PS5 or upgrade PC

Oct 2, 2023
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Hi, so I have a pc with the following specs:
-rtx 3060 ti OC gigabyte 8gb
-2x8gb ram 3600mhz cl 18
-1tb ssd
-b550 aorus elite v2
-750w psu
-240 aio coller for cpu

Currently Im playing at 1080p and wanted to move to a 1440p, but I saw that I will need some upgrades, and I have two options:

The first one it will be to slowly upgrade the pc, starting with a 7800xt, then psu, the n5800x3d, that will cost me some money, or to sell the pc and get a PS5, what do you think guys?
Welcome to the forum!

Asking at a PC forum, most people are going to tell you to upgrade the PC mainly because, even if your PC isnt the greatest, it can offer you a lot more options gaming wise than a PS5 can.

A 3060ti with a 5600x is nothing really terrible and can handle at 1440p at 60fps so, depending on the games you tend to play, you might not need to upgrade...yet. Just grab a 1440p monitor and start from there would be the only thing id say.

A PS5 might actually be a downgrade with that.
Get the new monitor and see how things run, if you need to, you can upgrade stuff later. You're probably not going to be running on Ultra settings at 1440p, but I'd be surprised if High wasn't great on most games.