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Don't ask me why, but I got a Playstation controller and tried to play Super Mega Baseball with it, and it was very difficult to do because the sticks are a lot stiffer than on the Xbox controller. I need to be able to make very quick, small movements, and with the stiffness, I either didn't move at all or moved too much. Would be great for driving, though.
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Something I've been looking into; using a phone as a PC. This could be useful if your only(in my case) PC stops working, but I'm sure I'll find other uses. Useful in my case for diagnosing problems or ordering new parts or PC.

One option is the NexDock which you just plug your phone into and can also be used with various controllers. There are also a number of versions.

NexDock 360

Samsung phones have a Dex Desktop mode and all you need is a USB-C to HDMI adapter or wireless equivalent.

But there are a number of phones that will connect and for all of them you'll need a bluetooth KB & M, or a USB KB and USB-OTG cable, and a wireless HDMI adaptor.

Six ways to turn your phone into a PC
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I'm just about to buy the Fairphone 5, just like the idea of sustainable tech made from recycled materials, that can be repaired, has a ten year lifespan and they even boost the wages of the people who make them.

But a piece of tech I'd like to see(and let me know if it's available). A battery charger for lithium-ion batteries where you can plug in multiple devices and it automatically charges them from 30-80% giving the max life.
Most of the time I can monitor the devices but with so many, it's easy to forget and they reach 100% charge.
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