Help me buy a gaming PC

Oct 5, 2022
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I got around £800 I no NOTHING about gaming pcs but just need one to run most games smoothly and decent frps 100+ is this possible for my budget if so is therr any sites or pcs you can point me towards. Thanks
First of all... id get to understand gaming PC's, ask questions here about it, read the articles on PCG etc. itll help you when deciding on what pc to buy.

You are probably goin to want to buy a pre-built pc with a good card in it for ya. That budget means youll be eyeing a budget build PC (This does not include things like monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.). Plenty of sites out there that offer you the option to "build your own" by allowing you to add parts to it and seeing how much the PC would be, then they build and ship it.

This article lists a good top 8 for sites to go through. I agree with this list imo.

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£800 … to run most games smoothly and decent frps 100+
With the beating the pound has taken, I doubt you'll get what you want. But you can get close, using @DXCHASE's recommendations above—altho shipping to UK could be expensive for the 3 that do international.

These might help: