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Meanwhile I am trying to work out every class. Not content with beating game with just one class. also not in a rush. Hate to finish it so soon... one day I might even try online

So the Maxroll Shaman isn't a pure shaman, he put the first 18 points into Druid tree, and its only at lvl 30 he started putting anything into the shaman tree. It was necessary to get... wait for it... a ranged attack.


I made him cause the other shaman I had died and I was not amused... so this one goes and dies in the zone before the last one died, and I said stuff it and kept going. He currently up to Dreadnaught, The hard part is actually behind him in a way... and he doesn't care if he dies again.

Main difference so far between the druid who currently used Spriggan form and the Shaman who also does, is Druid is working towards another transformation... and I actually like Spriggan. Druid goes into some locust form. I will find out eventually.

So shaman is the preferred option. Most of his dps is actually in his totems, in spriggan form they are healing totems that also shoot spikes. So I just drop them in middle of groups and let them die while I shoot from a distance.

He has 27 Atunement so far... think it helps with spell power. Probably explains why he doesn't do a lot of damage with his axe. Its more there to buff his minions. He only has 9 strength. casting speed more useful to him in long run. Funny how most of the casters in game aren't mages.

I may have posted this before, I forgot I had it

Now only class I can't get out of chapter 3 is a mage... any of them. Two are ranged but they seem to lack something. Spellblade is too scared to leave End of Time. Maybe I try him later... when I wake up. One of them has to get somewhere.

Forge Guard and Shaman are both on same stage now, end of chapter 4. all the rogues are in chapter 5 I think?
All sentinel classes are at least in chapter 4.
Only one acolyte class not in chapter 5 yet but it took me a while to work out how to do consistent damage on a lich. She doesn't always have to be in reaper form. That is what confused me before. Guess I get her to chapter 5 eventually.
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About time I found a sword

and it looks like that in game

though its obviously not a mage sword. They do elements, not void. That is a weapon for another of my characters.

I decided to make a new mage and went mad about 1 hour in and stopped. So I decided to see how spellblades work... and well, there haven't been any panic moments yet. He was on lvl 16, I was concerned given most melee characters have issues in this game. But his attack is magical, obvious really, and he only hits things with his sword to get mana back

Ward is his friend since it has no cap, but degenerates faster the more you have. He likes crowds, all the things that worry other characters don't him. Probably need to fix his poison though. resists don't matter if you have enough ward.

Currently cold damage but there is a point he swaps to fire, necessary for late game areas where everything cold immune. Level 32, first mage out of chapter 3. Heading towards dreadnaught now. Well, would be if I was playing right now...
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I got my new Paladin to level 46 today, halfway through Chapter 7.

With good resists and Vengeance riposting and auto healing on melee attacks he can face tank just about anything.

However most damage comes from Holy Trail's left from Javelin. This scales with healing effectiveness. Stack skills and items that give chance to ignite and more Damage over time and it melts most things very quickly.
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If you had told me that a mage is the one to dual wield 2 swords and fight hand to hand while every other class doesn't, I call you in need of a doctor

and yet, he we are

Currently in chapter 5. About to travel back in time or talk to oracle
If I didn't need a break he probably go further tonight.

some mage helms be good at keeping flies at bay

He wearing this, the normal armour almost catching up in value now

And three swaddling legendaries that all boost ward.

I have a paladin who uses Javelin as well.
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dual wield 2 swords

But… but if he takes an energetic double swipe simultaneously, on the strong follow-thru necessary for effectiveness, doesn't he cut off both of his arms?

some mage helms be good at keeping flies at bay

And the anti-dung boots are the biz too!

Ward is his friend since it has no cap, but degenerates faster

I heard Stevie was going off the rails since she lost her hat.
Wanted to see why my void knight was stuck. Turns out he wasn't ,instead I had messed up his skill choices somehow, and I thought... easier to just start again... nope. When it came time to swap to moves he is meant to use, it made the last boss in chapter 3 almost deadly. I was out of potions during fight. It doesn't help his main attack didn't seem to do anything to boss, and his other choice was vengeance which is great against most everything else.

I think the other Void Knight must have gotten there at a different time, as I know I didn't have that hassle. It reminded me of the 1st time I ever fought that guy, but at least I knew I could destroy his adds. Not sure how lich meant to do it without minions. Amazed they survived since I am not specced into them. I spent all fight killing adds.

Void Knight survived but every other class so far made it look easy.
Lich did same fight earlier in day... Now only two subclasses not out of chapter 3... both the mages that are ranged.
Spellblade making them look bad. Need to see their choices for ward. But defence really not problem, attacks seem to be.

Ever since a recent patch its really hard to get out of Wellryn undercity. the exit doesn't seem to work any more. A lot of stages don't just let you run up to exit any more.

Need to diversify the moves I use on lich, I been overlooking one I put points into. using it as my get out of jail card. when really its crowd control. she shouldn't have any minions.. just easy to use while she is missing attacks.
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I've found that, very like Path of Exile, most Unique item's aren't worth it when levelling through the campaign.

I find that just forging items you find and using filters to target specific affixes that your build relies on works well.

