ice creatures in Chapter 7. His game play about leading the things attacking him along the path of his jevelin. Warlock much easier.
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I found a shield for a rogue who sick of being beaten up... i mean, a shield for a rogue?

I guess its not only rogue shield I have seen, but they fairly rare.. but you would have to have bad luck to be playing a rogue and have to use one as defence.

Other part of set is a helm, so it makes me wonder what weapon you would need to have to make up for the missing stats on another one. I guess 11 dexterity helps, and the 2 skill bonuses. Never seen mirage? Correction: I have never used the Mirage move, the other line was just asking for a Brian comment.,..

Not a very exciting day, no real new drops

I have a theory. Once you seen one unique you more likely to get it again. The Bone Harverster axe, I made it yesterday via an ascendant rune... today I found it in the wild... sure, there is a chance I see it again but I don't know, I have a lot of repeats in the uniques tab... if its the gloves you get as a reward in a quest, the only thing that changes is the amounts and most I get are low values, I have one with 37% Life leech, and most I see are 33. I just sell the bad versions of uniques I get more than two of.

I spent over an hour (it felt like it) reorganising my stash tabs as I was sick of idols being all over place.
I have 4 tabs that don't show on this picture, as well... I have too many catergories. Last one is Uniques, I 3 pages for them and one is set/uniques mixed

If I had more tabs I would have one just for belts... and shields. Armour is mostly chest pieces. They take most space.

Billy is just the overflow for Idols. I know how to spell but mostly I am only person who sees them.

I had individual categories for each class but the stash tab itself isn't wide` enough to show them all. Easier to have them all under a Classes category.

I don't want to think about how much money I could have saved if the price was cheaper to begin with. Maybe when I play on live servers I can be more sane... I try anyway :)

Note: the only categories I did a sort of sort on is Miscellaneous are the weapons and armour tab, the rest are a mess.

Oh and I sorted idols, I have one page for the tall two slot idols, one page for the wide two slot idols. the one slot idols are on the wide two slot idol page, and the remaining sizes are on the other two pages. I would sell them as I have so many I probably never use... they don't sell for anything and can't be crafted.

they were polluting all the other tabs, now they mostly just have weapons/armour and the necessary accessories on them. I would like to say they class specific but I don't have the drive to do that... or money.

Lucky most aren't class specific, just the big ones I have found so far are. Good thing I don't have any rogues past a certain part yet. I can't afford it.
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