Dec 6, 2023
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Hi, so I want to upgrade my gpu to play on 1440p with no problems. My current pc is:

Rtx 3060 ti
2x8gb ram 3600
Aio cooler for cpu
B550 aorus elite v2
1tb ssd
750w psu 80+ gold gigabyte

I have to choose between this gpus to uograde: 7800xt, 7900gre, 4070 or 6950xt.

I will love something that could work for some time with that 750w psu. Thanks!
of those I would get the 7900gre
it can run on 600watt PSU and is a solid 1440p GPU

it also beats the other 3 in most areas except maybe ray tracing. 6950xt can be a little spiky in power usage, reason I would avoid. Also 1 generation behind.

I have a 7900 XT, its good enough for 1440p at 140hz
some things even more so

what model Gigabyte PSU? They had a bad run a few years back.
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