I got my Paladin to level 65 today but The Black Sun is a bit too difficult because of the wave type thing that he does that covers the entire floor. Shield rush is just too damn slow to move out of the way of it.

I did however find this

It looks cool but if I look at my stats my Ignite Damage is only 181 and that's over 2.5 seconds.

So actually it's pretty bad :(

Really I need a base item that has Increased Damage Over Time and/or Increased Elemental Damage Over Time.
Wish they reduce price on tabs as I probably have enough idols now

The big one two rows down is just annoying, I didn't see it in game.

If I had time I would go through them and maybe sell the less likely to be used ones. I have lots of necrotic,

G = General - I have 8 of those now, and the last two are all uniques.
S = Sentinel
P = Primalist
N = Necro... should be acolyte but there you go'
R with daggers... do I have to say? (since I know Brian will try a guess, its Rogue)

No mage tab yet. Its 120k per tab... Once price is halved, its not so hard to get 50k.

only class tab with more than 1 tab on it is Acolyte I think.

In theory that are the labels but things get messy. I probably could sell some of those idols.
That page is only one that is specific, the 2nd idle page has a stack of belts on it as well.
3rd has stuff i couldn't put elsewhere.

Hope price drops soon.

Random Primalist gear with Aspect of Board or Aspect of shark are mysterious as to what they do. I think shark enhances bleed

Shaman took two more levels somehow to get to Oracle, Druid almost there. He took a break at the last portal. Two bosses to kill... guess I go do that now.
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I wonder when he died... I don't recall

Shaman wandering through stage 6

Guess his resists help... that and he two levels over the area he in... I remember more of it now, that I am playing it.

Funny, warlock thought the chapter 5 area after oracle was hard... Shaman wandered in and thought... this is easier than the city you have to fight through to get to it.

This made a difference to his totems

Need to get a Sentinal to 30 to see what this becomes - nvm, i already have two

So far it seems to want to match a Void Knight, I put it on paladin though

The birdmen in the Aquaducts are all bugged out, they don't look right and rag doll after they dead. Something wrong with their physics.

thinks to play falconner, looks in her bags

It is a shame its not two handed, but Shaman might still use that, given his atunement is almost 40 now.

I guess it only adds up to about 13 spell damage. I try it out anyway. Earlier would have been nice...
maybe, he only uses mana to summon totems when he not in spriggan form. So only when I press wrong button... which happens a lot.

The order of the buttons are different between Shaman & Druid so the button I press to summon totems in spriggan form on one of them puts the other back into human, and I keep changing back mid combat and having to run around until I can change back again... its on a timer.

Once druid changes his build more, I won't get them mixed up as much... or I could just play one at a time, but where is fun in that? This is some variety though they all bunching up in chapter 5 now... Shaman in chapter 6 and two necro in chapter 8. But I feel I was just following the crowd with my necro and its only some areas I saw most of.

Shaman useless without either shapeshift or totems. And the shapeshift is from the Druid tree, it was only at lvl 30 he started putting any points into shaman. First 15 points went into Druid.

I get tired of being told I can't do that now... Paladin is good at that. Shapeshifters have same problem,
Shame no perk reduces the timer.

There is a quest to go to some lake but I only ever found it on one character. Its an area in chapter 3. So I wouldn't expect it to be late game.
Nvm, you get it in chapter 8...

Also, strange the only class that has to go into the mage tower so far is a necromancer. I was thinking mage would but nope.
maybe its more of a challenge for a necromancer to go into a confined space than to have to let her pets fight a hunter and his dog. That would be only idea I can think of why they only classs to have it. I haven't tried on beastmaster yet.

Game just loaded me into an area with no UI, so I knew I had to close game as it I have seen that before.
lotus halls description on Maxroll
In this area you need to collect 2 orbs at the opposite sides of the map in order to unlock the path to The Sanctum Bastille. Go to the left until you cannot, then go up, interact with the quest objective and take the time rift. Pick up the orb on the pedestal, press ‘T’ and take the portal back to Council Chambers.
Open your map and teleport to the Lotus Hall. Go on the right side this time and do the same thing.
Maybe they changed it but you only need one of them now.

Nowhere really lists all the areas in game. I have fouind a few around but not sure where they lead. Most lead to dungeons I think. I am not curious enough to exit a map knowing everything respawns again. One such exit is in chapter 3 approaching the Lotus Halls.

I went from 60fps when I had my settings capped to 250fps without them. Thats way over what screen can run, I haven't seen any ill effects.
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Mar 6, 2024
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Acolyte to lvl 12
Primalist and mage to lvl 4
Damn rogue died before she even got to first boss. So I deleted her lol. Maybe I try again later, they too squishy.
She struggles where even the mage had it easy.
She almost died fighting a bear...
she was almost always out of potions.

I had same problem with the one on Diablo 4. They move too fast to keep track of what I am doing.

Guess I am type cast. Necromancer or Tank. Last few ARPG ever since Age of Conan I have liked Necro. Guess its cause you can let game play itself... its funny when one of my pets attacks a spot before the creature has arrived there.

