Have you upgraded to windows 11?

I do intend to hold off upgrading, at least for the foreseeable future. For me it's a gaming concern. Every game I want to play works fine on Win10, and that is my primary concern. Win11 maybe fine, but I just don't see any real gaming benefits (at this point) to justify an upgrade. Eventually, maybe, but I prefer to wait.

I also just noticed by looking in my settings, that my PC isn't even compatible due to the TPM 2.0.

Which I thought a bit strange, as my gaming PC is only just over 2 years old, and although not the newest tech available, it still has an i9-9900K processor. But even if it could meet the requirements, I would still wait a year or more before upgrading.
Are you holding off for some reason?
Yes, because:
♣ That's almost always a good idea with new Windows—Win7 is the only one I pre-ordered and which was excellent out of the gate.
♦ There's no compelling reason for me to need Win11 now—I like the security upgrade, but I also avoided Win8 altogether even tho security was its main selling point.
♥ My PC doesn't qualify—altho that's not a barrier, see below.
♠ Taskbar only on bottom—I'm one of the few people with a wide screen, so free vertical height is far more valuable to me—I have my Taskbar and browser tabs on the left. Presume Stardock will fix this at some point.

I just don't see any real gaming benefits
Auto HDR and Direct Storage should be nice improvements for PCs with recent components. Whenever supply & prices normalize again—hoping 2023—and I build my next PC, then I'll go Win11.
XBox GamePass is also fully integrated for PC, which should be a big benefit for the hundreds of millions who consume games similar to how others consume TV, books, music, movies.

Outside of strictly gaming benefits, I like the new snap functionality, should speed up little thing non-gamers do many times per day.
Widgets might be good—I currently run a couple of panels from a 3rd party on my second monitor.

Now if they implemented a decent virtual desktops this time, it would be the equivalent of a thigh-high slit… I had those in the 90s which could retain apps and icons in the different desktops across reboots. Recent implementations are like not being able to save Word docs 🥴

my PC isn't even compatible
That needn't be a hindrance, if you want Win11. Here's the Microsoft page with instructions how to do it—and dire warnings not to do it :D

Here's a video by a former MS guy walking thru the above for Unsupported CPU & TPM 1.2:
Install on Unsupported HW
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I haven't seen this question asked. I am not going to do this until sometime after i put my new build together with intels new CPU's. What about you ? Are you holding off for some reason? And if you have upgraded, how is it to you so far?

Not yet, if anyone is running is like me running a Ryzen CPU you also might want to hold off for a bit, if you haven't heard performance is worse vs Windows 10 currently.

Although there's a Beta version out that apparently fixes it.



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As pointed by Kaamos, Win11 has some problems with AMD CPUs and I have one on my machine. I'm planning to wait a few months before upgrading to Win11. Basically at the moment there's no reason to this for me. Don't like the performance hit on AMD CPUs. I'm also quite skeptical when it comes to new start menu, but I'll get used to that for sure. I'm also in a situation where I have to install the system from scratch as my current Win10 was installed in the CSM boot mode which doesn't support safe boot. I have to switch to UEFI boot and install the system a new. How unfortunate...


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