Not sure what primalist to play, might go Shaman.

curious, now my frame rate is 59.3 after I turned Hyper V off and just running defaults.
It seems like it is the journey to ancient Roman Era LOL
Not been able to connect to servers so far today. Even offline the game just gets stuck on the first area loading screen.

Update: The issues seems to be with VPNs. With my VPN off I can connect and play fine.

I watched a video of The Black Sun. Turns out that sticking near the boss is easier as you don't have to move as far when he does the floor covering attack. A couple of tries later and they are dead.
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I have a chronicle of the damned... or 3 in fact. I collect all these uniques but none of the maxroll buids use them.
My falconner using those fists. I should make another just to use two unique bows she doesn't need to use with those equipped.

that sword that uses ward is impressive

I am doing a course and can't sit in game playing it as much as I would like.

I want to see more of game as most of my characters now all in the same area. Try lagon or just go into monoliths on someone other than a necro.
I have been trying out a loot filter that helps a bit while waiting for the stash tab patch making only double Tier 6 and one Tier 7 drop - The filter missed some affixes (218/259) like mana regen so I had to include those. Added a few filters on my own (like idol drop with hybrid health/experimental gear) that can be easily removed, so if anyone wants to give the loot filter a glance, feel free. Keep in mind this loot filter is a bit strict so I would not recommend it before doing empowered monoliths:
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that void resist is amazing :D

Game was hinting my archer needs more health

legendary code isn't bad

He is wearing Erased boots that have +13 strength on them as well.

Guess I need to give this to my bladedancer

Its not that great. I don't know, need to compare to what she has.,, its about same damage as what she has.

Both Paladin and Shaman at same stage now in chapter 6 now.
Correction: Paladin in chapter 7 now.

Not sure if birdman are broken for others or just me. They forgotten how to stand up. Its hardly threatening to be crawled at by monsters. It doesn't happpen to them in chapter 7. Just in the aquaducts. Must be a low roof and they can't fly anymore.

Not sure who will be next. Perhaps Spellblade.

sorc uses static orb, which ironically isn't static, it spins around him and not easy to control, Perhaps I meant to cast more than one?
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They fixed the issues with connecting via a VPN:)

Got my Paladin to level 74 and finally killed the Monolith version of Lagon. I was having terrible trouble avoid his attacks until I realised that I just needed to look at where his eye was looking. Basically he's a Beholder! Avoid his gaze.

Decided to try a Runemaster today. He joined the Circle of Fortune. Got




Given Glacier is my main attack the Vial is great.

Atm Level 18 and just in the middle of Chapter 3.
runemaster one of the 2 mages I can't get out of chapter 3, though tbf I haven't tried too hard. I get disappointed when I die in one area of chapter 3. Sorcerer is the other one. I thought about playing it tonight and just didn't care enough.

Two mages from maxroll use same build at start. Blizzard. Sorc uses electricity entire game.

I played spellblade and had forgotten his attack that gets mana back. Might get it into chapter 5 next.
All my rogues are still either in chapter 4 or start of chapter 5. Both Marksmen (don't ask) are on same quest,

Paladin actually had to drink some potions during one boss fight, but when its against two things at once and they cover ground in poison. Might have to check his cold resistance, Nice if he got new plate, still wearing lvl 16 chest. I seen what it looks like, I saw a blue in a shop.

I wish game wouldn't give me minion rings all the time, Paladin has no pets.,

Avarice... so rare, I mean, its a quest reward. I just compare stats with the ones I have in bank and sell whichever is worse.

I haven't seen that vial before.

think my Druid wearing those boots.
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Reduced cost of Stash Tabs
  • Stash tabs beyond the first 6 previously cost 10000 more than the previous tab. Now stash tabs 7 to 16 cost 2500 more than the previous tab, and stash tabs beyond the first 16 cost 5000 more than the previous tab. This results in the cost of large numbers of stash tabs being reduced by around 50%.
IMPORTANT! " Some old town servers are still in use that will still charge the higher amount of gold cost for stash tabs. To avoid this, please transition to a different town server if you have not since the release of this patch. This note will be removed at Today 7:35 PM when this will not occur"

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They still cost me 40k each... but that beats 110k each... I bought a few so I can organise myself and have space.

Once I play online at least the cost won't be too high.

Warlock got to 40. This was her damage before 40

She put on a new staff

its her main/only attack. It procs all of her other moves. Its kind of like the Javelin for the Paladin, but less need to aim.
that makes it easier, hadn't seen 5k crits before

Only result I see from the 5% of current health is its being added to ward.
Game had been offering her 1 handed weapons and she was not amused. That was in my bank.

Its response to that was...

which is nice but its not for a warlock... Wraith lord staff? My necros are curious.
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I like the shrines that give random uniques

She sure stomped on these two bugs

Seems this isn't for a Rogue after all

She should have done this ages ago

Seems rogue doesn't miss out after all

shame I don't use dancing strikes,

I gave sword to rogue, two minutes later she was dead... that worked well. Attacked wrong thing with no heal potions. Think I better stop before I get anyone else killed.

I got a soulfire bastion key randomly, I have about 5 lightless arbor keys now.
I should look up its difficulty I guess.

Warlock lvl 47 now.
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